Friday, December 29, 2017

Happy New Year!

Hello All , I know it's early but just in-case I forget. I am wishing you and your Family a Safe and Happy New Year. See you in 2018!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Good Day!

Hello all well Here's the story just for today. I am doing a happy dance because.... I played my holiday numbers and they came out. That's right my lotto number came out in box  so that's $80 bucks for me. Happy Holiday to me!
 I am happy  that it came out I have been playing the same number every year at Christmas for the last 10 years and it shows that sometimes when you keep doing something it pays off.  Not all the time but sometime.Now what to do with my 80 bucks???

 Never Again! I went to my local CVS Pharmacy today to pick up some items and also to look at the holidays items that were suppose to be 50% off. There were not to many holiday items with the 50% off tickets that I was interested in buying. But they did have a sale on cereal for $1.99 I picked up two boxes. Went to check out and I did not have my CVS card with me or the 25% off coupon. The cashier would not right the sale up without my card. The cereal came up to $4.99 each if I decided to purchased it anyway. I did not . But I was mad at myself because I am going to do better this year when it comes to having all my discount cards in order and taking my coupons with me wherever I go. Well that's the story the good and the bad what do you think?

Monday, December 25, 2017

Happy Holidays

                                               Wishing You a Happy &Healthy Holiday!

Sunday, December 17, 2017


Hello all, well here's' the story for the week.  Lifestyle Change With 2018 around the corner. It's time for a lifestyle change on my part. For 3 years I have  been free to do what I want. Meaning I left my job and traveled. I also sat on my butt when I was not traveling and ate myself to fat land. But this will all change come 2018.

I am going on a lifestyle change which will  an allowance a clean out of my home Becoming Super Cheapskate /Frugal . You just don't know how bad I want to live small  with only the basics that I need. I feel living this way will help me be a better person. For the allowance I am giving myself $20 a month to do what I want to do with it. Like going yard sailing ,or to  buy something I want  or need  for that month. When the $20 is gone then I will not get another  $20 until the next month. For the Super frugal/Cheapskate I am watching my pennies like a hawk and see where I land at the end of the year savings wize.

Let me share something else with you my sidewalk is cracking. No thanks to a tree in front of my house and the roots are cracking the side walk. It's my responsibility according to the city of New York to fix it. But Con Edison also has a shut -off  line  in the cracked sidewalk. So I called Con Ed to see if they can fix the side walk where their shut off line is. Hopefully they will come check it out and fix   the sidewalk for free. Wishful thinking right. So What Do You Think?

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Walking Away

Hello everyone, Well here's the story for today. Do you know when to walk away from things? Say if you in debt and you see something that you want to buy but you need that money to pay down on  your debt. Do you walk away from a want to pay for a need? What about a toxic relationship that you know you need to get the heck out of . Can you walk away from it. Do you even know how to walk away? Well it's time for me to walk away from certain things and the first is......
Playing Lotto 
I realized that in 2017 alone I have spend several hundred dollars on a game of chance . When really I had no chance of winning  in the first place. After I took a long hard  look at my losing tickets I  said wow I could have had a nice..... something with the money I spent on all these tickets.
 I finally said for 2018 Freak it lotto I am giving you up for good. It's a waste of money that I am not making anymore. Remember I am out of work.


 I will go to the ends of the earth for cake. I love cake and because of my love for the sweet stuff. I am now a diabetic. Ok I was eating more then cake to become diabetic , but you get the point. So I have to give up my addiction for cake. This will be hard because once you have been a cake junkie for years like I have the sweets are now in my system. It's like me breathing air  I have to have it. 
So these are some of the things I am giving up in 2018. What do you think?

Thursday, December 7, 2017


Hello Everyone. Well here's the story for the week. If you say snow and me being from New York I take off running to Home Depot. If you live in a city like I do and the weather man say's snow then we New Yorkers try and get ready for it. I ran to Home Depot yesterday and I got my bags of salt and now I am ready. We might not have a lot of snow but I am still ready for it.  

Pay attention to your money. That's what I have always been taught. Especially since I am not working and my money is limited to the amount in my saving account. My gardener presented me with a fall clean up bill today and it was way over the expected amount. He wanted to charge me $200 but I talked him down to $150. which was still expensive but I remembered that I still owed him for  November's yard clean up, he never asked for it. So I figured that my $150 covered the November lawn care and the fall clean up. Works for me. 

