Saturday, September 26, 2020

$5 Bucks

Hello all well here's the story for the week. I got my $5 from taking the Nelson Survey. That was unexpected but I do apricate it. I have been running all week with eye appointments or doing mystery shopping. My mystery shopping company limited me to 3 shops paying $20 bucks each. Tried to get in 2 more to make $100 but they cut me off. Darn!

I was thinking about going yard sailing this weekend but in my area everybody is selling junk. I have enough junk of my own that I need to sell. So I passed on that.

 I have been worrying about what if's lately. What if I don't have enough money to cover my expenses, what if I can't get my food bill under control, what if I lose my partner and his income which supports us both. I realize you can not predict the future. You have to take one day at a time and hope for the best. 

So that's my story what do you think?

Sunday, September 20, 2020

How Much!!!

 Hello All

 Well here's the story so far. It has been a crazy medical week. Fist I had to have a procedure  done in the hospital this pass Friday. Before this time on Wednesday I got something in my eye. I had to rush to the eye doctor. He says I have something called a floater in the eye that will not go away but will lessen in a month or two. When it rains it pours when it comes to medical  situations.

So after my procedure in the hospital.  I get a prescription for  heart medication. Why did the pharmacy tell me it was $55 for a 30 day supply. When I went to pick it up. I almost  told her to keep it. I know why people can't afford their medications it's to darn expensive! Thank god it was not my insulin that's like $700 for 4 boxes. I do have express script which is medication mail order service  but I needed to take this heart medication soon. So I bit my lip hard it bleed and payed the $55. for this medication.

I am so sick of hospitals and  taking new medications  I feel like I am going crazy. So how was your week?

                                                      So that's my story what do you think?



Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Money In The Mail

  Hello all well here's the story for the week. Money in the mail love it. I got a letter  from the Nielsen rating people. They seem to want to know my TV watching  habits. So I told them. In the survey letter  was a nice new one dollar bill for my trouble. After I send in the survey they are going to send me $5 bucks. That works for me. I am trying to raise/make about $10 extra a month so that I can continue to do my podcast show I love books . So I do a books &  movie review The  A Hills Book Review & Movies Too Show on Speaker.  It cost me about $3.50 a month now but I got a year special last year. But come December the special is over and it goes up to $7 a month but I say it's $10 because  you never know it might be $10 in the future that way if I keep it I am prepared.

 Prices are crazy the more I shop the more I see it. I went to get a piece of salmon yesterday they wanted $21.99 a pound for fish. I asked the fish man does that fish come with a 14k gold chain and will it cook me dinner. $21.99 a pound is crazy for fish. Food is way to expensive that's why I am seeing less and less people in the grocery story. If food prices keep going up it's only going to be the rich going to them.

                                                 So that's My story what do you think?


Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Really September??

  Hello all  well here's the story so far for September. It's all about the medical. I have so many medical appointments for either me or my partner. That every time I get a letter from my insurance  company regarding our medical procedures I get to scared to open it up. Fearing that the medical insurance company will  say I have to pay a whole lot of money. It's scary if you don't have medical insurance and more scary if you do and still have to pay. Crazy right.  I already pay a couple hundred out of pocket for medical procedures  which I am grateful for because it could be much much more.

Garage sales are crazy. I go to a lot of yard/garage sales for entertainment & business purposes. This year I have seen more junk at higher prices. Then in the past few years.  I have  purchased a few things because you know I have a online store so that I can  make extra money  for unexpected bills that pop-up. Anyway I am paying more like $65-75 dollars for a lot of items compared to a couple years ago when I was paying say $50-60 for a whole lot more then what I am getting now. Yardsales/garage sales are no bargain anymore well not in New York city anyway.

I miss my mother have not gotten to see her in 10 months because of the virus things and all the medical appointment. I need a vacation or at least a small  getaway to go visit.

                                                           So that's my story what do you think?


Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Doing To Myself

Hello all here's the story for the week. I do this to myself. I read the papers. listen to the news and I get scared. No unemployment extensions of the $600 extra people were getting. People getting evicted from their homes, food prices crazy, no jobs to be had, medical expenses are thru the roof. People are struggling out here and to top it off we still got  this  killer Virus floating around. Yea It's scary and I am scared.

