Thursday, March 31, 2016

New Direction

Hello Everyone. Happy April1th. I know I am a day early but anyway. Here's my story for the week.
I have a new plan for April and that's to get My Money!!! Meaning that I plan to do what I can so  I can make some money for April. My goals to make $100 bucks or more. I already have 5 mystery shops lines up Hopefully I will be doing more shops for April. I am going gambling Sunday hopefully that will bring me in some money. I am selling stuff on Bonanza and I am making good sales hopefully that will bring me in money. You see all these hopefully? I will keep you posted.

Hawaii Cruses I am looking in to them and  there is only two ways to cruse to Hawaii one is you leave out of L.A sail for 4 days on the ship and when you get to Hawaii and the other island you stay there all day and then back to LA with four days of sailing with a stop in Mexico for like 4 hours.
Or you take the tacky Pride of  America Cruse in Hawaii  do the islands come back to the main island and stay a few days and fly home. Either way you do it it's not cheap. Trying to decide which one is best for us to.

Ripped off. I had to get my eye examined this week  because I am a diabetic and they needed to be examine. This new eye doc told me if I needed prescription for glasses she charges $65 for the prescription. My partner got mad  stating that was a rip off no doctor is suppose to charge you for  writing a prescription that you need for something. Thank god I did not need glasses. Is it me but do now a days you have to watch your doctors or they will try and get over on you?

Trying to get my life right so much to do so little time. I have not stop doing the  coin investment challenge I have about $200 in Kellogg stock just from coins. See what happens when you pay attention to your coins and invest them.   Also if you like to read and want something good to read here's my suggestion The Juror by John Grisham I just finished reading it  good read. Also read Sycamore Row by him to. So that's my story what do you think?

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tax Time

Hello Everyone. Here's my story for the week. It's tax time and I got my done yesterday. Well my partner got his done.I could not file since I did not work last year. So this year I am a dependent on his taxes. Which worked out well for us because he is getting money back for the first time in 20 years of him paying. Now where's my cut.

I am in love with the thought of working in Sears. Yep I filled out an application on line for a job that was just right for me in Sears. They called and offered me another job that I did not want. I declined that job after my partner pointed out that I have so many appointments coming up in the next couple  of weeks and there are so many things that we have to do when will I find time to work even 20 hours a week. Then he really got me depressed when we figured out how much my take home pay would be after taxes. So I decided to just work on my own and hopefully make some money on line.
Well that's my story for the week . I wish every one a Happy Easter and a great Good Friday.
                                                       So what do you think?

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Losing Money

Hey Everyone, Here's my story for the week. As you already know I am in the process of looking for a job. I think I will go back in to being a teller in a bank. I did that many many years ago. I saw where chase bank and queens county have opening which I am going to apply for. I just have to do my resume. Have not done a resume in like 20 years. It will be a part-time job only. I am doing it for two reason to make money and to have something to do during the week to keep me busy.

Also make sure that you always check your money. What I mean is if you have investments and other places where you keep your money make sure to check on them regular. I tell you this because I just went to the bank yesterday and I was checking on my investments. I found out that what I thought the bank had for me in my investment account they really didn't. It took me 3 hours with a chase investment advisor to sort out the mess and misunderstanding.  Now I   still have to do research when it comes to finding out where my money is. That is one thing I can say I hate to lose any kinda money. So now for me the search for my missing money is on.

I did a dumb thing this weekend. I had free tickets for an extreme coupon event and I am thinking it was for this Saturday March 19. I got up got excited and  went to the place where the event was suppose to be held. When I got there I found out the event is in April not March. I am so dumb sometimes.Well that is my story what do you think?

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Oh Shoot!!

Hey Everyone Here's my story so far. I just read that Kellogg had an employee that pissed in the rice krispies cereal. With that kinda news I hope  it doesn't effect my stock. You remember the stock that I am still purchasing with the coins that I find.
Also I went to the bank yesterday and I realized that if you have series EE bonds and you need to cash you can not get the cash right away. The bank takes the bonds from you then they tell you to come back tomorrow to get either the cash for them or you can deposit them into your bank account. So heads up if you need money right away don't cash your saving bonds because you will be waiting to get the money.

