Friday, December 30, 2016

Holiday Vacation

Hello Everyone, How are you today. Me I am tired. Just got back yesterday from a 10 day cruise and I am tired. But I had fun and it was hot. I went to the Bahamas and the weather and days were great. I ate a lot and  had fun on the ship. But most importantly we got a lot of unexpected things. First we got to eat in 4 specialty restaurants that was a treat. The casino on the cruse  was very good to us I won $300 dollars. Then we got $400 in on board credit from the cruise line. So for the holidays we went shopping and got a lot of stuff . What the heck the cruise line was footing the bill so we spent their money. Overall if you get a chance take a cruise for the holidays trust me you will enjoy it. So what's your plans for 2017?  Well that's my story what do you think???

Saturday, December 17, 2016

First New York Snow

Hello Everybody. Wanted to share with you what I woke up to this morning. Here's my snow story. Have a great weekend!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Foods To Darn High!!!

Hello everyone, Well here's the story for the week. First I got my visa bill  yesterday and I saw how much I spent on food and eating out for the month. I spend around $400 and that was for 2 people. I did manage to keep my food bill low, but is it me I still think $400 a month of eating for 2 people is still to much??

Drug companies and insurance I Hate Hate Hate them!!! here's why I went to the pharmacy yesterday to get my insulin. Yes I am a diabetic. And I could not get it . The pharmacy stated that my drugs now have to come through mail order.  When did that happen!! So I called the mail order company that is now doing my drugs and they stated that I could not get my insulin right now. It would take 10-12 days. Hello I am leaving in 3 days on a cruise and  I need my insulin. I was screaming at them over the phone. They told me to pay for it one time out of pocket. Do you know how much insulin cost . I will tell you $700 1 box of 6   Do I look like I have $700 to give to the pharmacy. I  told the mail order company. I also also told then the next call I make will be to my lawyer so when I sue them for not getting me my life and death medication I would be able to pay the $700 out of pocket.  The mail order company found a way to get me my medication through my local pharmacy for my trip. I hate mail order medication.

So that's my story so far trying to plan for my cruise next week and doing it on the cheap. I have spent way to much on clothing for 2  people $300. I think my partner over did it this cost I blame on him.  Have a great Holiday and I will speak to you when I get back. Caribbean Here I come.....
So what do you think?

Monday, December 5, 2016

Twenty Dollar Challenge Update

Good Morning  Everyone Here's the story for the week. It really pays to pay attention to coupons. I went to Sears, Yes I know they will be out of business in 2017. There goes my job search (LOL) Well they had a 20% off coupon if you spend $50 bucks or more. You know I spent that because I am trying to get some fresh things for my trip. That coupon saved me $19.89 which is going toward my challenge.

I won I won  $20 on a scratch off ticket. So that's good. Also I am doing some serious mystery shopping this month so that should add $75 to my challenge. So far it's been a pretty good month.

I did mention that I opened a online store but so far nothing special but I am trying. I have not stop rolling my coins for the investment challenge. Last time I rolled coins it was about $45 and I still got plenty of coins to go. will keep you posted. So that's my story what do you think?

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Good Morning Everyone. Well here's the story for the week. Changes and Fed Ex. Let's talk about Fed Ex first. Friday I get a sticky on my door stating that I had a Fed Ex package waiting for me. I was not aware of anyone sending me anything. So I called and they stated that my package would be send to me between 8-10:30 am Monday morning. So like the fool I am I got up at 6:30 in the morning and waited, By 12:00 no fed ex package.  When I called about my package  they could not even tell me who send me the package or when I will get it. Then I got mad! Fed Ex in my book sucks. Long story short I got the package and it was important but damn Fed Ex I had to go through to many changes just to get it.

Changes we only have a couple weeks left until the new Year 2017 and what surprises have I gotten before the new year a new increase in my property taxes. Happy holidays to me!  I got a $170 increase in my tax bill. You see why I need to win the lotto, I need the money for all these stupid increases. Well the bright side of things is that I will be adding money toward me $20 challenge for 2016. I rolled $55 in coins and I did a mystery shop in November for $15.

Yes I am still using my money toward my Kellogg purchase of stock I am just waiting until they send me a new statement to see who I send my checks to now. They changed transfer agents.
So that's my story what do you think???

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


 Good Morning All, Here's my  story for today. I am a frugal failure. The reason why I say this is that the months of October and November I spend money like I'am Mama WarBucks and I got it like that. That's right I don't think about coupons or discounts or anything related to saving money. I just spend. Perfect example of this is  last month on eating out and groceries I spent $575.00 That is what my charge bill stated. I was shocked and made at myself all at the same time. I have to get it together money wise or I will be in trouble. Since as you know I am not working which means no income for me right now.
I know that December will not be any better spending wise because my cruise is in December and hopefully I will not over spend my budget . I saved $1200 for the 10 day trip. Come Jan 2017 back on the cheapskate/frugal wagon. seriously.... So that's my story what do you think?

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Having Fun!

Well Everyone. Here's my story for the week. I went in to my local CVS Pharmacy and saw they had their  Halloween items at 75% off so I got a hat. ( you can  see the sign in the background of the video)You like it. I also was going to get a new pet the rat but I decided against it. I got 3 bags of the good chocolate instead for $1.99 a bag. Like I really need chocolate. Not!!!

