Friday, March 11, 2016


Hello Everyone here's my story for the week. I am very disappointed. Why you might ask, because I was planning a trip to Hawaii for October . The plan was to fly in to Hawaii and take a ship for 7 days to visit the other islands in Hawaii . But.... When I looked at the ship and what it offers the  customers I was not happy. This ship inside in my opinion is tacky. They made this ship look like  a presidential museum with bright red carpets and white banisters. Most of the restaurants are names after presidents. They have this big presidential  seal on the floor of the ship. The entertainment is not good and most important No Casino! ( visit the inside of the ship on youtube if you don't believe me ships name Pride Of America) If I wanted to go to presidential museum trust me it would not cost me $5600. to do it. So I am not going to use this ship to visit the islands.

Another disappointment is that  I have been using Blogtalk radio for my radio show The Cheap Cheetah Money  show for 8 years now. So today when I log in all my archive stats  are gone. That's eight years worth of listeners gone in 8 minutes. I am stopping the show after 2016. I have been doing it so long and there are no real benefits to me anymore.

Another and last disappointment Sears they say it's on it's last legs and I always wanted to work there looks like I will not get a chance to. Yes I had an interview in September of 2015 and yes I could have worked there but things happened. So I blew that chance but I always figured there would be other chances. Guess I thought wrong.

These were my weeks disappointments So what do you think?

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