What I have been doing is getting my papers in order, All the bank accounts, stocks, housing information. Finding out what my retirement income will be, shredding all unnecessary papers. Trying to get organized. I never want to be in the position of not knowing where things are and not having enough of something. I am trying to keep the  my cheapskate life that  I have grown accustomed to.

 I know you can not predict the future but if you try and prepare for the presents at least you know where you stand for now anyway.

                                                     That's My Story what do you think?

Friday, August 21, 2020


Hello  All I am such a Sucker!!  Here's  why.  First you know I go to the school to get the free Grab & Go  lunch and breakfast that they offer. Well the last time I went there was this women in front of me that you would  have thought she was in a supermarket. She was taking so long to choose  the few food  items that the school offered . When I got to the items I picked what I wanted but to tell the truth I just wanted the breakfast and milk. I keep going back to the school for the grab and go lunches because they are free but they are horrible in my opinion.  I am a Sucker for free stuff even if I don't  like it to much. 

The lines was crazy I had this thing about Chip NY cookies  People kept saying the cookies were so good.  They were featured on TV and everything.   At $3.50 a cookies they are expensive.   So I stupidly followed the hype. There is a  Chips cookie truck that comes to my area on Wednesdays. I had to get one.  So I waited 1/2 hours on line in the rain to get 4 cookies that cost me $14. Were they good don't believe the Hype. They were ok nothing to write home to mother about. I have to stop being a sucker for what people think is so good. Because to me it's not

That's my story what do you think?  

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Is this Coastal TINY HOUSE COMMUNITY the Ideal Lifestyle?


                                                                    Hello All

 No story today Just wanted to show you this Great Idea! I could so live here and be very content in my tiny house. I love tiny houses. Less stuff, less  money and less stress and very little upkeep. I am in!!.                                               
                                                                   What do you think? 

Thursday, August 6, 2020


 Hello All..

Finally Is all I can say. Here's the story for the week. I  had an old Chevy sitting in my driveway for over a year. It was time to get rid of it. Finally yesterday it's gone. It cost so much in repairs and it was eating to much money to keep it around. Got $100 bucks for it and I was happy. Medical or shall I say Hospitals are a rip-offs you need them but you will pay for their services out the a**. 

 My partner had to go to the emergency room last month. I got the bill yesterday $18,000. for what!!! They said he had a private room in the emergency room. 

There is no private rooms only beds lined up with curtains as separations between you and somebody else., They said he had  test  and medications and all this stuff. He only stayed a couple of hours and they billed him like he stayed for 2 weeks. Thank God he has  good  health insurance because if he didn't I would be paying this bill off $5 a month. What about people who can not afford to even go to the hospital let alone pay a bill like this. Crazy right!    Makes me mad! So far that's about it it's been the Good with the bad this week. So how are you doing & 

What Do You Think?
What Do You Think?

Friday, July 31, 2020

Good Feeling

                                                                        Hello All..

Just a quickie with the pandemic and staying inside a lot I have gotten use to not wearing a bra. So when I have to put on a bra to go outside I get upset. Because you have to wear one when you go out just like your mask. But when I come home the bra come off  Heaven. Just a little personal note..

                                                                      Have a Great Weekend   


Thursday, July 23, 2020


 Hello all well here's the story for the week. Last week I had surgery and it was scary not because of the procedure but the bill I might have to pay . But anyway the doc who did the surgery  did my last surgery and he is so nice. He's a cutie and I think I have a crush on him. He's  about my age in his 50's and his personality makes him so nice. Everybody that I speak to about him loves him. So I have competition  besides his wife ( LOL).

The mystery shops are coming back and I am ready to start working again. I think I will start in August when I am well enough to go back. I am ready to do something because the summer is flying by and since I can not travel or cruise I might as well go to work.

                                                     Well that's my Story What do you think?

