Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Hello everyone, so what's going on? I will tell you right now and for the last 3 days or so I have been lacking motivation. The reason  is that with the gum surgery that I had on Friday my teeth hurt. Since they hurt I had no real motivation to do anything but pop pills and take naps oh yea and read my book. As far as money and making it goes I have been a what would you say LAZY about that. But good news  I am still launching my Tee shirt line April 1th.and when it comes out I will let you know. I am pretty excited about it. I found a artist who gave me two  cool designs. Well you'll see them soon. I figure why not sell t shirts, old toys, Barbies, e books, sponsorship for my radio show The Cheap Cheetah Money Show on blogtalkradio anything that I can make money from. That's about it for me just getting ready for the spring to come so I can hit the garage sales. I enjoy doing that and beside I never know what I find I can sell.  So What do you think???    

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Happy Saturday

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I can truly say Today Was A good Day!!! Why because first I woke up this morning and I was able to get out of bed. Then I got a chance to roll my coins that I had been collecting for a while  the total came to $120. Just in coins that I would take from my pockets and pocketbooks on a daily basis. Then I won $2  with a lottery scratch off. I was able to let go of some stuff and post it to sell on my Bonanza page. I also ordered two different T shirts designs for my business for $5.50 for the two from fivvers.com I hope they come out good because  these designs are what I am using plus some others ones that I have to start my tee shirt business that I told you about. And I did all of these things after having gum surgery yesterday. Which that in itself is very stressful. Have you ever had gum surgery? Let me tell you it's not a good thing to have but I had to have it or my teeth would be falling out right now. But back to the good things. I feel good because I accomplished a lot of things today and I am proud of myself. So what did you do today and what do you think?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Let Me Ask You.....

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A question, do you think you can start a business, promote it and make money from it with little out of pocket cost from you?  I was thinking that , well you know me I am always trying different things to make $$. So I told you about the Tee shirt business I was trying to get into. Well right now I am trying to get two tee shirts designs for $5. Really I would like to get 3 different designs for $5. But I might be pushing it a bit. I am also looking for places on the internet and off to promote my business for little to no money on my part. Most of the vendor events that I am interested in cost about $75 or more. Which my budget for my tee shirts business is $25. My question to you have you done something like this before and if you have where you successful at it ? Thanks in advance for answering my question. 

A Good Day!

This is how I felt yesterday, why because the taxes were done and my Uncle Sam was good to me. Thank you Uncle Sam. I also found out that through my garage sale hunting last year I got something for cheap, that if I sell it I could get at least $500 for it because it's rare and you can't get it anymore. It's a barbie doll outfit. Since I collect barbie dolls and clothing of the vintage nature to sell. I got a few things that I hope will bring me some nice $$. I will keep you posted on that. Also when I  was at the return bottle machine at my supermarket a nice man came up to me and gave me 15 cents worth of return bottle coupons. Score! So with my bottle coupons and what was given to me I had over $1.50 to put toward my $2 challenge. Also I finished a good book by Kevin Oleary from Shark Tank. Men. Women & Money was the name of the book. Good book if you like reading about ways to save and invest money. So that is why the big smile on my face I had some pretty good things happen to me yesterday and I forgot to mention I woke up to enjoy it all . Thank you Lord . So what do you think? 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Good morning everyone. I wanted to talk to you about worry. Right now I am in the worry mode. I worry that I will not make enough money  to live off of. Even though I am being supported by my partner and he  keeps telling me not to worry about money and that he will take care of me. Which I know that he will, he's good like that. But if your a person like me that has been independent all your life it's hard to depend on someone financially that is. But I guess  this is my chance to become a free spirit like I always wanted to be. My partner told me just this morning that with me not  working I have  less stress and I go to the doctor less. I looked more relaxed and at peace. Which he is right maybe the best thing for me was to leave my job when I did now if I could only leave the money worrying like I did my job then I would truly be at peace..
                                                           So what do you think?   

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happy Sunday!

Here are some thoughts, you know how I tell you about the different things that I want to do to make money. Well here is another thing I am going to try. It's selling tee shirts on a sight called Teechip. I read about this sight from Saving Adviser. The writer is attempting  to sell t shirts as a side business to make his challenge goal of $10,000. I read what he was doing and that thought this might be a good idea to add a t shirts selling business to my many things that I am trying to make money from. I have a bonanza page selling vintage barbie dolls, my amazon page selling my e books,  and my half price page selling books that I have in excess inventory. So why not add tee shirts sells to the group. It will cost me about $10 for the designs and the company that I will use to sell the tee shirts from  would be free. So let's see how this will go. So far me selling the Spirited Frugal Free tee shirts is a bust but I keep trying. So what do you think???  

Friday, March 20, 2015