I am starting to change my life for 2018, I am looking for work that I can do from home and more ways to lose some weight. My knees went out on my yesterday and I was in pain. I figure it's either weight or age and I am not that old!!!
So that's' my story what do you think?

Friday, December 1, 2017

Dec Already???

Hello all well here's the story for the week. First it's December 1th already. What happen to the year. It flew by so fast. So what are your December plans?

Here's what happened first in November I got a great Holiday gift  My property tax was raised great gift right. So I had to send a check for $90 extra. Did I mention I am already paying about $4986.78 a year for property taxes on my house. Now every year I can look forward to an extra increase. How nice......

I felt good yesterday because I finally got rid of a lot of stuff that I didn't want. I donated it to charity. Did I mention I love cleaning out my house.  It makes me feel good. If it was up to me I could live in a empty house with just a bed, tv  and some other basics. None of all that extra stuff that you don't really need. I still have a lot more to donate but I am doing it one room at a time.

Hopefully before the months over I will be getting my new front door which is badly needed. New windows and a new mattress. Trust me if these things were not needed they would not be purchased. The front door and windows I am suprise to say came out cheap $3000. For 4 windows and a door. The mattress still looking at getting a good deal on it. I am a cheapskate you know.

I like that the months starts all over again and you get to start fresh. I told you what my goals are and I will be keeping them this year starting with today. So that's my story Have a great Dec 1th.
                                                         So what do you think?

Sunday, November 26, 2017

2018 Challenges

Hello All. well here's the story so far. Thanksgiving is over and the holidays are here but...... I am still think ahead to my challenges for 2018. I am still doing the

Coin Challenge - This is where I save all my coins and deposit them in to my Kellogg's stock and see what I come out with at the end of each years just from saving coins. My total so far for my Kellogg's stock is $353. Not bad for just giving then $25 in coins when I get it.


A Dollar A Day Challenge- We all know this one it's where I save a dollar a day doing mystery shops, returning bottles, online surveys etc. Anything to make a buck. I take my dollars and put it into my piggy bank and use that money for my cruises. Which I seem to go on one a year now.

Lose Weight Challenge- This is a new one I am 240lbs and that's not good. I got a fat neck among other things and I need to lose this weight. So that  will be my goal in 2018. If I could lose 25lbs and start eating right I would be a happy camper.

These are my 2018 goals which I will be cheating and starting on Dec 1th this Friday. So what are your 2018 goals and plans???

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy ThanksGiving

 Hello All, Just wanted to give you some Thanksgiving Humor Happy Thanksgiving, Stay Safe and Blessed!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Hotel Room In Long Beach California

Let's Walk The Vegas Strip Togetther

Vacation Over

                                                   My Friend The Seals in San Francisco

                                                 My Vegas View From My Hotel Window

Hello All, Well here's my story for the week. My vacation is over. I spent 2 weeks in California one week on a cruise the last week in Vegas. For the cruise part I went on Ruby Princess up the California Coast t line. The ports were nice ( San Francisco,Monterey , San Diego, Ensenada Mexico) the ship borrrrrrrng.  The entertainment and food was not as good as their other ships. I am sorry to say for my entertainment I spent most of my time in the ships casino, lucky I won a coupe of bucks.

The Vegas trip was good . I stayed in Ballys on comps. The only part I did not like about the strips hotels is  that they charge you for parking self parking $10 a day Valet $18 per day. That's expensive when you factor in the cost of your hotel room. Good part about Vegas is that I have so many comps for food and gambling it was almost like a very cheap trip for me. Overall in both places I won enough money gambling ( $2500) that now I have money for my next trip.

Other then that I am back and not ready for Thanksgiving but I do know one thing Thanksgiving will be on the cheap side and small side  since I ate so much food in the last two weeks. Weight Watchers is now dialing me direct! So that's my story what do you think?

Monday, October 30, 2017

Got It!!!!

 Hello All, Well here's my story so far. I finally got my mystery shopping check in the mail to day Yea! The check came to $165.00 but they still owe me about $100 more which I should be getting  in a couple weeks. I am glad that I got this check. I am doing a mystery shopping experiment.  I have open a checking account at a new bank which I got paid to do.  So when the company has teller shops I can do them at this bank. Also any other mystery shops that I do the money will go in to my new bank account for 1 year. I want to see how much money I can make mystery shopping for a year.

It pays to keep track of things. My gardener which I have not seen in 5 weeks did my yard yesterday. He also wanted to get paid so he presented me with a bill that was all wrong. So what I did was get my calendar out and told him these are the days I seen you and the days I did not see you. After our discussion the bill was reduced quite a bit. I paid only $80 bucks for 2 months instead of the original $160. It pays to keep track.