Monday, July 6, 2020

Free Lunch


Hello all well here's my story for the past week. First the Board Of Education is giving out free breakfast and lunch for the summer no questions asked. Yes that's me standing on line with my blue protective gloves on and , a big white bag  in my hands. The breakfast is basically a small muffin, chocolate  or  1% milk. and a  apple/orange. The lunch as you can see in the picture is not bad, You get a choice of sandwiches ( this was a turkey & cheese)  in a plastic bag with a bag of sliced apples, pretzels and some hummus ( not sure what that is or how you eat it)  For lunch it was ok. I love the apples and pretzels the turkey sandwich and hummus not so much.


It's been to hot 80's & 90's here in New York to move around a lot . New York is really getting it's heat on this year. So  with me staying  home I am trying to get my old files and paperwork cleaned out. Who needs bank statements from the 80's Not me.

So that's my story what do you think?  

Sunday, June 28, 2020

I Am For The Birds

Hello all well here's the story for the week. I am for the birds I have bluejays and many other birds in my backyard. So I wanted to get them a bird feeder.  Being a cheapskate I went to the 99 cent store, family dollar, dollar tree they only had bird feeders for  certain birds and not all birds. I am looking for all birds. So if you know where I can find a cheap bird feeder let a sister know.

 Had a birthday this past week. Like normal people they celebrate by doing something fancy or fun to celebrate their special day. Me I mowed the lawn in my rental home. Cleaned up the front to make it look nice for when I rent or sell it. Got myself a treat of  a Wendys chicken sandwich and  vanilla frosty.  Ok with  how I celebrated my birthday  I am not a big birthday celebrator anyway. As long as I wake  up in the morning I am fine. My mother did give me a PJ gift card for $100 for my birthday  which I will use at a later time. Thanks Mom!

                                    So that's my story for the week what do you think? 

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Darn Money Storm

Hello all have you ever had a money storm rain down on you all of a sudden? Well let me tell you about my money storm. First  when I filed my personal taxes I ended owing the government $4000. So that bill came in. A couple days later the property taxes came in I owed $15,000. because I have two properties and I live in New York. Which we all know the property taxes here are to high.

Then I get a membership bill for AAA ( Automobile Club Of America) which that's about $115 for 2 people. See where I am going with this money storm. It's taking most of the money I had saved up.

I had just finish paying for 3 cars to get inspected and my personal car needed repairs so that was an extra $150. This money storm is throwing me all kinds of ways and not in a good way. .

Now if I could just win the lotto this money storm would be no longer a problem for me because I would  have storm insurance for it. Being my big lotto check.

                                                 Well that's my story what do you think?


Saturday, June 13, 2020


Hello all well here's the story for the week. I am grateful and I will tell you why.  I have a roof over my head, food in my stomach, good medical services and I get up each morning. I am blessed.
 I don't know if I told you  that  I am into birds now. With that I am looking for a bird  feeder for outside. We have so many colorful birds this time of year and I see they are looking for food. You would think the 99 cent store would have bird feeders. They don't I looked on line I am not paying $30-45 dollars not including food for a bird to eat. So I am still looking got any suggestion

My frustration with the new normal now  is you have to wait in line just to go  into a store. Yesterday I went to P.C. Richards there was a line outside just to get inside. People who walked passed the line not knowing there was a line were getting yelled at by the people waiting in line. That happened to me in the grocery store I didn't know that their was a line. If I have to keep waiting in line to get in a store to wait in line I am done with shopping in stores for now anyway.

 Others then that it's been quite no major problems and I like it like that . So what do you think?

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Great Friday

 Hello all wanted to tell you I had a great I mean Great Friday! First when I went to get the free Grab & go from the Public School. You know they give you free breakfast and lunch. Well they were giving out  a package that had cheese, graham crackers, fruit, and some other good stuff. Also their sandwiches were pretty tasting looking to. I basically go for the cut up apples in a bag they are good .

I got my stimulus debit card in the mail. I almost throw that bad boy away but something told me to open it. The government is so sneaky they did not tell us that your stimulus money was going to be in a debit card and not a  government check. Luck thing I opened it and investigated why is some unknow bank sending me a debit card. A lot of people were not so luck  they also though like I did and threw the cards ways thinking that it was a scam. To replace the card  it it will cost you $7.50.  This bank who issued these card will be making a killing on replacement fees I bet.

