Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Tired of Snow

 Hello All. Well here's this weeks story...

I am tired of snow and cold it's 25 degrees and it's been snowing on and off in New York
 for the last couple of days. I am so ready for the warmer weather to get here. Nothing much to report so far.  Sometimes life is quite and that's what we need. No crazy messes, nothing breaking, no stress just a quite life. The only thing I have been doing is trying to find a cheap way to lose weight. I was looking at weight watcher for the 100th time. It's just not me. I can not see spending a couple hundred dollars for meetings and food. I might start walking again I just have to get out of being so Darn Lazy. I will admit I am a fat lazy person. But when it's get warmer. I have more motivation to get out. I have  yardsale season that motivates me to walk , run, do deep knee bends, stretching, elbow bending all for a chance to find the good stuff. That's why I love my yard sales. where else can you get the exercise you need and the stuff you don't need all in one place!  Well that's my story for the week.  
                                                                           So what do you think?

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