Vegas is still my love. I am still looking into moving to Vegas in 2019. That would be the right time to move because it will take me about a  year to get all my junk sold, donated or trashed. And believe me I got a lot of stuff. So that's my story so far what do you think?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

8 Days

Hello All, Well Here's the story for the week. You would think that I would be excited because in 8 days I am off to California to cruise the California coast line. I should be but I hate a few things about traveling.
                                  1. Packing I hate to pack and unpack my clothes. Then don't forget all that wash you have to do when you get home.
                                2. The money that I have spent just to go on the trip and the extra spending money for the things I might need or buy on the trip. I don't like spending money.  Ok, this trip was kinda cheap.  With air travel, car rental, hotels,  a stop in Vegas ,  the cruise itself  for the  two of us this trips costing me under $5000. Plus I get some great perks from the cruise line.
                                3. Staying in Hotels. I could never sleep good when I stay at hotels. First of all I check all my sheets and rugs and bathrooms when I first get there. I don't want to find any surprises. Last I can't sleep because I know that in a couple of hours I have to check out. So I worry that I will not have enough time to get my act together before they start charging me because I overstayed my check out time.
                       4. Flying. I use to love to fly but not so much anymore, The seats are smaller and my butt had gotten bigger. I have to bring my own food. Airline food is way to expensive, And attitude some of these airline attendants have a lot of it.

                                   5. Being late. I worry that  I will be late to catch my plane, boat, a planned adventure. Just late for stuff. That's why I make sure  I am at least an hour early for stuff if not more.

You ask if I worry about all of this stuff why do I travel, Because how else will I  see the world if  I  don't. Just have to deal with my fears, dislikes and  keep it moving.
                                                                   So what do you think?

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Feeling Good

Hello All, Here's My Story for The Week. Today well the last couple of day have been so nice I just kicked up my leg and stretched. Like I am doing in this picture. I love when we have nice days 70 degress in New York. Yea Baby. Over the last couple of day I had some great experiences. First I had a chance to meet a Facebook Friend that was visiting New York. That was a delight for me. We had a good time and  I enjoyed meeting her and her family for the first time.

Second I was able to get into Manhattan which I don't do as much since I stopped working there  . I see all the changes and it's sad to see I don't like change but I guess that's life. My favorite Gyro place went out of business and I almost cried. They had the best sauce for  Gyros.

Trying to get ready for my California/ Vegas trip. I am doing  A 7 day California Coastal cruise  after that  Vegas Baby for 7 days . I am so ready for this trip I had been planning it for a year. I am  also working my butt off doing every mystery shopping job I can get so that I can have money to keep my Radio show( podcast going) I like my podcast show just don't like the fees they charge me to do it.

                                     Well that's my story so far what do you think?

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Money Hustle

Hello all well here's my story for the week... so far. I am trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents. I have been doing mystery shopping jobs for the last 3-4 days. I must say I have made a nice piece of $$.($200) Now I just have to wait until they send me my check. I hate that part. I am trying to make as much money as I can so that I can fund one of my hobbies and that's podcast radio. I love doing my radio show but it is now costing me $$. The cheapest I can get my podcast for is $6 a month for now. So I am trying to make $1 a day or more if I can that's why I am busting my a** when it comes to these mystery shop jobs. I am also trying to put more stuff out on my online store ,  right now nobody is buying but...... I did get 50 cents from amazon don't know why but I'll take it. Every penny helps toward my podcast goals.

I am doing my podcast for free with a limit of 5 hours later on I will want more hours. So that's why I am saving up for it now. Well that's my story what do you think?

                                                     A Hill's Let Talk Podcast

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Expensive Week!!!

Hello All, Man this week has been Expensive!!! First I needed new glasses. My old  glass I have had for 9 years and I needed new glasses because getting older mean my vision is not as good as it use to be. Well got the prescription. But the eyeglass man tells me  with the new glasses and new frames. Which will be cheap that bill will cost be.... $350 bucks!!! for glasses. I think that's crazy what about you?

Also I am getting some stuff dry cleaned, when did that bill go up? 4 things that are being cleaned cost me $25 bucks. I wanted to tell him the cleaners to forget it but I needed these things cleaned for my trip. So I bite the bullet and spent the money. How does people who wear suits to work afford the cost of getting their suits cleaned once a week. That's an expensive habit. The average cost of cleaning say a dress is $7 dollars. Depending on what the material is on your clothing it could cost more.

