Sunday, November 29, 2015

Happy Sunday

Good Morning Everyone. Here's the story for today. I am still doing the coin investment challenge. Which I am happy to report  I have save enough  coins to put in $100 more toward the  purchase of  Kellogg’s stock. See what you can do when you save your coins! Thanksgiving was a quite time for me and Black Friday was the same nothing special to talk about there.
I was supposed to be in Atlantic City today. But it made no sense since I will be heading to Vegas in 3 weeks. Why spend the money in Atlantic City when I could use that money for Vegas.Besides I like Vegas over Atlantic City ten times better. Makes since right?
Right now I am just trying to get my headed together for the upcoming 2016. I have plans to clean out and clear out next year. I need more organization and clean up in my life. So that's my plan so far. 
See nothing special just trying to take it one day at a time. Have a great week and also what do you think?

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


                                          Image result for patties labelle sweet potato pies 

Good Evening Family. I am sure by now you know the story of Patties sweet potato pies. If not here is a short version. Pattie Labelle was selling sweet potato pies in Wal-Mart. well really it was a factory that made them and they just put patties picture and her signature on the box.  Anyway the pies were not selling that great until.... A guy purchased the pie did a you tube video and the video went viral. Now the pies are selling like hot cakes and Wal-Mart has made over 2.3 million, yes I said 2.3 million from the sell of those pies. 
I am busted because I got caught up in the hype of the pies and went to my Wal-Mart looking for one  a pie.  They were selling around $4. I am glad that I did not find the pies. For one I do not need to make anybody else richer, I really don't need the pie and also I am a loyal fan to Entermann's sweet potato pies their good. But I got caught up in all of the talk and hype and for that I feel ashamed. It only goes to show that the power of persuasion is alive and kicking.
                                                       So what do you think?

Monday, November 23, 2015

Turkey Prices....

Good Evening Everybody. Here's the story are you seeing how much Turkey's prices are? I am shocked to see a turkey for $75. Is that crazy or is it just me? I went supermarket shopping today which I am not to fond of  because it involves spending money. My shopping trip cost me  $50.00 and that's just for basics. So is it me or is food getting expensive? I decided to makes a simple Thanksgiving Dinner of Turkey, dressing, salad, corn muffins and dessert is sweet potato pie. Simple and cheap. I got my turkey for .59 cents a pound can't beat  the rest of the stuff for dinner I already have in the house.

My tenant gave me a nice serving set. She just wanted to say thank you for being a nice  landlord. I thought that was so nice. I know that I will not use this set I might pass it on to my mother she would  use it more then I would.  I am happy  to say that  I am making sales on my bonanza page finally. I know that it's because of the holidays  and I am grateful for it. I could use the money.  So that's my story  I wish you and your family a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.    So what do you think


Friday, November 20, 2015

More Time....

Good Evening Everyone. Here’s my story for the week. Since I find myself having more free time then I did when I was working I am reading more. Ok, I am napping more to but the point is I am reading more. I have  time to enjoy the books again. I am currently reading  Richistan it's about the new rich and their spending habits versus the old rich. Did I mention I love to read about people and their wealth?  I like to read about the foolish ways they spend their money makes for good reading.

Guess what's coming up that's right Black Friday  who dares to be in the stores with the crowds and stress just for holiday gifts. I decided a long time ago to skip the holidays when it comes to giving gifts. I buy my gifts in the yard sales season when it cheap and save them to give for the holiday season. There is nothing that I need to buy that will make me go out on Black Friday to spend money that I do not have and  fight with people I do not know. What about you?  I will confess that I am excited to see what will happen on Black Friday all the craziness and  fights makes for good entertainment on TV don't you think?

                                        So that's my story what do you think?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

More Money More Money...


Good Morning Family. Here's the story for today! I hate funerals, I really do.  If I had my wish nobody would pass away everyone would live to be at least 500 years old. The reason I am saying this is my cousin passed away this week and my mother called me for a funeral donation. My cousin did not have any money the family has to now scrap up money to bury him. It's sad in so many ways first he passed very young and he passed away broke. So I told my mother that I would give her $100 toward the funeral. I just don't understand how people nowadays don't have any funeral insurance. That was one thing my grandmother made sure all her children had insurance so that she could bury them when the time came. She did not want to depend on others for burial money.
November is getting expensive the bills the water bill, the repairs on my rental home all are rolling in to the tune of $400. That might not seem like a lot but for someone with no income coming in trust me it's alot.
Also I have 2 trips coming up soon one to Atlantic City and one to Vegas which will cost me some money. That's why I have started to look for every dime I can find to put toward my bills or my vacation. Got any making money suggestions??? So what do you think?


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Happy Friday!

