Saturday, May 30, 2020

Great Friday

 Hello all wanted to tell you I had a great I mean Great Friday! First when I went to get the free Grab & go from the Public School. You know they give you free breakfast and lunch. Well they were giving out  a package that had cheese, graham crackers, fruit, and some other good stuff. Also their sandwiches were pretty tasting looking to. I basically go for the cut up apples in a bag they are good .

I got my stimulus debit card in the mail. I almost throw that bad boy away but something told me to open it. The government is so sneaky they did not tell us that your stimulus money was going to be in a debit card and not a  government check. Luck thing I opened it and investigated why is some unknow bank sending me a debit card. A lot of people were not so luck  they also though like I did and threw the cards ways thinking that it was a scam. To replace the card  it it will cost you $7.50.  This bank who issued these card will be making a killing on replacement fees I bet.

Also I am just grateful for a new day of waking up each and everyday. I am blessed and thankful.

                                                   Well That's My Story What do You Think?

Wednesday, May 27, 2020


                                                       Hello all Long Time 

Well here's the story so far. My gardener which sold the business to  his worker. Never notified his clients that he sold the business. The  worker rang my bell yesterday asking for payment. Mind you they just started doing the yard 2 months ago. The worker was nice and explained to me the situation about how he purchased the business etc. I started to let his company go because we could not see eye to eye on the bill.  But I  can be a sucker at some points so we agreed upon what I owed him already $260 for his work so far this year. I paid in cash and going forward I told him he was being watched and if I don't like the service that he is doing.  On to the next company because where I live we got plenty of lawn care companies.

Free lunch the schools are offering free breakfast and lunch because of  school shut downs. I passed  a school close to my house and the line was not that long. They said that if  people do not get the food for the day they throw it in the garbage. What a waste. So today I am going to get the free lunch and breakfast that is being given to adults after 11.30-1:30 today. Why let it go to waste.

                                               Well that's my story what do you think?

Friday, May 1, 2020

Scary Times

 Hello all well  here's the  story for the week. Scary Times. What I mean by that is that I have been watching videos on food banks and unemployment. I see how people  who have lost their jobs and have no income coming in get on line at  various  food banks at 5 am in the morning  just to get some food to feed their families. I also see how the government has put a lot of people on hold when it comes to them giving out  either stimulus  checks or unemployment. I know I am still waiting on information regarding  my unemployment check status and I have been waiting 4 weeks now.

I am looking  at all of these and counting my blessing that I am still able to  keep a roof over my head, food in my stomach and a car that's still running. Thank you God! I am also looking at why is it that every time I go to the grocery store it's $100 bucks. For those of us still able to afford food  if prices of food keep going up it won't be long before we join the people on the food line for our bag of groceries.
                                                                 Stay Safe & Healthy