Saturday, February 28, 2015


Yesterday in the mail I recieved my property tax statement. It stated that in june2015 I  will owe them $4978.56 for my house that I have rented at this moment. That's a lot of property tax to pay. For the house I am currently living in the property tax is $5478.56. All togtther I am paying $10,457.12 on two houses. That is way to much to be spending on property that you do not own. I tried to tell my partner that for all the money we are paying to live in New York. We could sell both homes and move to the south and live cheaper and own our land. He looks at me like I said something crazy when I tell him we need to move. New York is getting to expensive to live here and the services they offer sucks!
On to other things the Two Dollar Challenge that I did for February netted me  about $30 for the whole month. But I am still trying March first is tomorrow and the $2 dollar challenges starts all over again. Wish me luck. I am so ashamed of myself  I realized in one week I  spent $70 on playing lotto and won $2. I really have to work on that I spend way to much to gamble to not get enough return on my gambling money.Oh I almost forgot the potato salad I told you about the one my partner wanted to return and me throw it out. Well I won he said forget it and we threw it out. It was nasty tasting.   
So what do you think?  

Thursday, February 26, 2015

I Almost Forgot!

I was talking to a co-worker yesterday. She had retired last year in October 2014. She reminded me that we had an annuity at the job and she was pulling hers out to put into her bank's IRA. I had almost forgotten about this money. We have about $900 in the annuity. It started out at $500 some 15 years ago now it's about $900. That was a running joke at our office every time  the statement came in we would takes bets of how much it was. I knew the interest this annuity was paying  for the past 15 years was a joke. I could have done better if they would have just given me the $500 dollars so that I could invest it myself in something paying better interest. Oh well I am grateful for the money. I had to call the company that we have the annuity with so that they can  send me the paper works so I  can transfer that money it into something that's paying more interest then what's it in now. Hopefully in the next 10 years instead of having just $900 I would make at least $2000 or more with that money. On to other things would you take a food item back if it was spoiled or would you just say forget it  and lose the money? That is the debate me and my partner are having right now. We purchased some potato salad last night which was spoiled it cost $1.95. I say throw it away he says return it  and get  the money back. What would you do???

Monday, February 23, 2015

I Was Robbed!

By this company. Here's the story I was reading my e mail today and I found a e mail from Capitol One 360  ( this is the bank that took over ING bank)stating  that my overdraft protection was due at the end of the month. I said " what overdraft protection?" I was not aware that I had it on my checking account. So I called the 1800 number and the women told me when I transferred all my money from my checking account I transferred to much which activated the overdraft protection. I asked her "when did I get overdraft for my checking account"? She told me when the account was taken over by Capitol One bank. I was not made aware of it. You see I do not use overdraft protection I have no need for it because I keep up with the money in my checking account, Anyway, To make a long story short they are charge me $15 for the service. I told the women once you get this $15 from me close my account. I am no longer doing business with your company they rob people of their money to much. My partner told me I should have had them   wavier the fee. I didn't think about it at the time but he was right. So I been robbed but this was a lesson learn and that lesson was never to mess with this crummy bank again! So what do you think???

Saturday, February 21, 2015

I Want Him....

We talked about him before, but I really want him..... well some of his company's stock anyway. Warren Buffet owns a company called Berkshire Hathaway A. He offer share is Berkshire Hathaway A which is  very very expensive a share. But the Berkshire Hathaway class B is more affordable to some of us anyway,   the class b share is about $148.72 a share now. But as we all know I can not afford to purchase this kinda stock with that kinda price tag. I am waiting for it to get lower, But the lowest I have seen it is $135.00 a share. Unemployed and trying to make a buck ( that's me) we all  know I will not be able to afford this stock not now or  in the near future. But If  I win lotto all bets are off  I  am buying me some of  Buffet. On to another topic  The two dollar challenge is still going on, not making as much as I would like but I did win $6 today so that goes toward my challenge which now should put me up about $40 or so for the past couple of months. What can I say? I am trying to make it  but what's really happening  is that I have become lazy and I am not pushing as hard as I could to make money. Their I said it! happy???  Winter is here I get lazy Spring should be a whole other story.
                                                          So what do you think???

