Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mystery Shopping

 Hello Everyone. Here's my story so far. I tried to work with the mystery shopping companies that I have register with but they refused to work with me and here's why. The mystery shopping companies of yesterday use to work with their shoppers when it came to giving them a fair price to do shops. They have even corrected some of my mistakes and still payed me for them. They also use to offer good money incentives and good places that you wanted to mystery shop at. Not now since so many people are getting into mystery shopping the pay is less then half of what it use to be. The shops of today  are  not as good  as they use to be. The  now a days some  company treat their shoppers is with a take it or leave it attitude. It's like they are saying to you if you need this money then you will do as I say kinda thing.

I guess the mystery shopping companies  feel that since they have all these workers that are willing to shop for them for next to nothing the older shoppers who are asking for a decent rate they no longer seem to need us . Since they  now have cheaper labor
So no the mystery shopping companies are not working with me and I have lowered my standards and I was willing to  shop at  lower price but I guess they said I can get two worker hungrier then you. So for now my mystery shopping day seem to be over. So what do you think?

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