Also I made a sale!!!! On e creator (that's my online store) well almost. I had to refund the $$ because the shipping was wrong, but at least I know  they are looking at my e creator store.  My e creator store was build for my $20 dollar challenge.

Finally got my passport even though they make me look like I have a bead in my picture. I am ok with it as long as I got it before my trip in December I am happy.
Well that's my story for the week short and sweet. Hope you voted today I sure did!
                                                           So what do you think?

Thursday, November 3, 2016


Hello Everyone, well here's the story so far. I got this in the mail today and I got scared. Though they were telling me which is the Unified Court that I had to report for jury duty. I am not feeling Jury Duty right now, Not when I have doctors appointments and I'm planning a trip in 6 weeks. Well with luck I got a questionnaire to answer but you know what happens when I send it in. You guessed it. They will send me a letter to report to Jury duty. Which I will postpone because of  all the things that I need to do in the coming months. I could really use the Jury Duty Money . I think they pay  like $50 bucks a day. I think?

Well that's my story for today. Oh yea can I tell you I love Consumer Cellular the new phone service I am with . I got a bill for $50 bucks called and told them I was suppose to get 45 days free. They explained the reasons I would get 45 days free then they looked at my bill and took $20 bucks off. Now instead of paying $50 bucks for 2 phones with internet  monthly. I will be paying $35 a month for my same services. I love that company. You know the $20 bucks I am saving is going toward my $20 challenge right. That's my story what do you think???

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Feeling Sexy.....

Hello Everyone, Happy Halloween. Here's my story today. There is no story. Just wanted to share with you my fun and feel good today side! Hope your having a great day!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Getting Cold!!!

                                    Good Evening Everyone, Well here's my story so far...

Fall season in New York and it's getting cold outside and windy. I am more of a spring person myself. I love the cold but only when I can stay inside.I am happy to report that my holiday check came in this week. I was glad I am using that money for my cruise in December. I manage to save over $1000 by saving coins, doing mystery shopping, using coupons and selling anything  I could make a buck on. I sold it and put it toward my holiday cruise club. I am staring a new one this week for my California trip in 2017.

This week has been nothing but doctors and dentist appointments. Which is a must for someone that way over 30. Thank god for insurance and I still have to pay co pays which amount to about $50 every doctors visit and $60 every dentist visit. This is ok compared to what  it would cost me without the insurance. Thank god my medical test are fully covered. Have you seen how much medical testing can run you I am talking into the thousands.....

I figured that with the holidays coming and retailers are looking for people to work for them I hope that will still be the case  when  I get back off of my trip. Starting in January I will be looking for a part-time job.  I realized that I need a part-time job to keep me sane and to put some extra money in my pocket. Don't get me wrong I like staying at home and doing what needs to be done. But I have been there done that now it's time to move on to something else... So what do you think?   

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Twenty Dollar Challenge

Good Morning Everyone. Well Here's the Story . How are you today? I told you I was serious about my twenty dollar challenge this time! Here's what I have done so far. I had a yard sale that netted me $125.00. I was surprised at that . The last time I had a yard sale I made only about $60 bucks. But that was ok. Whatever I sold from the yard sale would be one less thing that I would donate. Also I got to clean my garage out of all the stuff that was not needed. So cleaning out and making money was a good thing for me.

I also open a e creator store and used some of the things I needed to sell from around the house to open the store with. So my inventory so far cost me about $2. ( I got two things at a yard sale to sell)  The e creator store is free to open. I figure why not open it and see what I can sell. It's Free. All it would cost me is time to list my items. I will be adding more stuff  from my home and If I  find it in yard sales ( My store if your interested)

 I went to Atlantic City a couple of weeks ago and I won $140 on A 10 dollars in  free slot play I got from the casino. So I am counting that toward my twenty dollar challenge.

Doing some Mystery Shopping when the price is right to do it. I will add that money toward my challenge as well. 

I can say that for my Twenty Dollar Challenge I am up about $137. dollars or so. Which is a good thing for me. Since I started in Oct. Most of this money is going toward my 2017 Holiday Club so In November of 2017 I will have spending money for my California Cruise. Since I am unemployed at the moment. Every dollar I make counts.   So what do you think?

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This Calms Me

 Good Morning Everyone, Here's the story sometimes when I am stress I like to look at  and water. It's calms my me. So what do you think??

Monday, October 10, 2016


 Well Here's the story for today! First Happy Columbus Day. I have saved up $27 dolls in coin in just a few weeks. I used Sunday night and a good TV program to sit and roll them. I know that most of the coins that I rolls goes toward my Kellogg's coin investment challenge. But I was thinking.... My next batch of coins what if I use it for something else but what??? Got any ideas???

Saturday, October 8, 2016

My Mini A.C. Trip

Hello Everyone, Well here's my story so far. I am back from a mini Atlantic City vacation and it was cheap and fun. I must tell you that I don't go to Atlantic city unless they do the following for me. First they have to give me free hotel rooms. 2nd  They have to give me free money so I can play the slots with, 3rd  They have to give me free parking , since it cost $20  to park in their garage and #4 they have to give me free food or a discount on their food. The hotel I stayed at gave me all of these things so I went. I know I am a greedy cheapskate!
I had a good time but best of with my $20 challenge money I manged to turn that into $140. I also manged to not lose money I was making some extra which will go toward my California Trip in 2017.

