Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's Been Two Months......

It's been two months since I stop working and my goal was to make $200 a month doing surveys, mystery shopping and selling stuff. But what really happens is that it's been two months of not getting any money to make my $200 goal. Why is that you ask? Well let me tell you first the mystery shop is unmotivated to me because the pay is pretty low $5-10 and if you count my gas and time I would be making less then $1 an hour. ( I know I need the money) Taking  Surveys online  gives you credit toward  gift cards which I hardly use and selling stuff on eBay is going slow but I still work on it.
So that is why making $200 a month is getting hard. But it's a new month right (October) and I am looking into other ways to make my goal any suggestions???

Monday, September 29, 2014

Good Advice

I spoke to my mother yesterday and she asked me how I liked not working anymore. I told her that I miss working and that I worry all the time about not having enough money. Her advice to me was spend the money you have and if you don't have it don't spend it. Simple as that.  I thought about it for a moment and said you know your right. I can not spend what I do not have good advice mom. Guess that's one of the reason we have mothers for and that's to guide us when we have worries....

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Starting a Business

That's right I am starting an online doll business. I figure since I love collecting my old dolls ( Barbie) from my childhood. Why not make a business out of collecting and selling what I find. That way I can justify going to so many flea markets, garage sales, estate sales etc and buying stuff that I don't really need especially when it comes to dolls. My money investment for my business would be under $100 because alot of stuff I am selling now I have had over the years and it's time to get rid of it? So what do you think about my new business?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Right Move...

Since I am no longer working, money  seems to be on my mine a lot lately. I was wondering in my life time did I make the right moves with my finances when I had money. What I mean is this you know that when you get your paycheck most of it goes to shelter, food, clothing, transportation etc. We even might save some of it if we get a chance. My problem is did I save enough money while I was working to take care of my basic bills until my pension and social security kicks in for me ( that will be in 10 years , god willing) . Why am I worried about this so late in the game.Because that's just me I worry a lot.  Espically about money. One of my goals  for the 10 years that I have  to wait until  my social security and pension from my job comes in  is to continue to find a way to fund my Roth IRA or a mutual fund with say $100 bucks a month. I think by me doing that it will give me the peace of mind that I need to not worry about money so much. It will also help me to  put my mind on other things like getting my health in order and looking for things that  I like to do without the worry of money. So what do you think???

Monday, September 22, 2014

I Had To Play

I had to Play the Lottery this week. It cost me $20 bucks. But If you think about it the Power ball is $250 million, Mega Millions is 85 million and my Local lottery is $6.5 million. even if i win 2nd place  in either of the games I would have won my $20 dollars back plus a whole lota Extra money! It;s a gamble I know but it's only $20 bucks and now I can say I am in it to win it!  Life is a chance you take sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but it's more fun to win!
also I sold some items and made $85 bucks so I am happy about that. i just need to find a way to make a permanent $200 each month. Any suggestions???


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mystery Snob!

I have become the worst kind of snob when it comes to getting started with Mystery shopping. The reason I say that is that I have seen some shops out there that I would do if they paid more money. I use to do mystery shopping a couple of years ago and the pay was decent back then I could get $20 for a bank shop. Now that bank shop if there are any left is paying $10. And might I add you have to do more work. I am seeing now more $5-$10 mystery shops that deals  with you having to do more work then before, plus you now have to send them pictures of the shop that you do. For my gas and time I am worth more then $10. Hopefully I will run in to a mystery shop company that thinks the same as I do. Until then I will remain a broke snob!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's Offical

My bank account that was connected to my paycheck is now closed!. I closed it to day and transferred the money to another account that I have closer to home. why did I do this well the bank is far from where I live and if it's an emergency and I need to get money there was no way  I was traveling far to get it. And second I am trying to downsize my life and having less bank accounts helps me to do that. On the money making front there is nothing that i can see myself doing to make money so far. The only thing I am doing right now is putting stuff in my Bonanza store hoping to sell it. I will keep you posted if anything else comes up. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014


I have been looking for one of these for the longest. I did not want to pay the $89 dollar for a new one. So today at a garage sale I got one for .......$5. The seller wanted $10 but I talked her down to $5. And I might add it works pretty good.
As far as money and earning it... Well??? I did make a sale of $40 on something that I had in my bonanza store. I made $2 on a scratch off ticket . That was all for now as far as money goes... Hopefully next week will be better . By then I could be telling you that I am the new lotto winner.....

Friday, September 5, 2014


Yesterday I went to my local casino to take advantage of a $35 free play.And guess what I won $500 bucks playing the penny machine at 1.50 a pull. I was happy and suprised. So you know what i did once I won thne $500. I got the hell out of dodge. I always say if I win somethig espically money I know how to save it. I am putting this money to good use I am starting a gambling fund and when I win money gambling I will take half to play another time and half to save. I really don't have extra money to gamble like that so I am creating my own gambling fun. Next week Wednesday I have a $50 free play that you know I am going to use. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Two Ways.....


I have two ways I can make money this month. 
First Choice I recieved a $200 coupon from Chase all I have todo is deposit $15,000. into a savings account with them and in 1 months time they will give me $200 in free money. I have to keep the money in the account for 90 days and after that I can do what I want to with the $$. What I plan on doing if I use their offer is put the required amount of money in and after  the 90 day limit and after I get my $200 offer I  will take that money  out of this account and put it into another account I have with them. 
I know what your saying where is the $15,000 comming from that I need to open this account with? 
 I have  saved up  some extra money when I was working  that I was not suppose to touch unless it was an serious serious emergency. But I would touch it if it get's me an extra $200. 

Second Choice my local casino send me a $50 free play. What I plan on doing with that is add another say $25 of my own money  and play with $75 dollars. Whatever I win  with this money  I can use to live on for the month of September. Hopefully I will win a lot of money with their money( the casinos) and I will not have to use mine. But I know what your saying what if I lose my money and my Free Play money. Then I will just go home a loser that's all! Have you no faith in my winning skills ( LOL)
These are my two choices on how I can make money this month. So what do you think??? 

Monday, September 1, 2014

I Can Do This!!!!

I was watching on you tube yesterday a show called extreme sweeps.It's about people who enter sweepstakes and win prizes. Some of the prizes consist of games, cars, money, appliances,  furniture, electronics, clothing, etc. I was watching this show and since I have some time I thought well "heck" I could enter sweepstakes and see what I get. If I win money great, gift cards even better or If I win a car that's wonderful. All it takes to do sweepstakes is time and  I got that!  I am trying to supplement a no income life here remember. In one episodes this man had won a lot of stuff which he sold for a profit so that he could provide a living for his family. Did I mention he quit his job to do sweepstakes full time. Well while I was looking for something to do this is one of the ways that I can make some money  or at least try to. So what are your thoughts on doing sweepstakes and have you had any luck with them yourself??