Friday, April 16, 2021

I Need One

  Hello all . well here's the story for today. I need a personal oil rig that will pump oil out of the ground for me and deliver it to my house. Reason why I just got my last winter oil bill of $697 and that just covered 3 months of oil. I think it would be cheaper to get my own oil rig what do you think?

Trying to get my organized life together. I hate clutter and I love throwing stuff away. If I see it don't like it I throw it away. Makes me feel better. I live in a old home and my partner has stuff back from the 50's I kid you not. Every chance I get and he turns his back I throw it away. I hate mess and a lot of  unnecessary stuff collecting dust. Half the stuff I throw away he never misses anyway.

So far the mystery shopping has been good I am doing a little bit at a times to keep my $60 dollar  a month quota going. Most of the money I told you before goes to the cats/squirrels/bird food. Now I have somebody else to feed The racoons they eat the left over food from the cats.  

                                               Oh well That's my story what do you think?


Friday, April 9, 2021

Feeding & Money

  Hello Family this is the story so far. Between the squirrels, birds and stray cats  that I started feeding. These creatures are getting expensive. I must spend between $15 every two weeks for supplies for the squirrels and stray cat. The birds are simple I buy a few packs of bird seeds for  $85 cents each  and they are done for a couple of months. That's why I decided that some of my mystery shopping money is going for the food that I give them. So you can say I am working for them now. But I will admit these greedy creatures eat good around here. Me and my neighbor both feeds the cats. The birds have so many bird feeders to eat from in the neighborhood. Even the neighborhood squirrels are getting picky because they have choices and they are getting fat to.  

 I am so tired of opening up a newspaper or going on line to hear about some crazy person killing innocent people. I am so tired of all the violence's . It's breaks my heart with all this craziness.  I pray for peace everyday. We need to get back to a semi normal life . Less violence's more love.

        Now it's time for me to go out and get the cat food I saw on sale at Walgreens

                               Well that's my story for today what do you think?


Sunday, April 4, 2021

Two Faces

  Hello all. Happy Easter. Here's the story for today. Sometimes I feel like a two faced person.. I say that I am a cheapskate and yes I love to save money but.. Sometimes I do things that goes against my cheapskate ways. Like I go on vacations and  spend thousands of dollars doing it. That's not  being a cheapskate. I play lotto when the jackpots is big. That's not being a  cheapskate. I buy cakes and cookies that are more expensive then I can make at home. That's not  being  a cheapskate. I spend hundreds of dolls on sending gifts to family members just to put a smile on their face. That's not being a cheapskate.   I use to feed my habit of buying Barbie dolls sparing no expense. That's not being a cheapskate. You see the point. I live two different lifestyles. Yes I am cheap  in certain ways and in others I am not. That's why sometimes I feel  2 faced.

Let me tell you what happen with my landscaper. I told him that I needed a bill for 2020. He said that he would stop by the house yesterday and give me a bill. He stated that I paid some of 2020's lawn care bill already. When he came back he did not have a bill. So really he has no clue of how much I owe him. He had told me one time that his daughter does his books. I asked him to tell her to send me a bill. I bet I will not see a bill  in the mail anytime soon. With this landscaper it's a guess of how much we owe him. Thank god I keep track of the times he comes and the price he quoted us for lawncare. But I am not going to tell him that. Let's see what he comes up with on his own. It's not my company and  or responsibility to keep his books. 

                                           That's My Story What Do You Think?


Thursday, April 1, 2021

Happy April

 Happy April 1th everybody. Well here's the story so far. New York City Moto Vehicles makes a person want to go down to their office and beat them silly. Trying to get a new registration  for your car on line is a nightmare.  When you call customer service they tell you to download the forms and either drop them off at the nearest DMV office  or mail them. Ok so the DMV is closed you need an appointment to see anybody there. The mailing things it would be nice to get an address of where to mail it to. See nightmare. 

Happier times I woke up feeling good today. I realized that I have to stop looking at the things that I do not have and apricate the things that I do have. If I needed something I was quick to run out and buy it instead of making do with what I already have. That will change. 

 I am also happy that mystery shops  are starting to come back . Which means that  I can start earning money again. So that my stray cat food purchasing can be funded and my lotto habit can be funded.

                                               That's My Story What do You Think?