But the crazy thing that happen was that before I went on vacation I needed my medication and the insurance company denied it! Saying that I needed a generic brand of that medication. Funny I was getting the generic brand. Now I have to call my doctor to see what he can do. Can I tell you I  hate the insurance companies when it comes to my medication. I had to pay $50 bucks for 12 pills just so that I would have them when I went way. Now that sucks!!!
That's my story so far well what do you think??? 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Coin Investment

 Hey Everyone Just wanted to give you a coin investment update it's been a minute. Well I got my statement yesterday and I have about $500. invested into to Kellogg stock and that's just from saving coins from when I started.( This is old statement I am showing you)  I saved up $65 in coins for the initial  deposit. Remember it was $50 to buy in  plus admin fee of $15. Done with coins. Then I just stared saving my coins and every time I get $25 dollars or more in coins I send a check in to buy more stock. It was easy and I did not miss the coins. Besides I know that my coins are making me $$. So if you interested then you should try it to. Having your coins make you money and it's a great way to get into buying stock with not a whole lota $$. So what do you think?  

Twenty Dollar Challenge

Happy Sunday Everyone. Well Here's my story so far.  I am trying to do , no correction I am determined to do this $20 dollar challenge that I always say I am going to do and I don't finish it. Well this Oct 1th I started again and I am doing it. My goal is to get $1000. by Nov 1, 2017 so that I can have pocket money for my California Cruise. 
So far I  went to the grocery store to return my bottle and cans. I got 70 cents for that. Then I used a 25% off CVS coupons. Saved $1.70 on that. So far I have saved $2.40 which I will be placing that money in my 2017 Holiday club.
I need to do this because I always start stuff an never finish this time I am starting and not stopping until I reach my goal!!
So what do you think??

Friday, September 30, 2016

New Phone

Hey Everyone. Well here's the story for today! I got a new phone and it's with the company I always wanted! I went with Consumer Cellular. The service is cheap I get two touch phones that I had to pay $200 for.  But the service is cheap because with all the bells and whistles on both phones it will only cost me $50 bucks a month for service. Compared to the $70 I was paying for just my plain phones with no bells and whistles.. Plus I get to try the service free for 45 days and if I don't like it  I can cancel the service and it cost me nothing. Plus I am a AARP member and I get a 10% discount off the service. I am loving it. and  I  am saving $20 bucks on my monthly bill.

Yesterday was a money day for me. I sold something that was over $100. I got great news about the property I told you about and the lawsuit. It's almost settled and we should be getting a nice piece of money for that property soon. Plus I got new phones at a discount. I was loving yesterday. Now let's hope it's a another money day today!
                                                   That's my story so what do you think?

Monday, September 26, 2016

I Am Being Sued!!

Good Morning Everyone, Well here's the story for today. Yesterday I got a banging on my door it was about 9:am. I was still asleep and I was pissed that someone would bang on my door at that hour on a Saturday morning. Anyway I called out the window to see who it was ( yea I know that was real classy of me calling out the window). The guy identified himself and stated he had a delivery for me. I told my partner  about the guy at the door. He went to the door and ask the guy what he wanted. The he handed him a legal paper stating that my partner was being sued for now get this.... Property that he owns and a religious church wants it! This is crazy right.

The lawsuit basically is that my partner owns 50% of a piece of land in another state a religious school owns the other 50% . So the school is trying to take my partner to court so that they could buy his half for cheap.. The school figures that if they take my partner to court that he would buckle and just give them the land for next to nothing. NOT!!! the case. We had a lawyer working on this problem for the last 10 months. So right now we're letting the lawyer handle it.. Will keep you updated. It's scary getting papers about someone suing over a bunch of  BULL S***!!
                                                            So what do you think?

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Debit Card

                                      Good Sunday Everyone Well Here's My Story For Today

Happy Sunday Family. Yesterday I went and got myself a liquid debit card from chase. Why do you ask since I am a cheapskate . Because my ATM card which I don't use can not be used to make purchases like a debit card can. Plus with this card it makes it easy for me to put say $50 bucks on it and that's all I can spend for stuff like food, gas, fun stuff.  Did I mention that Chase charges a $4.75 fee to have the card but my fee  was wavered because I am special to Chase.This card is great because it keeps me on a budget when it comes to my play money. I hate spending money but if I have to at least I know my spending  limits....

Been doing a lot of mystery shops lately ( Thank God). So for the month of September I  made about $80 bucks and that 's pretty good for me. Now I just have to wait until they send me the checks in October. That's the only thing I hate about mystery shopping the waiting on payments.

This pass week has been errands and trying to get ready for my cruise in December. But nothing special to tell you about. But trust me I have some news  to tell you later on....

So what do you think?

Sunday, September 11, 2016

So Expensive

Good Morning Everyone, Well here's the story for the week. Passports! Do you realize that you need updated passports before you go on any trip. I am talking about cruises and flying? I have a passport that will not expire until March 2017, Here I thought that I can cruse in December and by January I would send  my passport off for renewal. Not happening. The passport office and the cruise ship told me that my passport can not have less in then 6 months before it expires. I have  about 4 months on mine come December. So now you know what I have to do. I have to run around and get a new passport actually get it renewed before Dec. The cost of all this will be......$110. I tell you the government gets their money no matter what. Mind you I have to get new passport pictures cost $17, Send it express mail cost about $10.  All of this money being spent just for a book with my picture and a government stamp. Go figure!  And after I send all this information to the passport office it takes 4-6 weeks to get it back for $110 you would think I could get my passport back in a week! Well that's my story what do you think?