I am applying for part-time jobs again. Since I  am not selling stuff on line and my business  that I have had for  8 years is bringing me in a big fat 0. I  am now look for a part-time job. So I have two  choices work a part time job and keep my business for a hobby or  stop working on it all together and admit to myself that I am just not cut out to be a business person.

One last think I was looking in to weight watchers so that I could lose weight but for a year of meeting weight watchers will cost me a couple hundred dollars and this is not including the food. Got any suggestion on how to lose weight on the cheap? So that's my story what do you think?

Friday, March 11, 2016


Hello Everyone here's my story for the week. I am very disappointed. Why you might ask, because I was planning a trip to Hawaii for October . The plan was to fly in to Hawaii and take a ship for 7 days to visit the other islands in Hawaii . But.... When I looked at the ship and what it offers the  customers I was not happy. This ship inside in my opinion is tacky. They made this ship look like  a presidential museum with bright red carpets and white banisters. Most of the restaurants are names after presidents. They have this big presidential  seal on the floor of the ship. The entertainment is not good and most important No Casino! ( visit the inside of the ship on youtube if you don't believe me ships name Pride Of America) If I wanted to go to presidential museum trust me it would not cost me $5600. to do it. So I am not going to use this ship to visit the islands.

Another disappointment is that  I have been using Blogtalk radio for my radio show The Cheap Cheetah Money  show for 8 years now. So today when I log in all my archive stats  are gone. That's eight years worth of listeners gone in 8 minutes. I am stopping the show after 2016. I have been doing it so long and there are no real benefits to me anymore.

Another and last disappointment Sears they say it's on it's last legs and I always wanted to work there looks like I will not get a chance to. Yes I had an interview in September of 2015 and yes I could have worked there but things happened. So I blew that chance but I always figured there would be other chances. Guess I thought wrong.

These were my weeks disappointments So what do you think?

Sunday, March 6, 2016

I Feel It!!

Hello Everyone. Here's my story for the week. I got a taste Of Sunshine today and it gave me renewed energy. I was up and out of the house today compared to the winter months where I just dragged my body out of bed not really feeling it. What a difference the weather can make on your mood and body. Since this new week will be nothing but sunshine I am happy.

Right now I am in the process of trying to get everything that I need lined up. Like I need my taxes done, my doctors appointment and my car fixed all this month.  I also have been thinking that in order for me to make money I might have to give up my hobby of trying to make money and find something else that will interest people. You every have a hobby that you liked and wanted to make money with but it just did not workout? If so what did you do about it?
Well that was my week nothing much to talk about but next week should be plenty.
                                                         So what do you think?

Friday, March 4, 2016

Missing Family

Good Morning Everyone. Well here's the story. Lost relatives. Do you have any? I have a few lost relatives. One special lost relative I am glad that they are not lost anymore. I heard from  this lost relative that I happen to have been very close to in my younger years. I was glad to hear from them and when our conversation ended I had a sense of relief. I realized as I get older the things that were important to me then is not so much now. What's important to me know is family and friends those you can not buy with any money. And you can not get  people you value back once they are gone. So Yes I am glad that my long lost relative is not lost any longer that to me is priceless..

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mystery Shopping

 Hello Everyone. Here's my story so far. I tried to work with the mystery shopping companies that I have register with but they refused to work with me and here's why. The mystery shopping companies of yesterday use to work with their shoppers when it came to giving them a fair price to do shops. They have even corrected some of my mistakes and still payed me for them. They also use to offer good money incentives and good places that you wanted to mystery shop at. Not now since so many people are getting into mystery shopping the pay is less then half of what it use to be. The shops of today  are  not as good  as they use to be. The  now a days some  company treat their shoppers is with a take it or leave it attitude. It's like they are saying to you if you need this money then you will do as I say kinda thing.

I guess the mystery shopping companies  feel that since they have all these workers that are willing to shop for them for next to nothing the older shoppers who are asking for a decent rate they no longer seem to need us . Since they  now have cheaper labor
So no the mystery shopping companies are not working with me and I have lowered my standards and I was willing to  shop at  lower price but I guess they said I can get two worker hungrier then you. So for now my mystery shopping day seem to be over. So what do you think?