Thursday, April 1, 2021

Happy April

 Happy April 1th everybody. Well here's the story so far. New York City Moto Vehicles makes a person want to go down to their office and beat them silly. Trying to get a new registration  for your car on line is a nightmare.  When you call customer service they tell you to download the forms and either drop them off at the nearest DMV office  or mail them. Ok so the DMV is closed you need an appointment to see anybody there. The mailing things it would be nice to get an address of where to mail it to. See nightmare. 

Happier times I woke up feeling good today. I realized that I have to stop looking at the things that I do not have and apricate the things that I do have. If I needed something I was quick to run out and buy it instead of making do with what I already have. That will change. 

 I am also happy that mystery shops  are starting to come back . Which means that  I can start earning money again. So that my stray cat food purchasing can be funded and my lotto habit can be funded.

                                               That's My Story What do You Think?



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