Sunday, November 26, 2017

2018 Challenges

Hello All. well here's the story so far. Thanksgiving is over and the holidays are here but...... I am still think ahead to my challenges for 2018. I am still doing the

Coin Challenge - This is where I save all my coins and deposit them in to my Kellogg's stock and see what I come out with at the end of each years just from saving coins. My total so far for my Kellogg's stock is $353. Not bad for just giving then $25 in coins when I get it.


A Dollar A Day Challenge- We all know this one it's where I save a dollar a day doing mystery shops, returning bottles, online surveys etc. Anything to make a buck. I take my dollars and put it into my piggy bank and use that money for my cruises. Which I seem to go on one a year now.

Lose Weight Challenge- This is a new one I am 240lbs and that's not good. I got a fat neck among other things and I need to lose this weight. So that  will be my goal in 2018. If I could lose 25lbs and start eating right I would be a happy camper.

These are my 2018 goals which I will be cheating and starting on Dec 1th this Friday. So what are your 2018 goals and plans???

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