Saturday, October 29, 2016

Feeling Sexy.....

Hello Everyone, Happy Halloween. Here's my story today. There is no story. Just wanted to share with you my fun and feel good today side! Hope your having a great day!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Getting Cold!!!

                                    Good Evening Everyone, Well here's my story so far...

Fall season in New York and it's getting cold outside and windy. I am more of a spring person myself. I love the cold but only when I can stay inside.I am happy to report that my holiday check came in this week. I was glad I am using that money for my cruise in December. I manage to save over $1000 by saving coins, doing mystery shopping, using coupons and selling anything  I could make a buck on. I sold it and put it toward my holiday cruise club. I am staring a new one this week for my California trip in 2017.

This week has been nothing but doctors and dentist appointments. Which is a must for someone that way over 30. Thank god for insurance and I still have to pay co pays which amount to about $50 every doctors visit and $60 every dentist visit. This is ok compared to what  it would cost me without the insurance. Thank god my medical test are fully covered. Have you seen how much medical testing can run you I am talking into the thousands.....

I figured that with the holidays coming and retailers are looking for people to work for them I hope that will still be the case  when  I get back off of my trip. Starting in January I will be looking for a part-time job.  I realized that I need a part-time job to keep me sane and to put some extra money in my pocket. Don't get me wrong I like staying at home and doing what needs to be done. But I have been there done that now it's time to move on to something else... So what do you think?   

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Twenty Dollar Challenge

Good Morning Everyone. Well Here's the Story . How are you today? I told you I was serious about my twenty dollar challenge this time! Here's what I have done so far. I had a yard sale that netted me $125.00. I was surprised at that . The last time I had a yard sale I made only about $60 bucks. But that was ok. Whatever I sold from the yard sale would be one less thing that I would donate. Also I got to clean my garage out of all the stuff that was not needed. So cleaning out and making money was a good thing for me.

I also open a e creator store and used some of the things I needed to sell from around the house to open the store with. So my inventory so far cost me about $2. ( I got two things at a yard sale to sell)  The e creator store is free to open. I figure why not open it and see what I can sell. It's Free. All it would cost me is time to list my items. I will be adding more stuff  from my home and If I  find it in yard sales ( My store if your interested)

 I went to Atlantic City a couple of weeks ago and I won $140 on A 10 dollars in  free slot play I got from the casino. So I am counting that toward my twenty dollar challenge.

Doing some Mystery Shopping when the price is right to do it. I will add that money toward my challenge as well. 

I can say that for my Twenty Dollar Challenge I am up about $137. dollars or so. Which is a good thing for me. Since I started in Oct. Most of this money is going toward my 2017 Holiday Club so In November of 2017 I will have spending money for my California Cruise. Since I am unemployed at the moment. Every dollar I make counts.   So what do you think?

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This Calms Me

 Good Morning Everyone, Here's the story sometimes when I am stress I like to look at  and water. It's calms my me. So what do you think??

Monday, October 10, 2016


 Well Here's the story for today! First Happy Columbus Day. I have saved up $27 dolls in coin in just a few weeks. I used Sunday night and a good TV program to sit and roll them. I know that most of the coins that I rolls goes toward my Kellogg's coin investment challenge. But I was thinking.... My next batch of coins what if I use it for something else but what??? Got any ideas???

Saturday, October 8, 2016

My Mini A.C. Trip

Hello Everyone, Well here's my story so far. I am back from a mini Atlantic City vacation and it was cheap and fun. I must tell you that I don't go to Atlantic city unless they do the following for me. First they have to give me free hotel rooms. 2nd  They have to give me free money so I can play the slots with, 3rd  They have to give me free parking , since it cost $20  to park in their garage and #4 they have to give me free food or a discount on their food. The hotel I stayed at gave me all of these things so I went. I know I am a greedy cheapskate!
I had a good time but best of with my $20 challenge money I manged to turn that into $140. I also manged to not lose money I was making some extra which will go toward my California Trip in 2017.

But the crazy thing that happen was that before I went on vacation I needed my medication and the insurance company denied it! Saying that I needed a generic brand of that medication. Funny I was getting the generic brand. Now I have to call my doctor to see what he can do. Can I tell you I  hate the insurance companies when it comes to my medication. I had to pay $50 bucks for 12 pills just so that I would have them when I went way. Now that sucks!!!
That's my story so far well what do you think??? 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Coin Investment

 Hey Everyone Just wanted to give you a coin investment update it's been a minute. Well I got my statement yesterday and I have about $500. invested into to Kellogg stock and that's just from saving coins from when I started.( This is old statement I am showing you)  I saved up $65 in coins for the initial  deposit. Remember it was $50 to buy in  plus admin fee of $15. Done with coins. Then I just stared saving my coins and every time I get $25 dollars or more in coins I send a check in to buy more stock. It was easy and I did not miss the coins. Besides I know that my coins are making me $$. So if you interested then you should try it to. Having your coins make you money and it's a great way to get into buying stock with not a whole lota $$. So what do you think?  

Twenty Dollar Challenge

Happy Sunday Everyone. Well Here's my story so far.  I am trying to do , no correction I am determined to do this $20 dollar challenge that I always say I am going to do and I don't finish it. Well this Oct 1th I started again and I am doing it. My goal is to get $1000. by Nov 1, 2017 so that I can have pocket money for my California Cruise. 
So far I  went to the grocery store to return my bottle and cans. I got 70 cents for that. Then I used a 25% off CVS coupons. Saved $1.70 on that. So far I have saved $2.40 which I will be placing that money in my 2017 Holiday club.
I need to do this because I always start stuff an never finish this time I am starting and not stopping until I reach my goal!!
So what do you think??