Monday, March 29, 2021

Sunday Freebie

  Hello all well here's the story so far. Why did I have to call the  heating company in on a Sunday because I smelled oil coming from my basement. Mind you it was rainy and cold and Sunday. Did I forget to mention that . I had planned on relaxing on Sunday but things happen to most of the time prevent me from relaxing. I had to replace a pipe on my heating tank. Which meant I had to call the heating company to have them send a guy over on Sunday. Thank god I had  a  repairs contract for the heating system. When the repairman was finished he started  telling me that my contract did not cover the extra  pipes that he had to replace and this repair might cost me $400. I told him I don't think so. If my contract cover  10 inches of pipe and you put in 12 inches then only charge me for the extra 2 inches that you went over my  contract agreement. I know that was not going to be no $400 for 2 inches.

The repairman came back to me and told me to forget about it. It was covered under my contract. I told him  with all the repairs I have had done with this heating system I paid for it twice already. I had better luck with my  old heating system and that thing was 60 years old. Stuff  you buy today is just Crap!

                                             Well That's My Story What Do You Think?


Thursday, March 25, 2021

Got It!

 Hello all well here's my story so far. I was looking for my stimulus check to come in the mail as a paper check. But the government decided this time to send  the stimulus check  direct deposit. Didn't see that one coming. Because normally I would get a debit card with the amount on it, Or a paper check. Either way as long as I got it. Between me and my partner we got $2800. Now what to do with it ?

 Pay the bills with some of it  because I did my taxes last week and uncle Sam is not a nice person. I  will owe  him some money. I will buy my stray cats the good cat food we are talking $7 a bag and not the $3 a bag food. Giving them a treat.  I will be saving about $200 to go to Atlantic city with for vacation. I need a get away I am tired and need some excitement. With getting free hotel rooms. taking my own food to eat  and gambling on the cheap $200 should do it for a 2 day stay. Beside I go to put my feet in the water since Cruising is out this year.

                                            That's about it for me so what do you think?



Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Well Darn!!

 Hello all well this is the face I made yesterday when my accountant told me how much I owe in taxes. Yes I was shocked and surprised. I should not have been since I was getting extra money from the government. Good old government wanted half back that they paid me. You know they give with one hand and take with two. Thank goodness I saved all the money that was given to me just in case this happened and it did. I owe for State and Federal about $6,000. Which I am so use to getting money back I also most lost it. What happens if I don't have the money to pay them. Well I guess they put me on a payment plan. Thank god I have the money but still.

 I am thinking of selling my rental because right now I do not trust renting it out. The tenants I have been hearing about have been taking advantage of the landlords. Since the government is telling tenants that they do not have to pay rent until Sept. Even if the tenants is getting a stimulus check they are still not paying their rent. They are using it for other bills. This has been  going on for what about a year now. With tenants that can't or won't pay their rent because of the  virus. I can't afford to pay for myself and someone else. It's better just to sell the place and take the money and run or better yet invest it.

                                                       So that's my story what do you think? 


Saturday, March 13, 2021

Thanks Uncle

  Well here's the story for the week. Thanks Uncle Biden for approving the stimulus package that  would  put $2400 in me and my partner's pocket. Also the extension for other things that's in the stimulus package it's greatly needed and apricated  thank you. Now if you can just get to the Property taxes and give us some needed updated credit that would be great. So for  going on this week I am filing my taxes on Monday and I hope that I will be getting some money back. Not likely but a girl can dream right. Yes you can call me greedy when it comes to money. I like to have it in my bank account it makes me feel safe.

Got the bill from my oil company who also fixes my heating system. The guy came and adjusted my hot water system. He told us what to do in the future. On the bill it stated that one of the charges was his advice on what to do for the future which was a charge of $200. So now the heating company is charging you for advice. And if I did not have a contract with them the advice that I was given would have cost me  $300. All I can say is Really? I am so tired of being ripped off by these repair companies who try to make up for loss revenue by over charging you or making up charges for you to pay. It's Crazy!

                                                       That's My Story What Do You Think?


Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Com On Now!

  Hello all well here's the story for the week. where do I start. Ok so I got my Con Edison Bill adjusted for my rental home.( My Con Edison serves my electricity and gas for my rental) Come to find out they owe me $985 for the electricity alone. I called Con Edison about the credit and they told me that my gas bill  still  had to be adjusted and I need to wait and see what happens. So the Next Con Edison bill for the rental home comes in for February. Again I see the electric for the house and not the gas. I owe $62 for electric and still have over a $900 credit. I will be calling them this week to say give me my money. I will deal with the gas bill when it comes. It's will probably be a credit as well. Since the rental house now sits empty because of Covid-19

 I was shocked . I got my medical bill from some test that I took a couple of months ago. That bill was $52,000. I said D**N!!. Thank god for insurance because they paid  for the bill  with all the discounts the bill came out to $25,845.00 and that was to much. I was thinking that if I did not have insurance  then  the hospital would have to  put me on some kind of  payment plan.  I would  call them to see what kind of discounts they offer. This kind  of bill will wipe out a person's saving if they have any in a minute.