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Good Morning Everyone, Well here's my story so far. I want to downsize soooooooo bad. Meaning that yesterday I looked at all the junk in my house and I  wanted to call junk buster right there on the stop to take it all away. I want to live in a bare bones apartment. I guess after you get older stuff means nothing to you like it did when you were younger. I am up in age the better side of 54 and I am tired. I long to live in a small apartment with the basics to live on. I was thinking about selling my stuff on the Internet and using that money to move. Vegas is my first choice  and Settle a close second.
I finally found a washing machine that I could live with price wise. I am purchasing it this week. It will cost me around $400 with everything and that's the cheapest I could find believe me I have looked. My problem is that the salesman stated that appliances don't last long anymore. My last machine lasted 20 years. I am lucky if the new one last 7-10 years. I hate that companies are making junk stuff  when it comes to appliances and they expect you to pay high prices for it.
                                 Well that's my story for now so what do you think?

Thursday, September 1, 2016


 Hey Everyone,Well here's my story so far. I am so Stupid at times. Espically this week. I went to the supermarket yesterday I spent about $90. when the cashier asked me if I had any coupons. I told her yes but they were at home. She looked at me funny like then waited for me to put my charge card in the machine. I had coupons a few of them that I could have used for my food purchases espically the $10 off one the store gave me last week because of an error they had made.  Stupid right?

You would think that I would learn my lesson. I can not tell you how much money I spend playing lotteries and buying scratch off tickets to win either nothing or $1-3 dollars if lucky.  I am also  struggling  to try  and think of ways to save money to go on vacation.  I am stupid because if I stop playing lotto that is my vacation money!!

 These are just a few of the stupid things that I do when it comes to not paying attention to my money. But this is September and the month is still young so stay tuned! So what do you think?

Monday, August 29, 2016


Hello Everyone and Happy Monday. well here's the story so far. I am walking to lose some weight. So far for the month of August I have walked  20 days at an average of 3 miles a day. Not bad right. I am doing this for  2 reasons.
 Reason 1 is that I am a diabetic and I need to lose the weight so that my numbers go down and I don't have to take so many insulin shots. Can I tell you I hate testing my blood levels and taking shots.
 Reason 2 is that I am  doing a Christmas cruise and I need to enjoy my cruise and not feel guilty about what I eat. Because I will be eating a whole lot. Hey it's 10 days of non stop eating, relaxing and  enjoying the sea and I need to be ready and in shape for it.

Also I am trying as you know to make money anyway I can, But you already know this. I am also trying to make sure that my pensions , social security and my financial life stays in order so when I am easy to collect  which will be when I am 62 I will have no problems. Know what I mean?

Other then that I am trying to downsize and be responsible for the things that I do, But mostly I am focusing on getting rid of my junk so that I can lead a simpler life, want some free  junk?

                                                             So what do you think?

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saving a Buck!

 Hello Everyone . This is my story for today. I love to save money. I am a cheapskate. To save a buck or two I have started doing my own yard work.( I fired my gardener he was to expensive and his work was terrible). So for 1/3 of the price  I work my butt off sweat like heck and get the yard work done. It's good exercise for me and I save a buck or two. It's a win win. So what do you think?

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Hello Everyone, well here's my story so far. You must and I mean Must have insurance. I just got a statement from my insurance company stating  this is what my monthly drugs would be costing me if I did not have insurance to pay for them. $2080.39 a month. But thank god for insurance because I only paid $96.71 and my insurance paid the rest $1983.68.

Think about it for a minute if your like me and need medications on a monthly and you had no insurance it would cost you around $24,000. a year  just for medication if not more. That's way to expensive for medication. But if you need to take certain medication to stay alive what can you do?
That's why I am saying that you need medial  insurance alone I could not afford to pay for this type of medication without it. Without the insurance I would have to choose what medication i could afford to take. And no one should ever be put in that kinda position.

I finally found a washing machine that is cheap enough for me to purchase. ( it's for my rental home remember) It will cost $360  with tax, insulation, new hoses and taking away my old machine the total bill should be $400. That's the cheapest I can get a machine for and this is not a fancy machine it's the cheapest and the most basic of washing machines. Nothing fancy for a rental. 

So that's my story so far, what do you think?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Coffee Cost This Much!!!

Hello Everyone, Well here's my story so far. It's in my favor. Meaning that yesterday I went food shopping and I got a can of coffee that was suppose to be $6.99 for this size can of coffee. But when I checked my receipt I notice I was charged $12.99 for the coffee. Instead of the $6.99.It always pays to check your register receipts.  After finding the error  I went to the service desk at the grocery store and the clerking working the desk  found a  bigger error then I did. She saw that they did not charge me $12.99 for the coffee  they really charge me $24.99! I was not mad but glad that this women caught this big error.

So I ended up getting 2 cans of coffee for $6.99 and a $5 coupon to use toward my next grocery store purchase. Because the store made such a big error their policy  is when we error  the customers benefit from it. See how it pays to always check your register receipts because sometimes things come out in your favor. So what do you think?

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Happy Sunday!

