Thursday, April 30, 2015

I Am Back......

I am back from Atlantic City I spent 2 days there and here's how it went. First  I had 3 nights free at Cesar's which in total I stayed 2 nights and it cost me $11.50 because I used my casino points and my partner used his so we only spent $11.50 for the days we stayed compared to the $56 we would have spent. I estimated with gas to get there and tolls we spent $60 bucks. As far as food we spent about $40 bucks. I bring my dinner from home for the Sunday night that we stayed  and used coupons for the dinner and lunch on Monday. When we go to A.C. I bring my own breakfast, lunch and munchies  from home and it saves me money because the food on the board walk is to expensive. As far as gambling we won some money and we spent some but overall the damage was about $600 for 2 people which comes to $300 a day. Not bad because believe me I have spent way more then that the other times I was down there.
Overall the best part about going to A.C is when I come back home I stop off at my mothers and visit her  for a day  or two. She lives in New Jersey.  That to me is more important now then anything spending quality time with people that you care about. So now that I am home It's back to being  strick with my money and finding new ways to save it, earn it and just enjoy it on the cheap. So what do you think??

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Money Saving Week!


This was a good week. It was a money saving week for me. First I saved money by going to the casino and only lost $30 out of the $200 that  I had to spend. ( Saving $170). Then this week I was going to get my hair done for $27 but instead I did it myself . ( Saving $27).  Then my Bonanza shop fee was credited back to me because I did not sell the things they said I did ( saved $2). I did a mystery shop this week  which I made $15 for the shop. Yea! That's about all of my saving and making so overall the results are saved $199. made $15 total $214. Not bad for the week.
So what do you think? 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Just Thoughts

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Hey everyone. Just wanted to share some random stuff with you today. Here goes, first this weekend was so nice outside I got a chance to go garage sale shopping and it was a bust. I found nothing that even interested me enough to buy and real sale. But the season just started so I am hopeful that it get's better. I am looking forward to this Sunday I am going on a mini vacation to Atlantic City to gamble, eat and hopefully visit the beach if it's warm enough. Don't get me wrong I like going to AC when I was working now that I am not my spending budget went from $1200 for  3-4 days to $1000 for that same time period. I have to really make my money work for me on my mini vacation. I will be doing more working on the board work and looking  and using every coupon I can get my hands on then I will be sitting at the casino gambling. Wow I realized that I am more money conscious now that I am not working then when I was. I like that!
What else do I have to tell you . Oh yea, I found this great challenge where you save $1 a day. I like this and I think I could save or make a $1 which in return will be $30 bucks  for the month. I know what your say "what about the $2  challenge?" I am still trying to do that one too. So instead of $1 and $2 a day it will be just $3 makes sense right? I started today and I have made 0 for today but I have faith that the week of making money and saving will be covered for this challenge. 
 So what do you think???

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Business Updates and More....

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Let's talk business today  the three businesses that I am working on is the Tee shirt business on TeeSpring ( Cheapskates Do it Better Teeshirt), The Gambling Business that I started with $20 dollars this month and My Bonanza Store that I sell vintage dolls, clothing and funky looking banks. First the Tee spring business selling tee shirts I have no takers of my shirt yet and I still have 2 weeks to go. I have advertised all over the place, promoted on a few blogtalk radio shows, posted it on  facebook pages and twitters pages and no takers, Guess people don't want a cheapskate tee shirt. But I have others that I will be trying out once this campaign is over. This campaign cost me about $10 in advertising and the rest was free  I made the design myself and teespring is free to use. But my other campaign designs cost me $5.50 for 2 and I will be advertising them once the campaigns starts but again that should not cost me no more then let's say $10 we will see.
The Gambling business really sucks because I am losing more money then I am winning. I purchased $15 worth of lottery tickets and scratch off and I might win say $5 if I am luck from that $15, So this business is really not taking off as I would like. I would like to spend $20 a month and win something like $40 or $50 for the month making my profit $20 to 30 dollars. I might stop doing this business in May it's a serious loser.
My Bonanza Store  I sell vintage barbies, clothing funky looking banks. I like my store but my sales are very very very slow. But I still put out stuff  and pray that people would buy it. I thought people might buy things when they got their tax refunds no luck. But this store I am keeping it justified my garage sale shopping. So far all my business sucks but come May I have to rethink the ones I keep and the ones I get rid of.                                                      So what do you think??

Friday, April 10, 2015

I Got Lucky!!!

I had to share this with you. I was talking to my partner today saying that I have to get a job just to buy meats. In New York Meat is expensive. We joked about it and he said your right. When we went to the supermarket today look what I found. Meat for 33 cents. That's right 33 cents. When was the last time if ever you purchased meat this cheap? I know it probably was an error made by  the meat department in the supermarket but it was their lost and my gain. Seeing meat this cheap if only one time makes me happy!!! I also have to mention that I got a big family size pack of chicken legs and thighs for 69 cents a pound. Ain't life grand! So what do you think??