Last I had an eye problem and my doctor gave me medication for it. Went to the pharmacy to get it . She said it would be $80 bucks I told her to keep it. I am not paying $80 bucks for some eye drops. That's crazy. My eye problems  is not life & death this medication just makes the problem go away faster for that price I will wait until the problem goes away by itself and it will. So that's the spending and non spending story. What do you think?

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Showing You My Atlantic City Room

Really That Much???

Hello All, well I am back from the beautiful Atlantic City, ( watch for my upcoming videos). That is not what I am talking about today I am talking about the difference in pricing here and in New Jersey when it comes to a Walmart. I visited my mother this past week and I love the Walmart by her in New jersey . Can you say they are cheap!! They are also a Super Walmart which means that they are a store and supermarket all in one. I find when I shop at my mothers Walmart the prices are half of what they are here in New York. So when I go I make sure to stock up on all the products that I need. I love that Walmart and  what I love the most about it is that the more you buy the better it is for my stock.

My Atlantic City Trip was a good one. I came back a Winner which is rare for me. With hotel cost $57 for 2 night stay, food $50 bucks for 2 nights dinner I bring my lunch and breakfast from home. free parking normally it would have cost us $10 a day but we got a free parking voucher from the front desk for being guest of the hotel. Gambling and tip money for drinks about $1000 for two people. I am glad to say  we won all of that back plus we came home with an extra $200 in our pocket for a later time. Thank you Atlantic City for the free trip.
                                                          So what do you think?

Friday, September 22, 2017

Volunteering Part 2

Hello All well here's Part 2 on my volunteering for the WE Event I told you about. This event was held at the Theater in Madison Square Gardens. There were a lot of Junior high school kids  their parents, teachers it was about 300 people. First this organization  WE was a little unorganized. They had a lot of volunteers and did not know what to do with them. Mind you we had training on Monday and by Wednesday everything had changed. Go figure.
The event itself was good Whoopi Goldberg, African Choir, Chelsey Clinton ( that's her in the picture) The Prime Minster of Canada the crowd  cheered for him like he was a rock star.

Over all it was an experience. The breakfast they served the volunteers was coffee, juice a granola bar and apples. I kid you not. The lunch was no better it was Vegan. What the heck is Vegan anyway. I tell you this group who ran this even do not believe in food. We New Yorker's like to eat food food.

As I said it was a great experience one that I would probably not do again  with this group since overall it cost me about $40 bucks in transportation and food to eat. Beside that I did not get that personal feeling of satisfation that one get from volunteering with this event.

 That's my story what do you think?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Hello Everyone. Well here's the story for the week. My friend convienced me to volunteer for WeDay. Which is an orgaization that promotes helping people in third world countries with money for business, heath , education etc. It entourages young people to get involved in being great humanitarians. This event with speakers and performers will be held Wednesday in the city and I am on the Media help group. What my job really is is that I am a runner if they need anything I run for it( haha) It should be fun and I look forward to doing it. I like to volunteer  when it comes to  helping people. So that's my story for today.  Will let you know how the event goes.

                                                 Yep that's right I am New York Made!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Leo Sayer - You make me feel like dancing (1976)


Hello All well this is my story. This is the song that I wanted to sing to my partner this weekend Why..... Because he made me so proud. He got rid of most of the junk we had in the garage. We had an old couch that sanitation finally took. He got rid of a lot of junk in our basement that was just taking up space and collecting dust. He loaded our van to the prim with stuff for donation. Heck he  gave away , threw out and sold a lot of stuff this weekend. Plus he  help me with the garage sale we were having. So this Sunday night tired as heck the both of us. I still feel like dancing because I am getting my freedom back by getting rid of the Junk! Amen!! So what do you think and who wants to dance with me?

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Hey Everybody Well here's the story so far. Score I found 3 dresses at a yardsale that actually fit me for 50 cents each. I kind you not. The seller was getting rid of all her mother in laws clothing which happens to be my size. The women had some nice dresses. So I took them I need them for my cruise trip  November. I love buying cheap but good quality clothing.

My stinking sanitation. I told you about the couch that I was getting rid of well, I put it out for sanitation to pick it up 2 weeks ago.  The skunks, birds and raccoons thinks  the couch sitting outside  is their new out door furniture to do whatever with. I see the new holes they have made in it. I called sanitation everyday about this couch. Finally someone told me what to do and now hopefully my couch will be picked up this Thursday. God willing.