                                                   That's my Story what do you think?




Thursday, March 4, 2021

New Friend

  Hello all well here's the story so far. I have a new friend. I feed the  stray cats in my backyard along with the squirrels and the birds. Anyway the cats leave food over because they are spoiled. Me and my neighbor feed them. So with the left over food from the cats the raccoons in the neighborhood finish it. I saw a raccoon walking my backyard looking for the food yesterday morning. I was shocked because I thought they only come out at night. Oh well at  somebody is not letting my hard earned money go to waste on cat food.


Got my first shot for the virus  on Monday. The whole thing was ran by FEMA which consisted of the military processing you in, giving you the shot. Thank god it was quick and easy. I will say that all of the military personnel that we talked to was nice and polite.  Now back for the second vaccination shot in 2 weeks.

                                               So that's my story for the week what do you think?

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Got It!

                                                                       Hello All

Well here's the story for the week. I called and got an appointment for the Covid 19 vaccination  shot for march. I was surprised because every place I tried to get a shot they said no appt was available. Glad me and my partner both were able to get an  appt, But I had to get a doctor's  note stating that I was a diabetic even before I could make an appt. Really I think if you have the  vaccine and you know we all need it.  Everybody no matter the age or heath condition, where you live, what you look like  we should  all get it. Without being put through the ringer first.  Anyway it's my  D**n Furnace again!!

My hot water was not working right. It gave me super hot burn you skin off water. So I called the furnace company to fix it. And you know they told me that I had a valve problem that  needed to be  fixed  at the cost of $600. Hey didn't I just pay you $1800 a minute ago for a coil for this darn thing??  This machine is not even 10 years old and already It's costing me a pretty penny.  I am so done with repair bills and fix up. You just don't know. 

                                              That's my story what do you think?


Thursday, February 18, 2021

My Heart

                                                                         Hello all 

Well here's the story for the week. My heart goes out to the people living in Texas. Not only do they dealing with snow, ice and below freezing temperatures. They are also dealing with busted pipes that are now flooding their homes. It's crazy and true when they say life is so unpredictable. My heart goes out to them and my prayers.


Been feeding the stray cats in my neighborhood. Between me and my neighbor who is also doing it. These strays are living the life. They have to nerve to pass on my less expensive cat food to eat the better food that my neighbor puts out. But they still need me because I give them water which they drink  quick fast. Oh well like my mother use to say when you get hungry even the less desirable food look good to you.

Well that's my story  what do you think?


Friday, February 12, 2021

Come On Now!!!

 Hello all well here's the story for the week. My shower was not getting any hot water. So I called my furnace company. Since my furnace provides my hot water. After several calls they  sent a man to look at it. The  repairman tells me that I need a new heating coil for the furnace.   and it will cost $1600!! Really that much? I said damn every time someone comes to fix something in this house it cost me over $500. Luck thing I had vacation money that  we did not use to pay for this fix, but what if I did not have the money. The furnace company would have had to put me on a payment plan which would have been $100 a month with no interest. That's why I say it pays to have a house emergency fund because you never know when your going to get an emergency.

If It had not been for my partners income I would have had to  wait to get the  furnace fixed, because I could not have afforded to pay for it without him.  If it was my only income I would have either  a few choices.  First  put me on a lower plan like $50 a month instead of $100 or  I could charge it to my credit card  and pay it out with the high interest rate  or  I could go with  out  hot water until I could find the money to pay for it. Crazy right. 

                                         So that's my story what do you think? 


Thursday, February 4, 2021

Darn You Snow

  Hello all well here's the story for the week. NYC got a lot of snow 18 inches. So you know what I had to do. Yes shovel 2 houses no less. First shoveling the first house the one I live in I fell in the snow and could not get back up. Snow was to deep. Thank god for my neighbor he came over to help me up.  My rental home I shoveled the next day and my neighbor next door bless her heart she's about 80 came over to help me. I kept telling her It's ok by she said no and helped anyway. She's Korean and don't speak or understand  English . But we get a long fine with the language barrier. She's so sweet.

So for 2 days of deep shoveling I am done. Also I got an estimate of my property taxes for both homes. One is $9768.00 the rental is $5700.00. That's close to $16,000 for property taxes for 2 homes in New York city. I really live in queens outside of the city. One is getting sold soon. I do not trust renting my second home out anymore. Especially with everything going on and people can not pay the rent  now for the places they are living in. So what chance do I have of getting a good tenant. Truthy I really don't want my rental to suck up all my saved cash. So she's gota go.

