Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I Am In Love!!!!

Good morning everyone. I am in love and here is what I am in love with. It's cute right?? Don't get jealous I had it first (lol)  I use to say that I would  never getting an ipad because it was to expensive, Then I got one for a gift and it cost $50 bucks.( normally my ipad would sell for $300) I know this because my partner got a deal with dell computers when he purchased other computer from them.  So I started using it and the best part is that this things is your library,  gambling casino, radio, TV,,camera all wrapped up into one device. The only thing that you need is an Internet connection. I am hooked I play my gambling games and read free ebooks on this all the time. You see a non believer can  become a believer every now and then.

On to other news, money wise I have been pretty good with the weather in New York being crappy. I stayed in a lot and worked on my websites and lining up mystery shops to do. So I have not spent any money. Yea! I am still trying to work on  my goal of making $200 a month so that I have an allowance with out me dipping into my saving account for it. I am also working on my bookstore that I started on Bonanza. I love books and have a lots of them so I am in the process of selling them. Want a book? So that is the story for me so far, To be honest I just felt like talking to you. I like talking to you
                                                  So what do you think??

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

To Mad!!!

I am going to get right into it. I did a mystery shop around the first of June for Kern Mystery shop company.  I did a bank shop that was paying me $30 bucks! I went back to the bank  twice because the person I had to see was not around. This cost me my time and gas money. Well after I finished the shop and submitted it. I waited for them to send me a notice about my payment.  Today  I happen to see more of the same shops in my e mail so I applied for one. Then I went to check on the shop that I had done for them earlier in the month . Well that shop they stated was incomplete. They never notified me of this and now it's going on 2 weeks since I finished that shop. I e mailed this and asked what gives?? I am waiting to hear back. So I am mad because I might not get paid for a shop that I did and it's pissing me off. I counted on that money and now I might not get it. This is one of the reasons why I stopped doing mystery shopping in the first place the companies started getting to funky with their shops and the money they offered you.
Guess I will have to find another avenue to make money. So what do you think???   

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Keeping It Cheap...

Hello everyone, just a quick note of what I am up to.  Next week is my birthday and I am trying to keep it cheap. I am hoping to have enough coupons so that I can dine, gamble and drink for free. Here's what I have so far. My local casino is giving me $10 of free play and a free birthday cupcake. Which I will be using next week. I hop the pancake house  is offering me free pancakes on my birthday.   I  now  have breakfast and entertainment covered  now I just need dinner. Well that is why I looked at the site groupon. It's a discount /coupon site for events and dinning. I wanted to go to outback steak house for dinner, but they don't have a discounted coupon for that. So I am still looking. Why do I want to do my birthday with coupons because I am using the money that I would normally spend on my birthday to go on my cruse to Canada.and besides that I want to see if I can do it. I do have an offer of a free drink from a  Atlantic City Casino but I am not  willing to drive 3 hours to get it.  So that's my story So far, Oh and I have a few mystery shops that I am doing this week because every dime counts Yea!  
So what do you think???

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cool Stuff

 Good morning everyone, so here's what going on for the week. I first want to say I love  garage sales well sometimes anyway. I went to a few garage sales this weekend and look what I got. A cool Kiss tee shirt. I love the group Kiss they are so Cool! When I get stuff at garage sale mostly I put them in my Bonanza store to sell. Hey remember I am trying to make a buck here.... Especially since  I am retires/unemployed . Oh heck I have no steady income coming in, but you know that already. So right now I am on my hustle to make  money anyway I can. Other cool stuff I got were barbie dolls, books, x box games, and a coupon organizer that's for me.

Now for the Damn News my property tax bill comes in this week and it's $4,500 for the year. Don't you just love New York you can purchase a house here but you can never own the land that the house sits on  that's how they get you. You have to pay for that land because the city owns it and never sells. So I paid that  thank god I have a tenant that pays me rent monthly. So her money goes to pay the water bill, taxes and repairs that have to be done on the house. To me that money belongs to the house so I never touch it for my personal needs.

Also I did added up the  food bill for the month of  May I spent $560 for two people to eat and $150  of  was take out food, This is why I purchased a coupon booklet for 50 cents. I need to do some serious couponing . Two people eating $560 in food is crazy. So what do you think???

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Love Boat.......

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Good morning everyone. Here's what's been going on. I know that my finances are limited  because I am no longer working but I decided that life is to short so I booked a cruise on The love boat to Canada in September! Well it's actually  a Princess cruse to Canada.(  The Princess line is considered the Love Boat) I got a great deal on it. Me and my partner are paying about $3000 for the two of us so it comes out to about $1666.50 each. This is with taxes and port charges. The tips for the ships' personnel  is about $11.50 a day which I find kinda expensive if you ask. But we have to pay them. This is the cheapest that I could  find for this cruise.  The cabin and position of the ship that I really wanted would have cost us around $4000. for two. So I am saving $1000 because our balcony room  has an obstructed view which  from looking at the video  on  youtube  it's not  to bad.  So now  I am  trying to saving as much money as I can  for this trip and the many small trips that we I will take in the summer..
On to other news, I have been out of work for almost a year now and I have until July 20th to make up my mind if I want to go back  to work. The city holds your job for one year and a day and after that  one year and day is up and you do not come  back to work then if you want to work for the city again you'll  have to start all over  again, taking test  getting on the waiting list for a job, going thought all the exams and interviewas like you did the last time. I don't know if I want o go back to work  again for someone else. I am thinking on it. Well let you know what I decide later. So what do you think???

Friday, June 5, 2015

Today's The Day!!!

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National Doughnut Day. Get a free doughnut from dunkin donuts when you purchase a beverage. I didn't get a chance to get mine but next year I am on it. I like free stuff. And speaking of free stuff I am a big fan of get it free.com They offer you free samples of different things and I love my free stuff. So how has your week been. Mine was quick , fast nothing special to report. I will tell you about the way I was treated at AAA Travel another time. My money challenges using coupons , saving $2  a day, making money all these challenges are going real slow for me ........ So what do you think??

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Spent Way To Much!!!

Good morning everyone how are you today? Here my story for the week. I just went over my may expenses and did I over spend!! I spent over $500 on just playing the lottery alone. My budget for may  lottery spending was $20 so I am $480 over.  For  food I spent about $50 bucks that's because my partner buys all the main food items that we need but I still make him use coupons when I can get it. My saving for may was about $500. But the worst part of it all was that I made no money for May, So you question is how can I save $$ if I did not make it. Simple dividend checks and unexpected cash that I received from people owing me money helped me to put money into my saving account. But my point in telling you all this is that for June  my budget has to be better but I know it will not be because June is an expensive month for me.... So what do you think??/