Hello Everyone, Well this is my Story for the weekend. It's been hot and I have been lazy. Nothing really special to report. Did I mention that my tenant keeps calling me  about  when she's getting a new washing machine. I told her I was in the process of looking for one. I thought to myself there is no where in her lease that states  I owe her a washing machine if I choose not to buy one. But I will I just need the price to be under $200. The lowest I can get a washing machine for is $400 and that includes delivery and them taking my old machine away. I hate paying that much but I have no other choice. Appliances are expensive.

On to other things I can not believe that it's back to school time already, glad I don't have to deal with that because if I did I know just where to go. I would go to Walmart and stores that are going out of business if I had to buy clothing and stuff for my children. I also would shop my local thrift and good will stores for some of the things that they might need. Hey don't knock good will  or thrift stores. I have seen some pretty nice stuff in them and some of that stuff was brand new and cheap.

That's about all  for right now I am just focusing on losing weight before December gets here and making money. Oh I got a $75 check from a mystery shopping company that I  worked for last month. I was happy about that . As you know I am always looking for ways to make a buck. 
                                                              So what do you think?

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Three Times!!!

 Hello Everyone, well here's the story for the week. I finally got an interview with Sears. I went yesterday. The interviewer was very nice, she told me about the job. It was in the appliances dept selling refrigerators, washing machines, vacuums , stoves etc. This was a commission department that also payed a basis salary of $200 every two weeks , Nice right.....  I could have taken the job but...... There were a few things that just did not sit right with me. First they expect you to make at least 1-2 sales for the month. They also wanted you to push their warranties and credit cards on people. That way this gave you more commission. They wanted  you to follow up with people if they did not buy from you on the first day. They wanted you to work various shifts and sell sell sell. I listen to the interviewer and all I heard was muti-level marketing. Meaning that you sell a product for a commission with a bases pay.

I told the interviewer that I will be on vacation in December she told me if I get the job she could not approve my vacation. I thanked her and say no thanks to the job. I need a vacation more then I need to sell appliances. Oh well this is the third time I have interview with Sears and the songs  are  still the same.  So I will be moving on to look for another kind of  part-time job outside of Sears  after I come back from vacation in December of course. So what do you think? 

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Washing Machines

 Hello Every One Happy Sunday! Well here's my story for the week.  I am working my AssOff! I am trying to walk as much as I can. Eating right I am still working one. One thing at a time for me. I got this little thing  called a walkometer. It's the kind that you hook to your belt while walking and it reads the miles you walked or the calories your have burned. I love it. I take it every where with me. It keeps me accountable for my walking. I love it even  more because  it was free. Anyway I went to Sears yesterday to look at washing machines. Remember I told you that my tenant asked for a washing machine because my 20 year old one broke down. Well I am in love because I saw a washing machine that's coin operated ( like the one in the picture) You have to put $2 in it in order for it to work. I love it but the price I don't love $1700. Man I want that for  my rental home.  With this kinda machine  the money that I would get from it would help me pay my high water bill. Since I could not afford this machine I did  find some cheaper ones that were about $294-359. But I am looking for that $159 dollar machine.  I know I am dreaming but what the heck. I could have gotten the $50 machine I told you about  but I did not want the problems that might have come with a used machine.

So far I have saved $500 in coins that's now in my Kellogg stock. See what you can do when you save your loose coins. I still give them about $25 every other month. So far I have been doing it for a few months now. I heard Kellogg's might  purchased another company so hopefully my stock will be more valuable once this purchase goes through. Who knows with these things.

I have goal and one is to save money for my cruise in December 2016 and Oct 2017. So I am on the $1 a day challenge.I will use this money that I save on this challenge toward my cruise expenses. Last but not least I got screwed by the mystery shop company. That's how I make my extra $$. I requested 5 shops to do for August  they gave me........ Only 1 to do. I hate when a Mystery shop company gets funky with assigning shops to people.  Do they  not realize people  like me depend on that money since I am no longer working. This is my pocket and vacation money. 
                                         So that's My Story What do You Think?

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Staying Cool

                                                  Here's A Cool Glass of Water Stay Cool

Happy Sunday Everyone. Well here's my story for the past week. It was good and bad. Let's talk the bad first. I spent a lot of money  this past week. First my boiler in my rental went costing me $1500. Then I planned on getting a  interview with Sears so I could get a part -time job. That never happened. I was disappointed with that. Then a friend of the family died this week. All this on top of my diabetes is not cooperating with the medication so I have to take two shots instead of one now. To try and control it. I hate the needles. Plus did I mentions that my tenant needs a new washing machine because the old one in the rental home is on it's last leg. Which translated to more money out of my pocket.

Now for the good News!!! I am learning to walked and exercise more. I am walking 3 miles a day and cutting back on what I eat. I am a sweets junkie if I did not mention that before. If I could lose about 40 lbs  this will help me to  control my diabetes. Which I am hoping it will all translate in to saying good by to taking shots. I got paid for some books that I have on half price. I got up this morning to write to you and share my story with you. Thank god for that!  Also I might have found a used washing machine that will only cost me $50 bucks if I decide to take it. Money saved. So that is my story so far what do you think?. Or better yet what's you good and bad news for the week!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Going Crazy

 Hey Everyone here's My story for the week. I am going crazy because of two things. First I had to pay way to much to get a plumber to fix my shaken pipes ($600) and you know what they still need repair. So what did I pay him all that money for if they are still not fixed.