Hello Everyone. Well here's the story for today. I was a sucka and went back to Pathmark since the supermarket in its last days. They were offering $50-70% off things. Yes to answer your questions I spent another $130 bucks but only on things that will get me thought the winter months. I told my partner that I do not want to see another supermarket for a long time. I also added up what we spend on eating out and supermarket visits for October it was $451.04  for two people.  My food goal is to get our monthly food bill down to $300 or less. That's the plan anyway.

     On to other things my challenges especially the $1 a day challenge is heading in to its second week and I have already made $1.50!  So I am behind in that challenge.
The Win/ lose Lotto challenge is still going strong I think I have more money in my losing bucket then my winning bucket.
The Coin Investment Challenge is also doing well I have purchased over $160 in Kellogg’s. This is all coins of course.  So what I need from you is to  buy a lot of Kellogg’s products so my stock can do up (kidding)

Lastly I am planning my Thanksgiving meal it will be small and cheap for  two people. So I think it's going to be duck or chicken with two sides with Jell-O for dessert. That's the plan anyway. So what are you doing for Thanksgiving? And what do you think?  

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wished Do Come True!!!

Hello Everybody. Here’s my story for today. Wishes do come true so always believe. I am saying this because I went to my local Pathmark supermarket. Sorry to say that they are going out of business. But because of this I got my meats at .......50% off. I racked up on steaks, ribs, chicken, veal and duck. I must have spent on meats alone over $60 bucks but it was worth it because the average duck cost $23.99 and I got it for $12. I also stocked up on coffee , cereal,  mustard and other things that I needed which  were being offered at 40% off. So my bill in total came to $160.That was a lot of money for food but my partner told me the bulk of that was meat. So we are good for the winter when it comes to food. I am happy I wish for a good meat sale and I got it!

On to another story. I have seen my share of seeing lawyers for different problems. Thank god most of the lawyers that I was seeing  I was getting free consultations with. But never the less I am not thrilled with Lawyers they make you wait forever to see them. Some of them have a I am better then you attitude and some of them talk to down to you like  your a child or dumb as heck. I am dealing and ignoring these attitudes  because I need a lawyer for some issues I am going through. After I am finished  I hope not to see a lawyer for a long long time.

                                                             So what do you think?

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Hunting Time....

Hello Everyone. Here's the story for the week with the holidays right around the corner I decided it's time for me to go hunting. Meat hunting that is. I am now looking in all the  grocery store circulars and hunting for coupons that pertain to me getting cheap meat. The only thing that I am finding is cheap chicken 79 cents a pound.  Corn Beef, Ribs. Pot Roast, Turkey, Lamb. Veal these meats are over the $1.99 per pound the price that I want to pay. So I continue to look  I have a deep freezer  that I would like to stock with cheap meats. Is it because I live in High A** New York that I can't  find the great meat deals that others  do who live in other states. Even where my mother lives her supermarket has great meat prices she lives 3 hours from me.  Anybody else having a I can't find Cheap Meat Problems beside me?
                                                          So what do you think?

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Holiday Fund 2016

Hello Everyone. Here's the story so far. I like opening saving accounts. Don't ask me why I just do. Sometimes I end up having too many saving account in to many banks and not enough money to feed them all. So I close them. I know it's a crazy habit which I am slowly trying to break. But getting back to my story for 2016 I was thinking of opening up a Holiday Fund and see how creative I can be in funding it.

 This would be part of one of my challenges that I have for myself. The other two are the lotto lose/win challenge and the coin investment challenge. I was thinking that this might motivate me to start selling stuff; I am lazy when it comes to listing new products in my store. And I might look at mystery shopping a little harder then I do. I see shops out there that I can do. But I get to lazy to try and go for them. Hopefully if I am committed to a 2016 Holiday Fund this will give me the push I need to get off my Lazy a** and get some money.
                                                       So what do you think? 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Scary Stuff

Good Morning Everyone. Here's the story for today. First Happy November!  I get scared about things like normal people do. But instead of a scary movie like Halloween, or Friday the 13th scaring me It's American Greed the series. If you don't know About American Greed it's about con men who take atavange of people. The Bernie Madoff's of the world. They sell people these worthless investments these crooks then  the money  they stole and use it for their own personal pleasures. This scres me why......
Because I have a few pennies invested into the stock market with a personal finance planner and a lot of these American Greed stories deal with people like that .

 I worry if my investment are safe. This is money that I have saved over 19 years of working and  I can't make it back or afford to lose it to a con man. Not saying that my personal money adviser is a con man. He has put my money into funds that were growing nicely. He is very conservative when it comes to investing  money, but I still worry. Your taking about something that keeps me up at night  the fear of losing a lot of money.

My partner tells me not to worry  what's the worst that could happen. He tells me that we have safety nets in place for our saving. He yells at me to stop watch that darn American Greed It's making me and him crazy! This sounds good  I still worry. So what do you think?