Sunday, August 31, 2014

More Shops...

I applied to 5 more mystery shops in hopes of getting some jobs for September. I could use the money. I also was looking into getting my resume together so that I can apply for some holidays jobs in October. Then I thought about it I have only been out of work one month and I need to get my diabetes under control that's why I left my job in the first place because of my heath. I am sorry to say I have not started working on that yet. Even though I am looking for some part time work, I think I am going to give myself another month of not looking to work on what's important to me ------ my health.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Come On Money!!!!

I won $25 dollars today on take 5 lottery ticket. I was happy. Since I have no money comming into my house right now ( on my part) every penny counts for me. And this $25 is a good thing. I am thinking about what to do with it  here are some suggestions.
1. I could use it to buy more lottery tickets and see if I could win a bigger prize.
2. I could put the money  into my gambling bank account for later on ( Yes I do have a gambling bank account with like $90 dollars in it.
3. I could start a small business selling my dolls on e bay and going to fivvers to get a  eCommerce store with it.
I can not ddecide what to do with it but whatever I decide it has to make me money, because as we all know I don't have any.....

Have a Great Day!


Monday, August 25, 2014

Visted Investment Manager Today!

Today I went to see my Investment Manger reason . I have a 401k from my job that needed to be put in to a  new IRA account. This was a scary move for me .Why? Because I am moving a lot of money to mutual funds  and this is all the money that I have saved up from  the last 19 years of working. But I am confident that my manger will help me to make my money grow why? because I had given him a small amount of money before and it grew nicely over the last 10 years, that's why. Besides I could not really use the money in my 401k plan without  me being penalized in taxes for it. I think Uncle SAM would take about 30% off the top of my 401k money if the plan writes and sends me a check personally instead of directly to a new mutual IRA fund.  Which I can not afford So I let my Investment manger do it that way I will not pay any taxes on the money until I am 65.( god willing)  Thank  God my investment manger is very very conservative with his money and everybody else's which I like. Because he knows if he loses my money I will hunt him down and hurt him ( just kidding, I think?) That is one thing you do not mess with and that's  a women and her hard earned working $$$.  
                                      Have A Great Spirited, Frugal Freedom Day!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Say What???

I was very surprised last week when a check came i n the mail for me. It was my lasts paycheck from  my job and it was..............$23.50. I will take it. I am at the stage now that every bit of money that comes into my hands I appreciate it. So far i have been out of month , I been on vacation and now I am looking to make some money that will cover my $200 a month expenses, Got any ideas??? 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Since we all know right about now that I am really, really paying attention to my spending. ( because my last paycheck was July 25). I went food shopping today without coupons. Oh yea it cost me a lot not to pay with coupons . I spent  $105 for meats and basic stuff which should last me about 2-3 weeks if I  stretch  it. In my book that is way to much to spend on food or anything else for that matter. Anyway I did not use coupons because I could not find them for the things that I need to purchase. I even looked for the cheaper brands of the things that I used. No luck there but I did get $2 off of some of my meat purchases which helped me to save $10 on my meat purchases. Yea!  If anyone knows where I can get coupons please let me know!
Have A Great Spirited,Frugal Free Day! 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

How Much!!!

Living in NYC you have what we call a bull**t bill. which is our  water bill. In my eyes water should be free. But no the city finds a way for people to pay for it. Plus we pay for the pipes that bring the water to us . Well this bill came yesterday and it....... $335 for 3 months. Which comes out to be  111.66 each month. A couple of years ago this dame bill was only $66 for 3 months.
Now the bad thing is if you do not pay it they will put a lean on your house, I have seen in my local paper where a lot of people have not paid their water bills in months and the city put leans on the property. Thanks god I have the money but this is not money to me well spent! Especially since I have no more paychecks coming in and I am watching my expenses carefully.

Have a great Spirited,Frugal & Free Day!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It's My Money!!!


Remember when I told you that I am really starting to pay attention to my spending, because I do not have a check coming in any longer. Well here is one example of me paying attention. I get my hair done once a month and it usually cost me $25.00 if I get extras like conditioning specials and stuff. Today I went to my hair dresser and got the basics  no extra stuff done to  my hair and it still cost me $25.00. I ask my hairdresser why is is that if I get the extra stuff done to my hair it's $25 and the basic wash and set is $25. She told me a crazy story that I did not believe. I paid her for the service this time but no more. I felt she ripped me off and now I am in the market for a new hair stylist,, Know anybody??? 
My thoughts are  why should I pay you $25 for the basics when I should have only paid you $20. That's $5 extra dollars I gave you could have been used for something else. Do you agree?  
                                              Have a great Spirited. Frugal & Free Life!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

One Way To Make $$$

I went to my local casino yesterday. My gambling budget was $200. I know what your thinking, how is gambling being a free spirit and frugal. Hey I am trying to make money and I though I would try my luck.. I know that a casino is not the place to make money it's more of a place to lose it but.......... I won, yes I won $500 bucks . This money will allow me to have 2 and half months of living while I still look for more ways to make $$ ( Remember my personal expenses are $200 a month. My partner pays all the bills- Thank God!). So while gambling is really not a good way  to make money this time I made $$ and I am glade I did

Friday, August 1, 2014

Last PayCheck!

I just received my last paycheck. I am thankful that I got it, Now it's really time to buckle down and get super frugal with my fiances. I am also looking for a job in the mystery shopping industry and I am  starting to look at my business and see what I can do to revamp it on the cheap  so that I can  make money from it?  I will keep you posted on how my Spirited, Frugal & Free Life is going.....