Also I am just grateful for a new day of waking up each and everyday. I am blessed and thankful.

                                                   Well That's My Story What do You Think?

Wednesday, May 27, 2020


                                                       Hello all Long Time 

Well here's the story so far. My gardener which sold the business to  his worker. Never notified his clients that he sold the business. The  worker rang my bell yesterday asking for payment. Mind you they just started doing the yard 2 months ago. The worker was nice and explained to me the situation about how he purchased the business etc. I started to let his company go because we could not see eye to eye on the bill.  But I  can be a sucker at some points so we agreed upon what I owed him already $260 for his work so far this year. I paid in cash and going forward I told him he was being watched and if I don't like the service that he is doing.  On to the next company because where I live we got plenty of lawn care companies.

Free lunch the schools are offering free breakfast and lunch because of  school shut downs. I passed  a school close to my house and the line was not that long. They said that if  people do not get the food for the day they throw it in the garbage. What a waste. So today I am going to get the free lunch and breakfast that is being given to adults after 11.30-1:30 today. Why let it go to waste.

                                               Well that's my story what do you think?

Friday, May 1, 2020

Scary Times

 Hello all well  here's the  story for the week. Scary Times. What I mean by that is that I have been watching videos on food banks and unemployment. I see how people  who have lost their jobs and have no income coming in get on line at  various  food banks at 5 am in the morning  just to get some food to feed their families. I also see how the government has put a lot of people on hold when it comes to them giving out  either stimulus  checks or unemployment. I know I am still waiting on information regarding  my unemployment check status and I have been waiting 4 weeks now.

I am looking  at all of these and counting my blessing that I am still able to  keep a roof over my head, food in my stomach and a car that's still running. Thank you God! I am also looking at why is it that every time I go to the grocery store it's $100 bucks. For those of us still able to afford food  if prices of food keep going up it won't be long before we join the people on the food line for our bag of groceries.
                                                                 Stay Safe & Healthy                 

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Saving Money!

 Hello all well here's the story for today. I am saving money at least a couple hundred a month which is good. My partner use to smoke 2-3 packs a week which here in New York cost$14 a pack. Now that he had a health scare and quite smoking not only does the house not smell of sale cigarettes' I am saving money which is a good thing.

I have applied for unemployment since  the jobs that I was getting  paid for has dried up. I applied in April and still have not heard from unemployment of acceptance or denied. I guess since about 22 million people have applied in all the states the  unemployment office is overwhelmed with claims. Well I hope they  get to me soon I would like my unemployment check. Or at least  send me my stimulus check that they promised.

Times are so crazy I didn't mind going to the supermarket before the craziness. But  now it's like a chore I hate. I am trying to ration  my groceries so that I only go to the grocery store once a month. For me going shopping has become  to stressful you have to wear masks, gloves, dodge people wipe down everything and everyone. My god when is this all going to Stop!!!

                                                          That's my story what do you think?  

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Good News

Hello all well here's the story for the week. Atleast I been getting some good news with all the crazy things that's been going on. Good news I read that all state insurance policy holders will be getting a 15% credit on their policy because of the virus problem we are having. That means I should see a credit on my charge card  from them soon.

Good news. I see since a lot of people are staying home my online stores have seen an increase in people buying which is pretty good from me. Because I always say every little bit counts.

Good news I am glad the stock market is coming back a little because I am taking a blood bath when it comes to my stocks and bonds. So if the markets come back even a little that's less money I am losing. To me that's good news.

Good news yesterday I had to go to the pharmacy and yes I purchases a little bit of junk food but I got a senior discount which  gave me 30% off of everything I purchased which was about a $10 dollar saving in my pocket. I'll take it!

Good news I got up this morning drank a good cup of coffee and still have a roof over my head any time I can do that it's always a blessing and good news.

                                                    So that's my story what do you think?

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Happy Wednesday


Hello all well here's the story for today. Bills I keep getting them even though we are on lock down until this virus thing is over. I know I though since I have a stay at home situation my bills would stop for a minute. Not happening. So I called Con Edison because they are suppose to come into the home and check the meter. Con Edison said that's not happening so I had to read the gas & electric meter myself and tell them the number. Which was good because I had a credit on my Con Edison bill which  was a blessing.

