Thursday, January 31, 2019

All I Can Say....

Hello all. All I can say today is It's cold in New York, Not Chicago cold but it's 8 degrees today. That's pretty cold in my book. Nothing special to report. My money challenges for January is not so good. I spent more then I saved. That stupid lotto is my addiction. Other then that it's been quite for me. So how have you been?

                                                                      So what do you think?

Thursday, January 17, 2019


Hello all, well here's my story for the week. New Windows! that's right after 6 months of waiting I finally got a bay window  a new side window with a front door added into the mix. All for the remarkable price of $4798.00. It was expensive but I needed it to be done. Now for the 3rd week of Jan 2019. I am exploring healthcare prices, retirement income , stock funds and all that good financial stuff. Since I  told you about my fear of being old, homeless and hungry. The year 2019 will be the year I rid myself of my fears, junk I don't need and everything else in-between.

Also this year I am looking into buying a new car since my car is 20 years old and everything  time I take it to my mechanic I have to spend extra money on it. I hate thinking about getting a new car with the big price tag that will  follow it. Hey you got an extra $20,00 that I can borrow ( kidding)

After all that it's been pretty slow. So that's my story for the week what do you think?

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Scary Thoughts

Hello all how are you, Happy New Years. well here's the story for the week. Scary thoughts have crossed my mind for the new year and here it is Medical coverage and not having enough money for retirement when my partner is no longer with me. So now I am on to making sure that when I get to a certain age I have the right amount of money and medical so that I might live not to fancy but heck basic. I realized that medical insurance is expensive I was quoted $799. a month.  Is it  just me or is that a crazy price for medical insurance? I am looking around for cheaper insurance for the future along with ways to make money. Because in my senior years I refused to be homeless and hungry if I can help it.

Enough about me I needed my roof repaired in my rental home and my handyman  told me  $450  just to repair a cracked seam in the roof. I told him  could  he do it for $200. I know that with the winter he needs the work but I need the money more. So we have to come to an agreement or I will find someone who's willing to do the work for my price. Am I wrong for that?

                                                    Well that's my story what do you think?

Thursday, January 3, 2019

New Year New Ideas

 Hello all so How's it Going? 

Well here's my story so far for the first couple of days of the New Year. As you know I doing my Dollar A Day Challenge. So far so good. I am trying to stay true to myself when it comes to money. I need to save money because the reality of my life is this. Right now I have a decent monthly income coming in thanks to my partner but when he is gone so is the income. Which  puts me in a situation that I am working on now. Especially when it comes  to medical insurance, dental and just plain living. I am trying to be resourceful and get rid of all the junk in my life. Can I say that I am scared of not having a comfortable life. Hell yea, that's what keeps me up at night but I am working on things now. Starting with my money. 
So that's my situation so far What do you think?