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Good & Bad

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Hello everyone, hope that everyone is having a good week so far. As for me I have good and bad to share with you today. The bad first. I got my pension statement from my job yesterday and after working for 20 years I have a pension of $18,000. a year that's 1500. a month. All I could say after looking at that statement is Really?? I have worked for  20 years and this is all I have in a pension? I know that I should be grateful it is a lifetime pension but I felt that if  the city that I worked for allowed us to continue contributing to our pension instead of cutting us off at 10 years then we would have accumulated more in the long run. This is why I had  my outside IRA's and investments for just that reason. I tried to explain this to my co-workers that our pension would not be enough to retire and live off of , but they would not listen,because if you live in a city like New York our cost of living is expensive and $1500. a month will not be enough to meet your basic needs.
Bad News. When did front doors and back doors get to be so expensive??? Since my front and back door needs replacing I decided to get them done at a cost of $1400 for the two doors. Is it me or is that expensive? I have to get them done because my front and back door is over 40 years old and it's  starting to show their ages and for security reasons I feel more secure with a stronger build door. Now it's thinking about where is this door  money coming from is the question??
Good New I won $40 on my lottery tickets Yea. Also I got a nice income tax refund which allowed me to invest $250 toward my stocks. Yes I am still investing even thought I am not bringing in a paycheck like I use to. I invest because that's the only thing that is giving me more interest  then my saving account . That's the good and bad of this week.So what do you think??? 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Just A Thought!

I was in Home Depot the other day looking at front doors  when I met this nice Home Depot worker named Gloria. She talked to me about front doors, and other things I was interested in knowing about. Well we got to talking about working for Home Depot and she stated that she had been  working for them for 3 months and she liked it. She also stated that her girlfriends works for them 2-3 days a week. So I got to thinking that I could work for Home Depot  part-time maybe 20-25 hours a week. It's close to my home and the cost to me would be about $25 a week in gas. No lunch money because I would bring food and coffee from home. I estimated that Home Depot pays $10 an hour so if I worked 20 hours after taxes I would make $150 a week. After gas money I would have $125. weekly for myself. That's not bad Until......... My partner  told me first of all  I just left my job 9 months ago and that  we have things to do around the house before I get a job. Second  he asked me do I really need and want a job before we get a chance to travel like we planned to do this summer. Also would the $150 really make a huge difference in my lifestyle now meaning would it add to it in anyway.  Lastly he pointed out that I like to sleep late go to bed late and that my life would not be my own home depot would own it. He made some valid points. So I am waiting until near the holidays to rethink a home depot job. So what do you think?

Friday, April 3, 2015

Making Money.....

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This week in regards to me trying to make money here it is. First I need to let you know that I am trying many things to make money. I have the Teespring Tee shirts campaigned that I started April 2  this  runs for 3 weeks. For that I started a facebook advertisement that will run for a week. I have promoted the shirts everywhere I can think of. I am hopeful that when I do my radio show this weekend  the people who listen to me will buy a tee shirt. Since they are all about saving money like me. I am trying this tee shirt campaign out for the first time to see how it goes if  I make money that's good if not I have another tee shirt design I am going to try.  So far  my  tee shirt business has cost me $20 bucks with designs and now advertisement. I have a $25 budget for that. So I will let you know how that goes.
My  Bonanza Store well that sells itself. My budget for the store is $20 this covers my Bonanza fees and new stuff  if I buy anything new for the store. In my  I sell vintage dolls, clothing, banks and stuff I think will sell. I have posted a lot of new stuff this week  in my store hopefully people will see it, like it and buy it. For the month of April  I have many lookers but no buyers. but the month is still young. I have sold stuff before in my store It's just you never know when they buy and what they buy. My partner is killing it in his store. He makes 5-10 sales a week on old junk that he has laying around the house that he has kept  since he was  a kid. Go figure.
My Gambling business is one that I wanted to do I take $25 for the month and try and make it more by buying lottery tickets, going to the casino.  So far  I have spent $15 on lottery scratch offs and tickets with  no winners. I only have $10 left to spend toward this business for the month of April. Hey it's a gamble but this business might just pay off.
My two dollar challenge is also going slow but this is not a business it's just to see  If  I can make money to invest. So far I found 5 cents this week toward that.
I know I am doing a lot of stuff  but what do they say you have to throw a lot of stuff up on the wall and see what will stick. So I am throwing.....
So what do you think?

Weeks Events

Happy Friday everyone hope that everyone's day is great. Here is the week of what went on. First I am finally glad  that my tooth pain is getting better which means that I can do more things when I hurt less.  I got a great and I mean great deal at staples yesterday. The women that worked there was putting out clearance items for cheap. So I walked over to the staples clearance table and I grabbed 4  small bottles of  fabreese  50 cent each. Two notebooks with hard covers 50 cents,  3 each of men and womens plastic razors 50 cents each,  a TV program thumb drive  $1 dollar ( my partner wanted that) and the best thing is that I got a NY Yankees leather business chair for $19.99. This chair was originally $89.00 this came right on time because my partner needed a good  computer chair. His old one was falling a part. The total I spent on  everything  chair included was about $30 bucks and I only purchase stuff that was needed nothing extra. Also with the holiday here I wanted to see what the Easter candy prices were. That's why you see me holding up this giant Easter bunny that cost $15.99. No I did not buy it I just liked the way it looked and the size of it. It's big right? Well what do you think?

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Do You Like?


 Hey everyone this is the shirt that I am using for my first tee shirt store. I made it myself. So what do you think?  Like it. The shirt says Cheapskates Do It Better. it's cleaver right. I hope that I can sell enough of these to make my quota. This is  the first time I ever thought about going in to the shirt selling business. I mostly stuck with vintage barbies and other toys( my bonanza store) and my e books( smashwords, amazon, kindle) when it came to selling stuff. So now I am  testing this kinda market to see if it will fly. So far I have very little out of pocket expense for this test.($5.50 for designs for the shirts  that I did not even use, but I might use them later) I will let you know how well the shirts sell. Would you like to purchase one or maybe even two  makes a great gift for the Cheapskates in your life.