Also I am getting a lot of calls from real estate agents who I called about renting my rental in the early part of  the year. They are calling me back now to see if the house is still  empty . I don't know why they are calling  since mostly everything in  New York  and outside of it  are at a stand still. I have been telling them I will get back to them when things go back to normal I guess.  I am not ready to rent yet beside who's looking at rentals now with New York being on Lock down?

My ways to get income has dried up for the moment because of the Virus. So I am trying to figure out ways to make money on the internet any suggestions?

So that's My story What do you think?

Sunday, March 29, 2020


Hello all well here's my story so far. Being what the situation is which is staying at home until.. Who knows when. We are faced with some pretty tough challenges ahead of us. For me  that the places I normally order from  are closed. ( which I don't do to often) and with my partner not cooking as much as they use to the job now  is mine or we don't eat) Not sure if that's a good thing or not. I have challenged myself to learn how to reuse what I have to make leftovers. I have come to realize  that what I  was running away from  away from which was cooking is not to bad if you plan your meals and make them last for a least 2-3 days. Which I am working on doing. I will confess I am not the best cook, Heck I am not even ok but we can eat it and be thankful for it.. 

Also I am looking  at what I have at home and trying to make it last since the last thing I want to do is go back and forth to the grocery story. It was already stressful with out this Virus now it's more stressful to me. Because you have to be extra careful and wipe down everything. Put gloves , mask and extra layers on. Wipe down your food, shoes, mail. Oh my god this is so much to do and remember but it's for the best either do this or get sick.

                                                                       So that's my story what do you think?

Thursday, March 26, 2020

My Life Now

 Hello all well here's my week so far. This is my life right now gloves, mask and a lot of Lysol spray, wipes and hand washing. I want to know what were people doing before all of this? Was nobody washing their hands. Why must we be instructed over and over again to wash out hands. That's part of being clean or so I thought. Well  when it comes to wearing the mask I feel like I am suffocating, Yes I do wear it but it's so uncomfortable to wear.  I have to force myself to wear it because of the safety factor. But every chance I get to lower it from my face to breath air I do.

Also  with most things closed except for the basics places. What else can I do but clean my house and start getting ready for yard sale season. I am making a pile of stuff to sell as we speak and I mean I have stuff.  What you need I probably have it!

Nothing really special to report living once day at a time  while saying this to shall pass.

                                                                        Be Safe and Careful out there.

                                                                     That's my story what do you think?

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Making Me Crazy

 Hello all well here's the story for the week. I am stressed , tired and crazy. Here's why my partner went into the hospital this past weekend. Can I tell you with this virus thing going around the hospitals are more crazy then normal. First you can not visit your loved one in emergency. You have to sit in a lounge and hope that they let you know what's going on with your loved one. Mind you your sitting for hours waiting on some news. The hospital personally are all wearing mask and plastic gloves but they don't have any for the visitors  in the hospital. So basically  they are saying to you  your on your own buddy with this virus thing.

After all said and done this is not a good time to visit a hospital if you don't have to. All the surgeries including mind has been put on hold and everything is crazy. Which leads to frustration and stress.

                                                     That's My Story What do you think?

Thursday, March 12, 2020


                                                                 Hello All..

Here's the story for the week. I got a refund form the hospital.  I am getting surgery soon and the hospital called saying that my co-pay was $750. I paid it with my charge card. I thought it was high but if that's all I have to pay from a $30,000. hospital bill I will pay the $750 and not complain.  So I get a call from the hospital saying I overpaid and they owe me $550. Which is good. They told me that I should have only paid $200. Even better. So I am waiting on the credit to go back to my charge card.

Con Edison in New York is greedy as H*ll. Here's why. I am paying the bill on my rental until I can get a tenant. Nobody is living in the house  which in returns means that no services are being used. Con Ed charges me $270 a month for an empty house. Then they got the nerve to send me a letter threating to take me to court because they can not get in to the house to read the meter. Really Con Ed I am paying your high A** bill on time at that!!  Anyway I called them and we made an appointment to  have the meter read this month. Most of the time I just read the meter myself and give them the numbers, But they stated they need to physically look at the meters. I also wanted to go on a level billing plan . They shot that down saying it's a rental property which doesn't qualify for the level billing plan.

