Friday, March 29, 2019


Well all here's the story for the week.Darn Taxes!!. Yes I got my taxes done this week and to say the results are not pretty. Well I can say that. I am so use to getting money back when I was working that I got spoiled. Now with my new financial set up. I am not working and relying on my partner. We now have to pay back money that we made through the year. I am not loving it. I use to get about $7,000 from my good old uncle Sam . Now I am paying about $4,000 this year.  Plus I have to pay my account $400 for him doing my taxes. Really Uncle Sam I see no money love there from you this tax season. 

On another front nothing special  trying to plan a visit to my mother in Atlantic city and still doing research on moving to Vegas.

Also the month of April is Monday and I am glad to say that my dollar a day challenge and coin  challenges are still on and popping. Rolled $78.00 in coins for the month. Yea Me!

So that's my story What do you think?

Sunday, March 24, 2019


 Hello  Well here's the story for the week. First I got a letter in the mail that stated my medical insurance will  not be paying for  my prescription to the drug ( Januvia) that I take for my diabetes. In the letter they told me that I was no longer covered for that  medication but I could use these instead. They gave me a list of alternative medication I could use. You tell me this after my pharmacy has already refilled my Januvia  order. So now I am just waiting until my charge statement comes in to see what they charged me for the medication that the insurance company did not pay for. 

New cars are full of S**T. I have a new car it's about 3 years old and the sucker did not want to start this week. It's a new car what the He**.  When I was able to take the car  to the mechanic he told me that the radio is no good and it drained my  car battery. To make a long story short I had to order a new car radio for $500.00. But it's not only the radio for the car it's the backup screens and navigational system. So I need it. But D**N the price.

Looking at cheap trip to Bermuda. Sister needs to get away in October. On one of them cheap cruises. 
                                         So that's my story what do you think?

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Crazy Pizza

Hello all well here's my story for the week. I wanted to celebrate a good financial move that I made with a pizza. So I ordered a pizza from  a place  I had stopped using because they were not that good. But me being the good sport and believe in giving food places second chances I ordered a pizza from them. When I went to pick the pizza up it was a large pie the man said $25. I almost fainted. For a large pizza it's $25??? Ok I did have  some topping on it but still. I said to myself you know what I can do with that $25.00 in a grocery store. How much food I can purchase. Yes I am a cheapskate.   I recently gave the man the money and on top of that the pizza was lousy. Never gain will I use that pizza place or spend that kind of money on pizza. From now on it's the 99 cents frozen pizza from the grocery store.

I have been worrying about my finances a lot lately and  I prayed on it. Something told me to just enjoy my life because we can't predict the future and we shouldn't try. Whatever life deals you in the coming future just be prepared to deal with it the best way you know how. Yep that what a good prayer does for you it puts your mind at ease.

So that's my story what do you think?

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Not A Problem!!!

Hello all well here's the story for this week...

I went to my local bank and basically I love that bank the people are friendly and they work with me and my difficult  transactions. Mostly when I go to the bank I go over to the Customer Service  desk and she helps me. Well not this week. when I went in to the bank the person or people who normally help me were not there new people where in their places. The CSR called me over I told her what I needed to have done. She started the work, then another CSR came over and told the women to stop working on my transactions. I could go to the teller and have all that done. I looked at the women like she had three heads. Then I said no problem I got my banking stuff and walked over to the teller  window but first in my mind I did this
I was mad that this women who came over to the desk and stopped my transaction with the first CSR was not even a manager she was a  floating  CSR.   At the teller window  I talked so loudly about being send over to the  window . I think everybody in the bank must of heard my mouth. I asked the teller  when's  the original people where coming back, she said soon. Then I told her good I will wait to open a cd  when the regulars come back. They could keep these floating people they don't know how to treat customers.

          Well that's my story what do you think?    

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Tired of Snow

 Hello All. Well here's this weeks story...

I am tired of snow and cold it's 25 degrees and it's been snowing on and off in New York
 for the last couple of days. I am so ready for the warmer weather to get here. Nothing much to report so far.  Sometimes life is quite and that's what we need. No crazy messes, nothing breaking, no stress just a quite life. The only thing I have been doing is trying to find a cheap way to lose weight. I was looking at weight watcher for the 100th time. It's just not me. I can not see spending a couple hundred dollars for meetings and food. I might start walking again I just have to get out of being so Darn Lazy. I will admit I am a fat lazy person. But when it's get warmer. I have more motivation to get out. I have  yardsale season that motivates me to walk , run, do deep knee bends, stretching, elbow bending all for a chance to find the good stuff. That's why I love my yard sales. where else can you get the exercise you need and the stuff you don't need all in one place!  Well that's my story for the week.  
                                                                           So what do you think?