Second I keep seeing these deal for Jet Blue and their cheap air fare  I wanta go to Vegas. I can do Vegas round trip air, hotel, rental car  for 2 people for 1 week  all for about $1300. To me that's a deal! I would be going in October but..... My partner says that we are going on a cruise in December so why not save the money for that? He has a point but.........
Also I am working my butt off doing mystery shopping, selling on line, picking up coins, doing lotto all to make a buck toward my vacations. Got any suggestions?

One last thing. My partner had purchased a car about 3 years ago, He finally paid it off this year now he's waiting for the title to the car to come in the mail. You know I called DMV  to find out what happen to the title. They tell me  we have to come down to the Dept Of motor Vehicles to   fill out paper work  pay $20  wait  3-4 weeks and then we will get our car title mailed to us.. But the loan company told us that they would mail us the title. Since our car loan was payed off. I hate when people lie about stuff. Thank god I had sense enough to call to see what was going on. Oh well that's my story what do you think?

Monday, July 4, 2016

Working HArd & Saving $$$

I Took Advantage

Hey Everyone, well here's my story so far. I took Big Time Advantage... Yes and I am glad I did. what I am talking about is that Princess Cruises was having a Sip & Sail Special on their cruises. So I took advantage and book a cruise for 2017 to sail along the California Coast Line. This mean I will be sailing from LA, going to San Fransisco, San Diego, Monterrey and Mexico and another place I can not remember at the moment. The trip for 2 people will only cost us......$2000. This is because I get discounts for being a pass traveler  on top of their already cheap sailing promotion price and I get  cabin credit of $300. How can you not sail at that price with all the extras that you get. I also like the fact the I am doing 3 vacations in one. First the cruise, then I am staying in LA after the cruise  for a few days to see stuff.  Third I am going to Vegas  from California . The flights are way cheaper then if I would fly to Vegas from New York.  Staying In Vegas a few days and then home. When I say I am doing California I am doing it right! But that's not until Next Year.

This year I have issues. I am waiting to see if my tenant is moving out so that I can get my house back , clean it  and move on to the next renter. I am also trying to do as many things as I can to make extra $$ for my vacation in December that's a cruise as well. So my hands will be full for the next couple of months trying to get some money for both trips. Plus losing weight. God I am so fat!!!

I am still doing the Kellogg's stock purchase and I just rolled $25 toward it on Sunday. I have $375 that I have added already to this company to buy their stock.  Not to bad from just rolled coins.. Oh well that's my story for the week so far what do you think?

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Happy Holiday

                Happy July 4th. Wishing You and Your family a great day!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Let's Talk Money!

Hey everyone, Just in case you wanted to listen to one of my shows on Blogtalk. This Monday July 4th at 10:30 I  will be talking about the Missing Middle Class. If you interested. Here's the link to that show and my other money topics  that I  have talk about in previous shows Happy 4th Of July and save some barbecue for me.....

Monday, June 27, 2016

I Suck At Lotto Numbers

Hello all well, here's my story for this week, so far. I suck at picking lotto number. I played my birthday 623 for the week spending $5 and guess what came out 631. I tell you I suck at picking numbers that will win me  any kind of money.

With the summer coming I have found that our night time raccoons have found a great meeting place and that's in my back yard. Last night they had a meeting and 6 of them was just sitting in my back yard for about 15 minutes. I guess talking things over they were certainly drinking. I had left the  water sprinklers on my accident and they were drinking the water from it. I guess the drinks were on me last night.

I just realized that July is coming so fast and I have so much to do and one of my goals is to put up more YouTube videos and concentrate on losing weight. See in the picture I am in the park getting my exercise on.  Oh well that's about it so far will keep you posted if anything comes up. Well what do you think?

Friday, June 24, 2016

Crazy Birthday!!

                                          Hey Everyone. Here's The story for the Week!

Yesterday was my birthday and it was pretty Crazy. Not in the fun crazy way but in the  I am gonna punch you in the face crazy way. It started when I went to the bank to deposit some money. I got into a heated debate with the teller about certain accounts that I have  with the bank and the functions that I can do with these accounts. The the teller  debated me about these can't of what I can't do with them and then she made a smart remark about why am I not getting charged for fees on my checking account when everybody else is. This really pissed me off that was none of her damn business why. I wanted to report her ass to the  bank manger  after she said that but I let it go because I was trying to stay in a good mood for my Birthday.

Second thing was that me and my partner had a big fight and I ended up walking 3 miles home. That was ok because one of my goals for my birthday was to walk anyway, so at least that was accomplished. The last thing was  I wanted to make reservations for Atlantic City for my free room night in July. They told me I have no free nights and the cost of the rooms and dates I wanted would be $119 per night. Forget it. My birthday was crazy frustrating. I ended up buying a cake at the supermarket and making hamburger and french fries for dinner and calling it a day. I was to frustrated and tired to go out anyway.

So that's my story for the week. What do you think?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Yard Sale

Hello Everyone. Well Here's my story so far. Sunday was a day for me. I had my community yard sale and it was a nice day, lots of  work and a bust. I was selling stuff that I just wanted to get rid of and I was selling it cheap $3 or less. I made $35.50 and this was an all day affair. By doing this yard sell I got rid of some stuff and also the stuff that I did not sell will got o charity. So I am ok with that. Yard sales are  fun when you go to them but if you work them trust me they are work.

