Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Scary Reality

Hello All  well here's the story for the week. I was at a yardsale this weekend and I over hear a women and her friends talking. The conversation went like this.

Yardsale lady  " I love this house but I have to move I can't afford to live here any

Her Friend. " I know if it weren't for my children giving me money I would be selling my house to.

Yardsale Lady. After my husband passed away the money was not there any longer and living in New York is to expensive, Especially if you have home expenses along with other things.

Her Friend. " I know. Who know what expenses your going to be hit with and not having the money is not an option sometimes".

You get the point living in New York is expensive and this is a lady in my neighborhood. So I know what she is talking about. If you lose  income living here you are in trouble. I think about this all the time. Especially for me because I have expensive medications that I have to buy and going back to work might not be an option for me any longer. These worries keep me up at night.

             What are some of the things that your worry about has you grow older?

                                                        That's My Story What do you think?



Friday, June 21, 2019

Birthday Weekend

                                              Hello all Well Here's the Story for this Week..

I have been lazzzzzy this week. Maybe because it's my birthday weekend and I just have no notion to do nothing. Makes sense right? My partner wanted to know what I wanted to do this weekend for my birthday. I am a simple women if I can clean  my house and get rid of some of this 1940's junk that is been laying around collecting dust for years I am find. I am on a get rid of it kick. I want a clean and almost empty home. That's all I want for my birthday. I told you I was simple.

I am happy that we got rid of an old air conditioner , now I just have to get rid of my old cars and other stuff that just sits around. I am even think about making my own birthday cake. Trying to save the money for my Bermuda trip in November that's why this weekend will be fun but cheap.

                                            That's my story so far what do you think?

Saturday, June 15, 2019

You Suck

Hello All Well here's the story For Today..

Yard sale/garage sales in my area  Suck big time. The people who are holding them lie in the first place when it comes to placing a yard sale ad ( most of them anyway). They tell you I have this and that and when you use your gas to  go see it. They have nothing that they advertised. They are selling stuff that really needs to be donated or thrown away in my opinion.
You just don't know how much gas money I have wasted running around looking at junk people are selling thinking its gold.

The prices let me not talk about the prices of yard sale stuff . They have gone up at least in my area of $1 or more. Stuff that I use to get for $1 is now $2-3. There are no more 50 cent and 75 cents tables like it use to be. Grant it I go for the fun of yardsaling but when you start selling junk at high prices it takes the fun out of the adventure. In my opinion.

So what do you think?

Monday, June 10, 2019

So Much Money

 Hello all well here's the story for the week... So much money here it is the middle of June and I have already spent way to much money. Here's my spending breakdown.

$3500 deposit on roof repair for my rental
$160 for my mother birthday gift
$ 100 took my mother husband out for  dinner  for  his birthday  ( 4 people)
$ 50 for blinds for my rental home
$4800 for property tax when it comes this month

I can't spend anymore I am so over budget this month it's not funny. I am having a birthday this month and I am going cheap on myself to celebrate because of all the spending I have done so far. It's gotten out of hand. I hate to spend so much on stuff but what can you do it has to be spent in order to get the job done and the house not being taken away.

                                                                That's my story what do you think?

Friday, June 7, 2019

Pissed Off!!!

 Hello all well here's the story....

I was pissed off this week. I am trying to do my dollar a day challenge and how I do it is by mystery shopping.  So I had 2 chase shops that I did paying $12 each which would have been $24 for the day minus my gas to get there. I did the shops and entered the reports on the same day. So why is it that the next day I get a notice in my e mail  saying that the shops were not done. I said HUH???

What had happen was that I did the shops and forgot to submit them. I explained it to the company and they said Oh well you will not get paid for it. I was pissed. I spend my time and gas money and now you got two free shops from me. Ok, it might have been my stupid mistake but still you could have told me to resubmit the shops since I still had time on them. I hate mystery shopping for just this reason. These companies take advantage of you and  pay you crap when they do it.

I need another hustle to do my dollar a day challenge with cause I can see me and mystery shopping will be saying our goodbyes real soon.

So what do you think?  

Sunday, June 2, 2019


Hello all How Are You Today?

Well here's the story for the week. First My tenant called me about a leek in the roof. I went over and saw that the roof needed looking at . I think I told you about how I fired my handyman because of this. Anyway I called a professional roofer in to look at it and he states that a new roof would cost me. I am still waiting on a estimate from his company but I know it will cost me about $10,000. Hey can I borrow.... ( kidding) The professional roofer stated that who ever did the roof the first time that was like 8 years ago did a terrible job. So now I have to pay for other people's mistake. I hate that!

 I could kick myself because, yesterday when I went into White Castle ( yes I do eat these every now and then) to order my burgers. I see people coming in with an App on their phones that gives them 8 free burgers. I wish I knew how to work my phone better so that I could get some free food to.

                                                   Well that's my Story What do you think?