Thursday, November 3, 2016


Hello Everyone, well here's the story so far. I got this in the mail today and I got scared. Though they were telling me which is the Unified Court that I had to report for jury duty. I am not feeling Jury Duty right now, Not when I have doctors appointments and I'm planning a trip in 6 weeks. Well with luck I got a questionnaire to answer but you know what happens when I send it in. You guessed it. They will send me a letter to report to Jury duty. Which I will postpone because of  all the things that I need to do in the coming months. I could really use the Jury Duty Money . I think they pay  like $50 bucks a day. I think?

Well that's my story for today. Oh yea can I tell you I love Consumer Cellular the new phone service I am with . I got a bill for $50 bucks called and told them I was suppose to get 45 days free. They explained the reasons I would get 45 days free then they looked at my bill and took $20 bucks off. Now instead of paying $50 bucks for 2 phones with internet  monthly. I will be paying $35 a month for my same services. I love that company. You know the $20 bucks I am saving is going toward my $20 challenge right. That's my story what do you think???

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