Tuesday, November 17, 2015

More Money More Money...


Good Morning Family. Here's the story for today! I hate funerals, I really do.  If I had my wish nobody would pass away everyone would live to be at least 500 years old. The reason I am saying this is my cousin passed away this week and my mother called me for a funeral donation. My cousin did not have any money the family has to now scrap up money to bury him. It's sad in so many ways first he passed very young and he passed away broke. So I told my mother that I would give her $100 toward the funeral. I just don't understand how people nowadays don't have any funeral insurance. That was one thing my grandmother made sure all her children had insurance so that she could bury them when the time came. She did not want to depend on others for burial money.
November is getting expensive the bills the water bill, the repairs on my rental home all are rolling in to the tune of $400. That might not seem like a lot but for someone with no income coming in trust me it's alot.
Also I have 2 trips coming up soon one to Atlantic City and one to Vegas which will cost me some money. That's why I have started to look for every dime I can find to put toward my bills or my vacation. Got any making money suggestions??? So what do you think?


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