Yard Sale Saturday I can't wait. My community is doing a yard sale this Saturday and I need to do one so bad. I have been on this get rid of junk kick lately and I want to sell or donate all my junk. I am into to no junk living now. So that's my story. What do you think?

Thursday, August 31, 2017

New York Sanitation!!!

Hello Everyone. Well here's the story so far. Getting rid of stuff in New York ain't easy. Here's why. First you have to call 311 to tell them what your putting out for me it was an old sofa. Then they tell you to put  your big item out the night before your last pick up ( what???) but it must be after 4 pm or you will get a ticket. I did that. Now you wait. Well I waited and today what did I find my sofa had not been picked up by sanitation. You know I called 311 this morning they told me that sanitation will pick it up on Saturday. I told them as long as I don't get a fine for my sofa being out in the street we will be all good. I tell you it's hard  getting rid of trash now a days. You have to jump through a lot of hoops and deal with a lot of  different attitudes. This is why I need to move the heck out of New York  it's  to expensive to live here and to many hoops to jump through for stuff your already paying for with your taxes.

I tried calling the junk removal companies for them to take the sofa plus a few more other things that I wanted to get rid of. I called about 3 different companies  4 days ago still waiting on a call back. That's when my partner said forget it we will do it ourselves and we did. Now if sanitation would do their part we can all be happy. So that's the story what do you think?

Monday, August 21, 2017

Will I Ever????

Hello Everyone, well heres' my Story this week. Will I Ever...... Have a yardsale of my own? I keep going to yardsales and buying to much stuff to sell and put out in my own yardsale but atlast I have not had one yet and the summer is almost over. My neighbor stated that we will have one in September but if he don't then I will. I need to get rid of stuff. Don't get me wrong I have had opportunities to go to different events to sell my stuff but my partner keeps telling me that we would not make any money at these events. And we have to pay them to set up where in your garage your rental is free. He has a point. But still I need do my own yardsale instead of running to everybody else's.

Water Bill Darn! That joker was high this month $399. compared to $179  for 3 months. My tenants must be washing everybody's clothing and then some for the water bill to be that high, I was mad when I seen it. But then again she is paying for it through her rent checks. Besides she's moving soon and my water bill will be back to $79 because nobody will be living there for a while. And if I do get a new tenant the rent will be raised to cover a high ass water bill like the one I just got.

That's about it for this week trying to stay cheap and live a good life. So what do you think?

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Good Morning Everyone, Well  here's the story for the week. I am a little bit stressed because in 2 months I leave for California and it's ain't easy. First I have to find out when my tenant from my rental home is moving. I thought that she would be gone by now since she purchase a home but she's waiting on her closing date. Which is ok by me but I just hope she doesn't decide to move out around the time I am leaving on vacation that would be a problem.

Stressing Out #2  Trying to make plans to go on vacation when you know you need to stay your ass home and clean up and get rid of all the junk you have collected through the years. I have so much stuff in my place it's stressing me out I just want to dump it all and start all over again.

Stressing Out #3  Do I have enough money  to go on this damn expensive trip. This 2 week vacation a cruise to California and Vegas is expensive. I always stress when it comes to spending money I dislike spending money.

Well these are some of the things that I am stressing out about. So how has your Summer been?

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hey There!

Hey Everyone, I know it's been a minute since the last time I spoke to you so here's what's going on...
It's hot in New York and I am trying to get things done. I seem to be spending a lot of money this month. First my teeth is costing me $200 bucks and that's just for one cap! My tenant that rents my house is leaving in Aug so that means I have to hire people to pant and fix up which equal more money out of my pocket. Planning a very expensive vacation to California which mean yes you guessed it more money. But after all this spending the good news is that I passed my stress test and I might be overweight but my hearts good. Thank you god!
Well that's my story so far what do you think?

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Jury Duty Pay

 Hello Everyone, well here's the story so far. I finally got my jury duty check and It came like it was a bill from the IRS. I was scared to open it but when I did I was surprised that it was my jury duty check. Thank god I needed that money I have been spending like crazy buying stuff from yard sales to re-sell for the winter.  Sister trying to  make a buck anyway she can.I feel like I am storing my nuts for the winter to eat when it comes to buying stuff to re-sell.

So anyway what else is going on with me. 4th of July was quite hope you had a good one. Now it's almost time to say good-by to my tenant. They are moving in August and I will miss them they were good people and they were quite. I like quite tenants that pay on time.  So the hunt is on to find more people to rent to,  but first I have to do some clean up work. Not looking forward to that.

