Thursday, August 31, 2017

New York Sanitation!!!

Hello Everyone. Well here's the story so far. Getting rid of stuff in New York ain't easy. Here's why. First you have to call 311 to tell them what your putting out for me it was an old sofa. Then they tell you to put  your big item out the night before your last pick up ( what???) but it must be after 4 pm or you will get a ticket. I did that. Now you wait. Well I waited and today what did I find my sofa had not been picked up by sanitation. You know I called 311 this morning they told me that sanitation will pick it up on Saturday. I told them as long as I don't get a fine for my sofa being out in the street we will be all good. I tell you it's hard  getting rid of trash now a days. You have to jump through a lot of hoops and deal with a lot of  different attitudes. This is why I need to move the heck out of New York  it's  to expensive to live here and to many hoops to jump through for stuff your already paying for with your taxes.

I tried calling the junk removal companies for them to take the sofa plus a few more other things that I wanted to get rid of. I called about 3 different companies  4 days ago still waiting on a call back. That's when my partner said forget it we will do it ourselves and we did. Now if sanitation would do their part we can all be happy. So that's the story what do you think?

Monday, August 21, 2017

Will I Ever????

Hello Everyone, well heres' my Story this week. Will I Ever...... Have a yardsale of my own? I keep going to yardsales and buying to much stuff to sell and put out in my own yardsale but atlast I have not had one yet and the summer is almost over. My neighbor stated that we will have one in September but if he don't then I will. I need to get rid of stuff. Don't get me wrong I have had opportunities to go to different events to sell my stuff but my partner keeps telling me that we would not make any money at these events. And we have to pay them to set up where in your garage your rental is free. He has a point. But still I need do my own yardsale instead of running to everybody else's.

Water Bill Darn! That joker was high this month $399. compared to $179  for 3 months. My tenants must be washing everybody's clothing and then some for the water bill to be that high, I was mad when I seen it. But then again she is paying for it through her rent checks. Besides she's moving soon and my water bill will be back to $79 because nobody will be living there for a while. And if I do get a new tenant the rent will be raised to cover a high ass water bill like the one I just got.

That's about it for this week trying to stay cheap and live a good life. So what do you think?

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Good Morning Everyone, Well  here's the story for the week. I am a little bit stressed because in 2 months I leave for California and it's ain't easy. First I have to find out when my tenant from my rental home is moving. I thought that she would be gone by now since she purchase a home but she's waiting on her closing date. Which is ok by me but I just hope she doesn't decide to move out around the time I am leaving on vacation that would be a problem.

Stressing Out #2  Trying to make plans to go on vacation when you know you need to stay your ass home and clean up and get rid of all the junk you have collected through the years. I have so much stuff in my place it's stressing me out I just want to dump it all and start all over again.

Stressing Out #3  Do I have enough money  to go on this damn expensive trip. This 2 week vacation a cruise to California and Vegas is expensive. I always stress when it comes to spending money I dislike spending money.

Well these are some of the things that I am stressing out about. So how has your Summer been?