What The He**!!!

What the He** is all I can say to this. What is this? I got the statement from my prescription drug plan and this time I really payed attention to it. Most of the time I just glance at it and keep it moving on to other mail, but something tole me to look and it and what I found was shocking to say the least. I have to take  4 drugs on the regular and I pay about $45.00 monthly( thank God) but if I had to pay the real amount it would cost me $2 029.33 a month for my drugs. Again I say What the He**!!. When did medication get to be so expensive? If it was not for the drug plan I am on I could not afford my medication not  monthly anyway. I would have to purchase the ones that are most important for me to take and pray that I can continue to survive with the ones I am not taking.. This is why I feel that we need to live in a country that gives us free medical and prescription plans. Because at this rate only the rich would be able to afford medical attention and drugs.  On a lighter note it's snowing in New York so what else is new?.
                                                        So what do you think???

Friday, February 20, 2015

That's Me!

What I mean by that is that is what I have been doing for the last 2 days since it's like 8 degrees outside with the wind chill factor making it -1. I have been at home going over some e book ideas and trying to figure out what's more important to me money or doing something I am happy about. Let me tell you how lazy I can be, this is between us ok?   I want to write an e book on a  certain topic and I went to fivvers  to have someone write the book for me for  a five dollar fee. I need 10-15 pages. But I keep getting quotes like $50-85. dollars from fivvers for what I want. I said what happen to the book being $5, the people that I ask to write my book keep saying for $5 I get one page. I said to heck with that my lazy a** would rather write the book myself then to pay someone $50 bucks to do it for me. This is where money trumps being lazy in my book all the time. So what do you think???

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What To Do???

You know as well as I do that this is Income Tax Season. I see the commercials on TV stating that you let us do your taxes and you will get a bigger refund then last year. I see all the H&R block commercials. I read all the articles on the Internet about what to do with your tax refund. I have seen  all that stuff. But my question to you is what are you going to do with your tax refund and most importantly what should I do with mind. I am counting on a nice refund of about $3000,00.( hopefully) and have not even filed my taxes yet. What I would like to do with the money is put some of it toward investment($500) and some of it toward fun($300). The rest of it I would save because that is the money I would live on.
I remember when I was working and I use to get refunds of $4000. combined city and state refunds. I use to take that $4000.00 and add another $3000.  to make $7000.00 for my mother. The reason that I had to give my mother $7,000. a year is that she held the second mortgage on my home and I wanted to pay her off  as quick as possible. So the bulk of my income taxes for the last 8-10 years went to her. Now that I have a mortgage free home( Thank God!) I have my Income tax returns to myself I saved last years to live on and I probably would do the same this year. I will let you know.
So on another note who wants to help me shovel snow?  It's fun, good exercise and it would be a great help
so can I count you in? What do you think??

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine Day

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Happy Valentines Day Everyone. Hope that your day is blessed and fun.So what is going on? Well here's my story. I did not win the Powerball darn! But I did win $5 but I spent $60 to do it. I know what your say your saying that I am foolish to spend my money that I am trying to save on a gamble with little chances of winning. Your right that is why I told you last time that for every dollar I spend on a lottery ticket I put that same amount of money toward my investment. At least that way I know something will be growing for my future if I don't win any lotto games anytime soon. On to the good stuff, I sold a book on half price Yea! for $5.50  that makes me feel good. I also was not looking for  money making things because I had to have gum surgery which cost me about $1200.00 to do the surgery. Thank god for my partners insurance if it was not for that I could not afford to get it done, and  I need to have it done or my teeth will start to fall out. Let's just say that I inherited bad gums  from my parents.  So that has been my story I have done more spending then making this month. But the month is still young and I am full of hope.. You ask what am I doing for Valentines Day? Talking to you of course and getting back in to making  money. Have a great Valentines Day.
                                                             So what do you think??  

