Friday, April 16, 2021

I Need One

  Hello all . well here's the story for today. I need a personal oil rig that will pump oil out of the ground for me and deliver it to my house. Reason why I just got my last winter oil bill of $697 and that just covered 3 months of oil. I think it would be cheaper to get my own oil rig what do you think?

Trying to get my organized life together. I hate clutter and I love throwing stuff away. If I see it don't like it I throw it away. Makes me feel better. I live in a old home and my partner has stuff back from the 50's I kid you not. Every chance I get and he turns his back I throw it away. I hate mess and a lot of  unnecessary stuff collecting dust. Half the stuff I throw away he never misses anyway.

So far the mystery shopping has been good I am doing a little bit at a times to keep my $60 dollar  a month quota going. Most of the money I told you before goes to the cats/squirrels/bird food. Now I have somebody else to feed The racoons they eat the left over food from the cats.  

                                               Oh well That's my story what do you think?


Friday, April 9, 2021

Feeding & Money

  Hello Family this is the story so far. Between the squirrels, birds and stray cats  that I started feeding. These creatures are getting expensive. I must spend between $15 every two weeks for supplies for the squirrels and stray cat. The birds are simple I buy a few packs of bird seeds for  $85 cents each  and they are done for a couple of months. That's why I decided that some of my mystery shopping money is going for the food that I give them. So you can say I am working for them now. But I will admit these greedy creatures eat good around here. Me and my neighbor both feeds the cats. The birds have so many bird feeders to eat from in the neighborhood. Even the neighborhood squirrels are getting picky because they have choices and they are getting fat to.  

 I am so tired of opening up a newspaper or going on line to hear about some crazy person killing innocent people. I am so tired of all the violence's . It's breaks my heart with all this craziness.  I pray for peace everyday. We need to get back to a semi normal life . Less violence's more love.

        Now it's time for me to go out and get the cat food I saw on sale at Walgreens

                               Well that's my story for today what do you think?


Sunday, April 4, 2021

Two Faces

  Hello all. Happy Easter. Here's the story for today. Sometimes I feel like a two faced person.. I say that I am a cheapskate and yes I love to save money but.. Sometimes I do things that goes against my cheapskate ways. Like I go on vacations and  spend thousands of dollars doing it. That's not  being a cheapskate. I play lotto when the jackpots is big. That's not being a  cheapskate. I buy cakes and cookies that are more expensive then I can make at home. That's not  being  a cheapskate. I spend hundreds of dolls on sending gifts to family members just to put a smile on their face. That's not being a cheapskate.   I use to feed my habit of buying Barbie dolls sparing no expense. That's not being a cheapskate. You see the point. I live two different lifestyles. Yes I am cheap  in certain ways and in others I am not. That's why sometimes I feel  2 faced.

Let me tell you what happen with my landscaper. I told him that I needed a bill for 2020. He said that he would stop by the house yesterday and give me a bill. He stated that I paid some of 2020's lawn care bill already. When he came back he did not have a bill. So really he has no clue of how much I owe him. He had told me one time that his daughter does his books. I asked him to tell her to send me a bill. I bet I will not see a bill  in the mail anytime soon. With this landscaper it's a guess of how much we owe him. Thank god I keep track of the times he comes and the price he quoted us for lawncare. But I am not going to tell him that. Let's see what he comes up with on his own. It's not my company and  or responsibility to keep his books. 

                                           That's My Story What Do You Think?


Thursday, April 1, 2021

Happy April

 Happy April 1th everybody. Well here's the story so far. New York City Moto Vehicles makes a person want to go down to their office and beat them silly. Trying to get a new registration  for your car on line is a nightmare.  When you call customer service they tell you to download the forms and either drop them off at the nearest DMV office  or mail them. Ok so the DMV is closed you need an appointment to see anybody there. The mailing things it would be nice to get an address of where to mail it to. See nightmare. 

Happier times I woke up feeling good today. I realized that I have to stop looking at the things that I do not have and apricate the things that I do have. If I needed something I was quick to run out and buy it instead of making do with what I already have. That will change. 

 I am also happy that mystery shops  are starting to come back . Which means that  I can start earning money again. So that my stray cat food purchasing can be funded and my lotto habit can be funded.

                                               That's My Story What do You Think?