Oh well that's the story  so far what do you think?

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th

                                          Wishing Everyone a Safe & Happy 4th Of July

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

This Song Right Here.....


                          Has been in my head for 3 days now. I love this song. So what do you think?

Saturday, June 24, 2017


Hello everyone, Well here's the story for the week, Friday was my birthday and you would think that I would spend it celebrating and enjoying a nice cake. But no I was on a line waiting to get into an estate sale. Why you ask because the estate sale was close to where I live and they offered some stuff that I just wanted to see like old comic books and board games. I thought it would be a fun adventure but the joke was on me. First it was 90 degrees inside the house felt like 110 with no air. You had about 50 people in a small house  that could comfortable fit 5 or less  So everybody in the house  was doing the excuse me dance or the bump. It as crazy. I was sweating and cursing all at once because of the crowd and  craziness inside the house with re sellers and personal shoppers. I spent 3 hours in that house with my partner and yes we got some decent stuff but you should have seen what it took for us to get it.
After all was said and done we got some groceries and went home we were to hot, tired and aggravated to do anything else. Happy Birthday to me!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Hello all, well here's the story for the week so far. I am doing a happy dance today. I not only woke up this morning but I got a check that was unexpected. So you know I am happy. Also I went to Omaha Steak company with a coupon for 10 food items like steaks, franks, hamburgers, desert all for $49.99 that was a great deal since my mother brags about how good these steaks and hamburgers from this company is. When the sales women started staking all the meat boxes on the counter my partners eyes almost fell out of his face.  He said we are getting all of this meat for how much!!! He was in shock.

Also I did a mystery shop this week that will pay me $40 bucks for half hour of my time. Yea. I love when a mystery shopping company gets desperate and pays high prices for a shopper to do a quick shop. I hope this money week getting continues. So that's the story so far I am still doing my happy dance So what do you think?

Saturday, June 10, 2017


 Hello Everyone, Here's the story for today. Well you know it's yard sale season and I am out there like the rest of them hunting for stuff. Well I came across a guy who was selling a game system that I wanted. He wanted $15 for the system with one game and no cord.I told him that I would give him $8 since I had to buy a cord for it which would have cost me about $10 bucks. We settled on $10 if he could find the cord.

Here's the really part..... He went into the house did something and when he came back out of the house. He tells me he  now wants $15 for the system without the cord and then he stated that he did not know if he wanted to sell it. Really???. We made a deal before you went into the house and like that you inside  probably looked it up on ebay and changed your mind!!

I was pissed  when he told me that , then I thought about that it for a moment. I said ok and left.I will keep my money in my pocket. I am not worried about it there is a game like that with my name on it and I will find it out there some where. So What do you think?

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Birthday Month

Hello Everyone. well here's the story for the end of the month. June is birthday month for me. meaning that I have so many birthdays this month I forget who's who's. I know that's bad on my part. My mother's is this month so I am going to send her a fruit basket . You know the one with the craved fresh fruit made up into flowers and stuff. I love sending baskets like that, they are not cheap but they are beautiful. My birthday which is at the end of the month I am passing on to buzy to party will do something later. My fathers birthday is this month.  God rest his soul. I will be sending love and blessing up to heaven where he is, I really miss him. Last but not least a dear friend I hopefully I will  get a chance to take her to dinner. But that's my story so far and the months has not begun yet.
 So what do you think?

Monday, May 29, 2017

Happy Memorial Day

 Here's My Story Today. I could not decide on which one I liked better for you so I am giving you two pictures Wishing You a Happy & Healthy Memorial Day! So what do you think?

Friday, May 19, 2017

Yard Sale Time!!!!

This weekend is so Hotttttttt. Meaning  there are so many community yard sales and individual ones  this weekend that I am excited and it's only Friday!! I am prepared with for my yard sale adventure by getting my stuff ready like (  cold water to drink and water to wash your hands with, singles, camera for videos, paper to wrap stuff, bags to put stuff in etc). I know one community yard sales I go to every year they have some good stuff but sometimes the stuff can be pricey.  I have a new community sale that I will also  be going to this Saturday hopefully they will have some stuff. I will let you know how it all goes down this weekend. I am excited! You know I love my Yard Sale Season. Well that's my story what do you think? 

Look at my Yard Sale Adventure on YouTube to see just what I am seeing at my local Yard sales so far....