On to another subject my rental tenant. yes I have a tenant is acting us . I have sent her several messages by mail and calling her , She has yet to respond. Guess the last notice I send her is an eviction notice. But the problem with that is that she pays on time but I have seen how she keeps my house and it's a mess. I don't think I am cut out to be a landlord I am way to nice. I let people pass to many times on things that I should not let them pass on. Oh well next ....

I am having a birthday next week the big 54 and I am not sure what I want to do. All I know that it will be simple because I am on a mission to save my $$ for my Hawaii trip next year at 55 and my Christmas cruse this Dec. So right now for me it's all about the $$

So that's my story what do you think?

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pension Reality

Hey Everyone. Well Here's my story for the week so far. Yesterday I got my statement from my City pension system. ( I worked for New York City For 20 years)This statement tells you  when you can collect your city pension, how much per year you will be getting and at what age. This is a pension that I will be getting for the rest of my life. Well..... When I saw how much money I would be getting monthly about $1300. It shocked me and not in a good way. You forget that I live in New York and it's expensive. This statement gave me a real wake up call that I have 8 years to get my ass in gear and add more to the investments that I already have outside of my pension. I do not want to be a bag lady at 65. That's not even an option for me. I have to find ways to add more money to my investments while still enjoying my life. Got any suggestions??

On to other news I am looking in to December cruises. I want a holiday cruses out of New York. I see a few that I am looking into but the price for me has to be right. I need more bang for my buck and these cruses will be expensive bucks. I will let you know who and where I go later.
On that note what do you think? 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

This Scares Me..

 Hey Everyone. Well Here's my story for the week. First Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Hope your enjoying yourself and your having fun..... Now to the story last night I was watching videos on the working poor, the vanishing middle class, the unemployed and the homeless. I know you asking why am I watching these kinda videos. Because it's reality and sometimes we forget what that's like. We get so caught up in our own life that we forget the struggles of others. Lets just say I needed a reality check and I got more then that I got scared.

When I watched these video I thought about my situations and how easily a nice life can be taken from you and how we can take our nice lives for granted. If you were caught out there with very little money and an eviction notice what would you do to survive?

Don't get me wrong I have worked all my life and up until 2 years ago I was working but because of certain situations with my job ( you know my story) I had to stop working, but I made sure I had a safety net before I left my job. And as you read my older post I am still looking for part-time jobs or ways to make extra $$. I like money what can I say. I am also  frighten that if I am not financially prepared I to can fall into the trap of the working poor. Or the homeless. It's scary to think about  it but it can be  it's reality if I let it be by not preparing myself  money wise the best way I know how. So what do you think?

Monday, May 23, 2016

Garage Sale Time!!!!

Hey Everyone Here's My Story For The Week- so far. Last weekend I went to a community yard sale and this community was pretty fancy.Meaning  they had the good stuff to sell but it was not cheap. I did luck up on a few bargains which I will be reselling hopefully for a profit. I am trying to make a buck anyway that I can.  I spent way more then I was suppose to ( $150) on stuff but I got a brand new well 2 brand new cameras that does everything. They were never used. I got 30 x box and xbox 360 games, some free stuff, Gi joes , various games and much more. So I will say that spending that kinda money last weekend was well worth it.Now all I have to do is process all this stuff so I can get my money back with a profit added of course. So that 's my story so far what do you think?? 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

A.C Mini Trip $$$$$

                                          Hello Everyone. Here's My Story For The Week......

I call myself taking a mini trip to Atlantic City ( NJ) and also to visit my mother since she also lives in the area. But back to my mini  Atlantic City Trip......
I was offered a 3 night stay at Caesar's Hotel In AC for the great rate of $83 for all three nights. When I got to Caesars I wanted my regular nice room with an ocean view. That was not going to happen. They gave me instead a  room that was dark and dingy and wayyyyyyyyyyy in the back of the hotel.  My view was frosted windows that looked out into the back of the hotel alley that held their air condition system. Did I mention that my room had a dripping noise in the walls that you could hear every hour on the hours. Also the walls were paper thin so I heard my neighbors most of the night. So I not only complained I raised holy Hell and  this is what I got.... for it..........

My room cost me  $25 for all three nights. The hotel  gave me a $58 dollar credit toward my room bill. They also gave me free comped buffet for two that would have cost me $80 bucks and free parking which would have cost me $25. So by complaining I was given $108 in credit. this made my trip not so bad money wise. But the best part of the trip was that I got to spend quality time with my mother and to me that was priceless....

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Off My Game

Hello Everyone, Happy Mothers Day! Here's my  story for the week. First I have been doing mystery shops trying to make some extra $$. But I realize that the shops that I use to do when I started  and I was excited about is now boring me to tears. I have made so many mistakes going to the wrong shop location. not getting enough information for the shop, canceling the shop. I am starting to realize if my heart is really into it anymore. Yes I like the little $15 I get for each shop but I don't think it's really worth it. Oh heck I just might need to look for a real part-time job!

Second thing. I am so jealous, My cousin who is always living form paycheck to paycheck is going on all these great trips and I stay home because I am scared to spend $$. And truthfully I don't want to spend a lot of money for vacations. I like my vacations cheap. I somethings think that because I am so cheap I might be missing out on the best part of life and that's just living and being.

