Sunday, April 30, 2017

What A Month!!!

Hello Everyone. Well here's the month in review and what a month it was!!!

First  I received a summons for jury duty that I have to start calling this Friday to see if they need me for Jury duty. If they do it pays $40 bucks a day so I am hoping that they can use me because I can sure use the $$.

Also Con Edison our Electric and Gas company screwed me good. They charged me $25 extra on my bill because they could not get into the house to look at their equipment. Needless to say  I made an appointment for them to come and they did a no show 2 times. Yet they still charged me the $25 on my bill. I called them, I have another appointment this week and  they better show up or else.

Know who else tried to screw me for my $$ my new gardener . My  partner told him that he wanted certain things done in our back yard the gardener did it no problem. But my partner failed to get a price quote for doing the job. So when all was said and done the gardener wanted $700 freaking bucks!!! My partner talked him down to $300. But still  I was pissed that's why I always tell my partner get a price before any work gets done. I hate paying extra for stuff. I budged $20 a week for the new gardener and that is all he should be getting.

So yes this has been a month to forget money wise. Hopefully May will bring some needed cash in. So that's my story what do you think?

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Losing & Saving

Hello Everyone. Well here's the story for Mid-Week. I decided that I needed to lose weight. I wanted to do Weight Watchers again  for the 20th time. The first 19th times did not stick but this time I think it will. Well you know me I don't like to spend money. So I purchased  the Weight Watchers materials the books and counters  that will help me get started off of eBay for 10 bucks including shipping of course!!  If I had went with Weight Watchers Regular weekly program I would have spent $12 a week which equals to $48 a month compared to the $10 I spent. Big money difference. I also use Spark People to do the weight challenges and keep track of my weight goals. Will be starting on this no eating the good stuff anymore on Friday...

The Dollar A Day Challenge first 4 days of it anyway so far I have save $10. This is how $4 I won on a lotto ticket, $5 I saved myself by not using fivvers for a project and doing it myself and $1 I saved from using a coupon. It all adds up and it's only Wednesday. Yea! I figure this money I will  earmark for my cruise in November.

So that's my story this week so far what do you think?

Friday, April 21, 2017

Trying To Win A Dollar

Good Morning Everyone. Well here's the story for the week. Some people would call me fickle or indecisive. I know I jump back and forth with ideas that I want to do, But when it comes to making or saving money I am firm. I am trying my darnest to win $500 bucks in this think called NY Lotto Club.  This Club is where you take old lottery tickets and enter them on to the computer for a chance too win $500 or $2500 at the end of the month. I have resorted to garbage picking just to get tickets to enter. Hey $500 bucks is $500 bucks. I am into this sweepstakes stuff right now so I am entering a few just to see if I would win anything with them.

Also I am trying the save, make or find $1 a day challenge again. I know what your saying I tried doing this before and no luck, Well this time I am sticking to it and I will document my journey at it with you right here. I am starting all my challenges on Sunday April 23. That has a nice ring to it right?

I am happy to report that I have save $75 dollars in coins and dollars which I will deposit $25 into my Kelloggs stock account and $50 will go into my bank account to use for  things  I might need later on. So that's my story what do you think?

Monday, April 17, 2017

Scary Thoughts

Good Morning Everyone. Well the week has just started but here's my thoughts so far.

Scary Thought #1 I got a letter from the City saying that they would no longer be responsible for the pipes under the house that run from the house to the sewer system. If the pipes break I have to pay to get them repaired and that would be like $3000-15,000 depending upon the damage. But they do have an insurance policy which you can pay them $12.95  a month which will cover the repairs if your pipes break under your home. Scary to think about paying so much money  to  repair something that really belongs to the city. Scary to think about buying the insurance an never really needing it. It all seems like a waste. That's just another way the city wants to get your money. I really need to Move. New York City living is getting way to expensive!

Scary Thought #2. I think about retirement a lot. Really the money that I will need to maintain my lifestyle which is basically a cheapskate life. But I do like to travel which sometimes cost $$. I think about what would happen to me if my income form my partner dries up. We are living on his pension and social security right now. As you know I am not working because my health issues. So I worry will I be able to survive with out my partner's checks coming in. I say this because I am been watching a lot of YouTube videos where people in their 50 & 60's are living in their cars and vans because they don't have the money for affordable housing or for basic living. This scares me alot. How does the saying go you are one paycheck away from being homeless. Scary to think about.

Scary Thought #3. Not having the balance in my life that I need, and not making enough money to fund my retirement, Not paying attention to my diabetes like I am suppose to. The last thing I want is Kidney disease because of my diabetes.. So Yes my last scary thoughts are a little bit about everything. So that's my Scary Story what do you think?

Friday, April 14, 2017

Feeling Good!

Happy Spring Everyone, Well here's my story for the week. I went to Atlantic City for a little mini-vacation for about 3 days. I also visited my mother who also happens to live near there. So I get a mini vacation and a family visit. Well here's how it went. Atlantic City was good to me money wise and food wise. I won $240 dollars and I got a Shop-rite gift card for $15. So that was a win win for me on this trip. The visit to my mother was great. We talked, ate and I got some nice gifts. These were holiday gifts that was overdue.

Plus when I got home I got a letter from the State department of finance, I got scared I thought I was in some sort of money trouble. But I got a check for $125. My accountant made a mistake on our state incomes tax and that mistake netted me $125. I'll take it! See how good this week has been. I might even play lotto today that's how luck I am feeling right now!

So that's my week pretty good right. So what do you think?

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Win & Loses

Good Morning Everyone, Well here's the story for the week. This was a good week so far. I mean money wize. First My partner went to the grocery store and when he returned to his car he found a shopping cart full of empty bottles to be returned. He returned them and he got $5 for all the bottles.
I got my check from doing  mystery shopping last month and that was $100 bucks! Also I got a chance to roll my coins  I had saved add another $20 to that and I say that this week was a good money week. Especially since  I am not working.

This has been a disappointment week as well for me. I busted my ass trying to win a free cruise and I didn't win. I was hurt by that I would have loved a free anything! Also I was trying to go gambling at my local casino and it was so packed on Sunday I had to leave because I could not find parking spot Bummer! Oh well with the win and loses it hasn't been that bad of a week for me and the week is not even over yet. That's my story what do you think?