               Well that's my story for this week. Hope your staying safe and warm.

                                                          So what do you think?


Friday, January 29, 2021

Not Bad

  Hello all well here's the story for the week. I am waiting on all my information so that I can file my taxes. Why is it that company's are so slow to send out tax information. Knowing that the government needs it. I really look forward to doing my taxes this year Not! I know  I am going to owe Uncle Sam some money with the unemployment I been getting  and stock that was sold.

Speaking of stock sale I purchased dunking donuts stock years ago because I liked their coffee and they were popular.  I got a notice yesterday that somebody purchased all the company stock and therefore I had to sell my shares. The company went private. I looked at my bank statement and I had a nice deposit from the sale of the dunking donuts stocks. I  did not pay that much for it when I purchased it for about  $30 a share back then  it was selling for $106 last time I checked. So let's just say I made a nice profit on that.

It's cold in new York 20 degrees and I am trying to play catch-up with shredding all my papers and cleaning up . To be honest this first month of 2021 I am been pretty lazy.

                                               So what's my story what do you think?


Friday, January 22, 2021

Got It!


 Hello all well here's the story for the week. I got it! my $600 dollar stimulus check and here's what I spent some of it on. First I gave $100 to charity I feel if I am eating and I can I will give another  person or people  meals to. That's just me. I spent $8.99 on a  banana pie. I love Banana Pie. Did not get the cloth mask yet but I saw them 3 for $8.99 at my local drug store. On amazon they have the fancy cloth mask but they want to much for them. But I will be buying cloth mask soon. Lastly  I spent $10 on lottery tickets because who could pass up a chance to win 760 million  dollars. Heck I could win 2nd prize in Mega  Million or Powerball  and I  would be just as happy. The rest went into the bank for emergencies and house repairs. Oh yea I did  treat my partner to his  2 favorite things in the supermarket which cost me about $10.  Even though he got his own stimulus check.  So what have you done with your stimulus check?

Also good news all my check ups for the breast, throat, diabetes  all came back good. So I am happy about that Thank you lord!

                                                That's my story what do you think?

Friday, January 15, 2021


  Hello all well here's the story for the week. I am Happy! Here's why I just did my end of year finance report . I am happy to say that I am up a couple more dollars then I was last year. I also got a good heart rating from my doctor. I told you that  my heart doctors told me that my heart was not function has it should be. When I went to him this week he says the heart is better .  I thanked God for that.

Also I went grocery shopping this week and found some pretty good meat sales at my local  Stop & Shop. Chicken was 89 cents a pound. My sweet Italian sausages was 2  for $7. Which normally a pack would be $5-6 dollars.  So yes I am very happy and blessed.

Also I been feeding the stray cats and squirrels in the neighborhood. They are eating good everyday. I consider them my outdoor pets.

                                              That's my story what do you think?


Sunday, January 10, 2021


Hello all well here's the story for the week. It's New York cold outside. Today it's about 30 degrees. Cold weather makes me lazy. I have not done a mystery shop in weeks. Also since I am collecting unemployment it has made me less motivated to  hustle for my money. I even have 2 big bags of  plastic bottles that I have to return for the % cent deposit money  that should be at least $5 if I am luck. 

This a new year and it's time to look for a secondary health insurance company. I am afraid with all the doctors appointment that I have and test to be taken in 2021. That my insurance will say I am only paying half of this you pay the rest. Having insurance especially for health is not only expensive it stressful. Wondering if  your heath insurance will pay for the service or if you going to pay for it. Which by the way is not cheap. 

After all that is said I am still doing my $1 a day challenge and this week I spend more then I earned. Had to play lotto for a chance to win $450 million. Wouldn't that be nice!

                                            Well that's my story what do you think?



Sunday, January 3, 2021


  Hello all well here's the Story for the week. First Happy New 2021. They almost got me  meaning I got a letter from the nyc DMV. Stating that  they needed my partner signature and an eye exam for him to get his driving licenses. With covid-19 everything got delayed. So we got all the info that we needed and paid for the licensed which is $80.51 through a  credit  card. We did all this about 3 month ago.

 So why is it now I get a letter this week saying that we did not pay the DVM for my partners drivers  license. I started to pay them again until my partner told me we already paid them or else he would not have gotten his license. They almost got me I had written a check for that amount. put a stamp on the envelope and was ready to send it off on Monday.  But when I asked my partner  about it it stated we already paid for his licenses and he gave me proof.  What I am  going to do  now is  send DVM a copy of his payment with the information that they requested.

                                                      Sometimes it truly pays to ask. 

                                                So that's my story what do you think?