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Good, Bad& Happy

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Happy Valentines day to everyone, I know Valentines day is Saturday but I like to do stuff early. The Bad first I did not win powerball and I spent about $30 on the chance to win. I guess  it was not meant to be. The Good part is that even thought I am not bringing in  any money I still manged to put money toward my investment. I sent my stock about $100 this month. I guess since I did not win powerball I might as well make my own luck and invest what I can so that I can have some extra money for later.  The Happy  part is that I am lucky everyday that I can wake up and do what I want to do with my life, Not to many people have that opportunity and I am very grateful for it.
On the money making front I have been filling out questionnaires for focus groups that pays about $100-200 for the groups. I also have been looking into writing an e book on how I saved money on a low city workers salary. I am also looking into multi level marketing but I can't put my thoughts around me paying you x amount of dollars just to sell your stuff and I get x amount in commission. I did that  route before and  I made ok money but it was a lot of work and a lot of empty promises. So that's my Good. Bad & Happy. What do you think??

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How Could You........

How could you not be tempted to purchase a $2 dollar ticket for this weeks Powerball Drawing for 400 million. I know what your saying that the odds of winning that kinda money is 175 million to 1. But what if your that one that gets it right and all that money well $300 million dollars would be yours ( taxes and stuff will be taken out of course). Hey, I know I need to save money but I am  going for it! I will be spending $4 on a chance. Hey you never know. Personally I really should not spend a cent why? Because between Jan 27 and Feb10th 2015 (14 days) I have spent over..........$75 dollars playing lotto and I have won..........$2 off of that. I know what you saying that playing lotto is for the not to smart person who don't know math. Right?

 Well I know math and I know it's a chance but I look at it has entertainment money. If I budget my money right then I can spend $20 a month on playing  the lottery or anything else I want. I try and tell myself that everytime I get caught up playing more then my $20 budget at the candy store where I play.  Then I tell myself my bills are paid, foods in the refrigerator and I have saved for over 19 years I can afford to splurge a little on playing lotto. But I have to confess I have spent more money then I have won and this has to stop. I realized that I am a lousy gambler and I don't win when I gamble. So I gotta stop.  
                                      So what do you think???

Friday, February 6, 2015

What A Week!

Let's get started with what happen the first week of my no spending week. What do you think happen?...... I spent more money then I intended to. Lottery spending (25) Fivvers (5.50) Breakfast(15) Medication(10). So this was not a good week when it came to not spending for me.
For the two dollar challenge I made $7.50 Yea. This week had been ruled by doctors appointments and other errands that  I had to be run. It also had me getting ready to file for my income tax which I will talk to you about later.   So that's what's been happen in my week. What do you think?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What's Wrong With It!!

I was watching Two & Half Men today. I love that show it's funny, well anyway I notice that Alan the brother is so cheap. He mooches off of everybody, he uses coupons for mostly everything,  tries to get what he can for free,  will remind you on a daily basis if you owe him money and how much you owe him., he lies when asked  how much money he has. Today he had a great one he purchased wine in a packet like koolaid. He added water to it like you would do for koolaid and it comes out tasting like the real wine you get in the bottle. All of Alan's antics and his cheapskate ways I say what's wrong with it? I enjoy watching how over the top he can get when it comes to saving money and the funny part is no matter how bad people  criticize his cheapskate ways, it does not faze him a bit. With Alan it's all about the money and what he can get  for free. Some of his ways I might not agree with but overall if you can find creative ways to save and make money without hurting or taking advantage of people I say what's wrong with that!
                                                                   So what do you think?? 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Call

I got a call this morning that  should have made me mad about something, but instead it motivated me to get up off my a** and get going. What I mean by that is for the last couple of days with the snow and the cold I have been Lazy with a capital L. This morning I woke up feeling good and ready to get motivated to do the things I need to do in order to get to my  goal and that's making money. I thought about feeling good and being blessed ,we should all feel that way everyday that we get up and get it moving . We are  blessed to wake up everyday  and do the things we might not want to do but we can do them. Can I get a  Amen to that! Also even thought I am on a no spend fast this month I am still obligated to put money way  in my investment fund ($100) and to give to my Charity($25). No matter what I don't spend on myself I will always try and find extra money to  invest in the stock market and give to others that might not be as blessed as I am  Well that is my story for today.              What do you think??