Saturday, January 31, 2015

Only a Dollar!

Today was the last day that I could buy my lottery tickets because I am money fasting for February. Which means come 12:00 o'clock tonight any  money that I spend has to be for food, shelter, transportation, taxes, bills only, nothing extra. For 28 day I am fasting or no money spending as some would call it. Well I had to get my lotto fix in and I purchase 3 lottery ticket and 2 scratch off and it only cost me $1 out of my pocket. How is that possible? Well I  won $5 from one of my old lottery tickets and my purchase of my new tickets cost me $6. So I only spend a dollar on my habit. I know what your saying. Your saying   that I really spent $6 because the $5 I  won was really my money. Yea your right but humor me on this. I won this money so to me this $5 was like found money which I  purchase my tickets with. Hey I had to Powerball is 260 million, Lotto is 7 million and Mega Million is 40 million. To win any of these would be great and doing it on found money would be even better!
       So what do you think???

To Pay Or Not!

This is the debate for the week. I live in a neighborhood that has yearly association fees of $25. It's not mandatory that you pay them it's a suggestion. This money that the association collects helps the neighborhood when it comes to certain repairs in the neighborhood. They  have a community   newsletter that tells you what's going on in the neighborhood, hold events like wine tasting,street fairs ( which as a member you can set up a table to sell stuff for free). They also try and help if there is minor problems in the neighborhood. I have talked to the Associations president many times and he's nice but he's doesn't do anything or offer any positive advice when I went to him about things relating to my neighborhood. Well the debate is this the bill for the association is due and I say  don't pay it. For my $25 they have done nothing for me. My partner says we have not paid for the last 2 years.  I said "so what"! they have not done anything to deserve our money.  What would you do? Pay the association fees out of loyalty for the neighborhood or don't pay them because they don't do enough for your $25 that warrants the money?
                                                                So what do you think???


Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Way To Make Money

I was thinking that this would be a good way to make some money. I purchased these tickets $32 dollars worth and I won...........Nothing. I guess that this is not such a good way to spend  money in order to make it .
                                                           So what do you think?? 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Janurary $2 Dollar Update

I am trying to keep myself as well as you updated  when it comes to my $2 dollars a day challenge. For January I have made  $39 in total. It's not bad but I know I need to do better. The reason why this is so low is that mystery shopping jobs were not worth the time that they want you to spend doing the job for the little bit of money they are offering. My Bononza shop is not making any sales and my book sale are zero. All of this is unacceptable to me. OK, I will admit I have been a bit lazy when it comes to getting my $2 but February will be different. I just know it will. On to another topic I am so done with snow. See for yourself

Since we had the snow storm in New York it was shovel, shovel shovel shuffle. Which I am so over snow and shoveling since I have lived in New York all of my life. Snow is not cute and fun any more it just a pain in the A**. I think a warmer place with no snow is calling my name.
                                                   So what do you think???

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Storm Is Here!!!

According  to my Mayor New York is expecting a big snow storm( so what else is new ??) well with this snow store we are advised really told to stay off the street and the highways or be subject to fines and arrest.  This storm is suppose to be just that bad. I am ready I have my junk food, book and  movies ready for a cold winters night. What I don't have is the extra money that this snow storm is costing me. We purchased an extra bag of salt  from our local gas station that cost $15 a bag compared to the normal $9 dollars a bag that we would get at Home Depot. We also had to buy  gas for our  snow blower that cost $15. The extra food that I had to  run out late last night to get from Pathmark cost me a  $70 bucks  because the weather person stated that the snow storm would last until Wednesday and I did not want to be without the basics and plenty of the extra stuff food stuff we might need. Also the extra money I will be paying in heating my house because the temperature has now dropped down to 20 degrees.  This snow storm is more expense then it's worth. Right about now Florida, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii  anywhere that's has no snow is looking pretty good to me!
                                                 So what do you think???

Saturday, January 24, 2015

I AM Special


That's right I am special. I got a Black Card from Visa. Well an application to apply for one anyway. I told Visa thanks for the love but paying you $495 a year to use your card is crazy. Your interest rate of 14.99% is crazy and your late fees of $35 and up is you guessed it crazy..... But thanks for thinking about me.

 Now on to other things it snowed and rained  today in New York, thank god it was more slush then real snow which made it easy to shovel. After shoveling  sister was tired, cold and hungry. My partner made a good ham and potato's  for dinner with jello with fruit in it for dessert. I love Jello. He also made chocolate pudding I love that to.

We spend the rainy / cold Saturday watching a comedy show on TV which was pretty good I might add. The best part of today was that I did not spend any money. Sorry I lied about that I did spend $109 dollars today. I had to purchase shares of Dreamworks for $19 dollars a share. With the purchase and transaction fee this cost me $109. But it's worth it I feel Dreamworks will come back a strong company and when it does it will pay me a nice dividend. Besides I like the people running it and their movies are great!
                                                   So what do you think???  

Friday, January 23, 2015