Third and last. I got my incomes tax check back. well really my partner did and half is mine. OK, $100 of it is mine. He owes me because he would normally be paying but because I am a dependent on him he now gets money back! He likes that. So the thing is use  what to do with this $100. I could it  for my basic but very small living expenses or put it in my holiday club. What would you do?

Sorry One Last thing..... My gardener had the never to send me a gardening bill for  $950 for  services for the year of 2015. Did I mention that last year I did my own gardens and lawn care  because I fired the Gardner in 2014! He has the nerve to send me a bill for services he did not do. So what do you think I will be doing with this bill.......

                               Well that's my story for this week what do you think?

Thursday, May 5, 2016


Hello Everyone. Well this has been my week so far. For the last couple of days New York has been wet and cold. It's been raining everyday this week, I love the rain and it makes me feel lazy and safe but.....
This week I was determined to get off my butt and do my hustle. So I had mystery shops lined up  and other things that would make me money this week.

I also was on the look out for mothers day gifts for my aunt and mother. I found nothing yet. Got any suggestions?

Last week I was in a bit of a funk because I really want to move either to Seattle or Las Vegas. But first I have to clean out the house I'm living in and that's a big project. Which I am taking on one bite at a time because I have a goal in mind.

I also must confess that I have been spending way to much on lottery tickets because I still have the dollar and the dream mentality. If I win, When I win the things I can do with the $$, but the reality is that the only one who is really winning is the lottery organization because of people like me with that dollar and a dream mentality..
                                    So that's my story for the week, what do you think?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Feeling Lost Today

Hey Everyone. Here's my story for the week. Have you every woke up to a feeling of being lost and your not sure  what direction your life should be going ? I woke up with that feeling today and yesterday. So what I did was I started to purge my life and my things. I cleaned out all of the clothes and books that I did not need anymore and I either donated them or dumped them in the garbage.
I am trying to live a simple life and getting rid of unnecessary stuff in my life is a start.
I have so many website and blogs and things that are not making me money and I have lost interest in them they are going next. Have you every wanted your life to be as simple as possible. I am heading toward that right now in my life. I want a simple life. I also want to live in a tiny house like this

Also let me tell you what happen I got depressed because I spent $60 on eating out twice this week and the food was crap. Where I live the places to eat good food is non-existence. Also I realized that over the course of 3 weeks I have spend over $85 on lottery tickets. Hoping that I can win something. Now if that isn't something to get you depressed about I don't know what is?
So that's my story so far. What do you think?

Saturday, April 23, 2016

They Got Me!!

Hello Everyone, Here's my story for the Week. They got me!! I visited my local casino yesterday with a budget of $110 to spend. They took most of it, but on the flip side I did win $133. But the thing that really got me was that I did not get any free play, free food nothing.  My local casino even fired the waitress that serve you coffee and water for free. Now you have to order your drinks through the machine and they cost money.

My local casino is now officially a rip off to anybody that plays there. They take your money and offer you nothing in return. I was watching people playing the slot machines there and some people looked likes they were zombies playing two and three slot machines at a time and losing so much money. It was really scary to watch people wasting all that money and not  even  get a small jackpot. I get more incentives to play when I go to Vegas and Atlantic city. At least in these two places I get free rooms,free food and  free slot play. After yesterday that will be my last time going there . It use to be fun now it's just a plain old rip off and I am bored with it.
                                                                   So what do you think?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Trying To Save A Buck!

Hello Everyone, Well here's my story so far. I went to a Free Coupon Event Yesterday and her's some of the highlights that was talked about....

Never use coupons on full priced items.
Wait until the item you want to buy is at rock bottom in price and then use your coupon for it.
In 3 months of using coupons you should be saving 50% on your grocery bills.
Use your coupons to purchase food for the food bank and other worthy charities.
Everyone should have an Emergency food panty just like you have an emergency money fund.
Always have a price in mind of what you want to pay when it comes to your grocery shopping. Example for a box of cereal say that in your mind you will not pay over $2.50 a box and stick to that price when you go food shopping.
Look in your local newspapers and on line for coupons.
Also the Extreme Coupon Reality Show is rigged-ed but we all knew that right.
The event was interesting it's just that I live In New York and the presenters were from Las Vegas which you can not compare because their supermarkets is way cheaper then mine. I know I go to them when I visit Vegas and I love their prices. 
The bottom line was the event was informative and it gave me a good idea  on how to save a buck or two. But my partner who went with me said he already does what they talked about. So he gained nothing from this event. So that's my story what do you think?

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Not Feeling It

Hey everyone, Here's the story for the week. Not to much to tell. As you can see  my Atlantic City trip was canceled because of the weather. It was suppose to snow, rain and get icy but you know the weather people were all wrong about that. It did get cold but no snow and ice. But I will be going  to A.C in May.Hopefully I will have nicer weather. Now that I have this week to myself meaning no doctors appointments or things that needed to be done. I started the week getting my banking and investments in order. I also worked on my back yard and donations that I need to give away. So so far it's has been a productive week even thought I did not get a chance to go gambling.

Looks like spring is here and I am happy . That means I can go outside more because the weather will be calling me. Still looking for work and ways to save money and make it but other then that nothing to really report. My week has been kinda slow. So that's my story so far short and to the point.
                                                              So what do you think?