A nice con Ed person told me that  I can have my meters changed so that they can access the meter from outside. I called the number that I was given and the person told me that service is free but it's not in my area yet. Ok Con Ed now what!!!

                                                                So what do you think?

Friday, March 6, 2020

Buy Hawaii


Hello all Here's the story for the week. Good-by Hawaii. I had planned on going on a cruise for 2021. But with this Virus thing going around and  princess cruise ships having their fair share of problems  My partner said cancel until further notice. Which I did. Now I just have to watch for my $850. deposit back to my amex card.

I got a thing for toilet paper. As soon as the news media and other started saying stock up on things  just in case you have to stay in your home for a couple of weeks. I  ran to the store to get enough toilet paper to last me and my partner for a least a month. I don't know why I had to get toilet paper more then anything else. Guess that's just me. I also stocked up on the basic didn't go to crazy because we already have a food pantry that we stock stuff like soups and cereal. Thank god we are good.

 So that's my story so far what do you think?

Friday, February 28, 2020

So Stressed!

 Hello all  well here's the story for the week. I am so mentally stressed out. This week and last week has been nothing but doc's appointment. I am trying to coordinate my surgery with my partners. I have mine first and his is last. That means doctors and hospital visit before hand with a lot of medical instruction and medications. We have been running so much  we both are mentally and physically tired.

I use to have faith in the medical profession  now not so much. I see that the hospitals and doctors  are lacking compassion and organizations. Everything now is do it yourself from  making sure you get all your medical documents in order  so   all your doctors and specialist get what they need. To making sure your insurance company  get's their paper work so that you will not get a big medical  bill. Stress on top of stress.  Medical situations is now a do it yourself job. My how times have changed.

I will be glad when this is all over we both need a vacation and no more medical problems god willing.

                                                                  So that's my story what do you think?

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Expensive Feburary

 Hello all well here's the story so far. February for me has been an expensive month. Here's the breakdown. First I was told that my rental unit need shiny wood floors  so when  people come in to look at it to rent. It will rent faster this is coming from a rental agent that I wanted to use to rent my house. I got a quote and the floors plus some other things will cost me $1000. I have to have surgery and the cost out of pocket for me will be $750. ( thank god for insurance if not my surgery would be costing me $30,000. wow!!!) My car broke down repairs cost $1400. You see where I am going here. I am glad that the months almost over that way maybe in march I could save a few dollars.

                                                 So that's my story what do you think?

Friday, February 14, 2020

Love this Show

Hello All..

Here's the story for the week. I am hooked on Watching Downtown Abby it's a pretty good show. I get on channel 21.1 on my tv. I have been driving myself crazy and here's why  I have to have surgery in March and before I do that I need to have a pre-surgery appt. From last Friday  the pre-surgery dept  called me to make one. When I called them back I get a machine.  The pre-surgery dept in the hospital where I need to go never calls you back. I have called 10 times and when they do call I am not home. So  what do they want me to do wait home all day to see if they will call or not. I don't think so.

Then the pre-surgery dept had the nerve to call my surgeon to tell them they have a hard time getting incontact with me. Well if you return one of my 10 voice mails we would have no problems. I tell you our health care places have gone to H*ll. What do you think?  

That's my story so what do you think? 

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Few Things

Hello all well here's the story so far. The Post office sucks. I send a package in December and get it returned to me in January. The package is damaged and the contents are no where to be found. I shipped a video game to someone. When  I went to complain about the package the  postal guy asked me if I had insurance. I told him no. So he said sorry I am Sh** out of luck.  To say I was mad would not be correct I was hot! The postal service damaged my package  and admitted in writing they damaged it . Then they  had the never not to return it all to me. I just got the damaged case what happen to the game and booklet that was inside??? I fussed so much they allowed me to file a complaint now let's see if I get my money back. I seriously doubt it.

