Thursday, April 29, 2021

Your Owe Us

  Hello all
well here's my story so far. I got a bill in the  mail from the hospital that I use for testing. I was shocked because I pay a deductible and my insurance pays the rest, Needless to say that the bill did not tell you what it was for. The amount they say I owe was $550. Before I pay you that  much I need to know  what I am paying you for.  So I called  the hospital finance office  told me  they had given me a refund of $750 and since I prepaid $200  I only owe $550. I  remember the refund but the rest is kind of foggy since it was 3/3/2020 Almost a year ago.

I am in search of a car my old Betsey a Ford Escort 1990 has been with me 30 years I purchased her used with only 10,000 miles on it. Now she has 30,000. I know I don't drive her much but it's time for her to go since she's costing me money  with repairs. I will miss her but it's time to upgrade her with a younger model. What do you think about this?

           Can I tell you I love this car. No I will not buy it it's a death trap but still cute.

                                                That's My Story What do you think?


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