 Got the  results of my court case that I told you about. You know the one where my tenant sued me for her security deposit back. Well the outcome is  I only owed her $14.50 because her damage and the amount it cost me to fix her damage which was more then the $2000 deposit was a wash. The only reason I owe her $14.50 was because I had to pay for her court cost.  Which was $20 minus my court cost of $5.50 makes it $14.50 I owe her. I can live with that!

                                          Well that's my story so far what do you think?

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Darn New York


Hello all well here's the story for the week. I just got an estimate on my property tax bill for 2020-2021. The house I am currently living in will be $9875.00 coming this year and next year's property taxes. That's a $2400. jump from last year. That's crazy.  This is why New Yorkers are leaving in droves  because of the high property taxes, quality of life, high food cost, rental cost  need I go on.

I can not at this point move so I have to go on a  tight budget.  So I can pay the bill when it comes due. Because if I don't between the water bill & property taxes if these are not paid the City of New York will take your house with a quickness. Time to start looking for cheaper places to live in the near future.

                                                  So that's my story what do you think?


Friday, January 24, 2020



Hello all well here's the story for today. I am finally finished with my court issue. I went to small claims court yesterday because I had a rental tenant who wanted her security deposit back. So they took me to court. We went to an arbitrator  instead of a judge because if we had to wait for a judge we might not get seen until April sometimes. I felt that was way to long for  a case that's  under $5000.

So the arbitrator wanted to call it a wash I keep the security deposit and I would not charge the tenant for the last months rent  that she owed me plus the damages to the house she made. which happen to be more then her $2000 security deposit.  The tenant said no she wanted all of her security deposit back. So the arbitrator stated that they would send me a letter in 14 days of the decision. I said fine with me. I have gotten to the point that life is to short to argue over money.

                                                 So that's my story what do you think? 

Saturday, January 18, 2020

No Plastic

Hello all where to start?   First I read where my Con Edison bill will be going up to about $20 extra this year. It sucks living in New York. I really live in the suburb's but it's all the same the prices of living in New York has gotten out of hand. I am paying $260 a month now for Con Edison which includes my Light & Gas but now I will be paying $270 and I am on a level billing plan. Is that crazy or what. What if I was on a fixed income I would be driving  myself crazy trying to find that extra $20 in my budget.

No plastic bags what is this! Come March 1th  2020 they are not giving out plastic bags in my grocery stores anymore. What no plastic what am I going to do when I buy groceries. The cashier told me bring my own bag. Now I have to make sure to bring bags with me everywhere. Really!

                                                            That's my story what do you think?


Sunday, January 12, 2020

Really Tough!

Hello all happy new year. Well here's the story for the new year so far. One of my new years goals is to get rid of two cars that I have sitting in my driveway. I called a few places like charities and they have to get back to me. So I call a dealership to talk about a trade in. He said that I should be careful about donating my car to charities because he has hear of horror stories regarding them and your donated car. I also went to my insurance man about how I could get rid of my cars. He says donate them. I went to the junk man and he tells me that he would take them. If I bring in my car I get $100 bucks for it if they have to come get it I get $50.

Why is it so hard to get rid of old cars nowadays? One car I will be trading in for a new one because it has low mileage. The other one is still up in the air. I might find a field and throw some  gasoline on  the older car  and burn it up. That's one way of getting rid of a car. Just kidding.

On another note thinking about getting a job for the Census for 2020. Hey they are paying about 20 bucks an hours. Works for me. So that's my story what do you think?

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Really TV

 Hello all Happy 2020. Here's the story for the week. My $1400 TV that I purchased 3 years ago is now broke. Yes I said broke. The volume on the Tv is not working. So now I have to call a repair man and my partner says that it will cost about $100 just for him to walk into the front door. Really!!!
I have had Tv sets that was over 20 years old still working. This only shows you that they are making junk and selling it for a high price.

Just like the refrigerator that I told you about that  broke after 4 years of usage. Besides that it's pouring with things that have to be addressed this year and it's only 4 days into the new year. I have to deal with a health issue beside trying to get rid of stuff like old cars and junk that's been laying around this house forever. A lot of stuff to deal with in 2020 .

Hope that your first 4 days of the new year is better then mind. So what do you think?