Saturday, January 28, 2017


Hello Everyone. Well here's my story for the week... Beware.... Of lawyers they will rip you off if you let them. Tell you what happen. My partner was getting a settlement for some property that his family owned back in the day. The lawyer  he  hired  regarding this property stated  in order to get things done right  my partner had to be made the executor of the state.  So that he can claim proper ownership of this property which would then entitle him to more $$ for the sale of the property.That cost us $2500 to get this done. We paid it. Mind you we never got the documents so that he could be made the executor from the lawyer. So now when the settlement check comes for the property which we told our lawyer to handle everything. He did but he states that he's charging us $1850 for just sending some e mails and reading some papers after we already paid him $2500. Really!!!

I have a meeting with him next week and you know what I am going to tell him right.. Mind you I like to cuss. We are not made of money over here..Lawyers rip you off and smile in your face all nice when they do it. I am starting to not like them... So that's my story for the week What do you think???

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Cleaning Bug

Good Morning Everyone. Happy Wednesday. Well here's the story for the past couple of day. First Warning..... When you get your medical drugs in the mail, be sure to check them. I have know mail order medical companies to send the wrong medications to people. Also when you are billed for medical procedures  read the bills carefully. I was billed twice for a procedure that I already had paid for. So check your bills and your medications.

I had the cleaning bug for the last couple of days and that's what I have been doing ---- cleaning. If I had not used it in the last year or so out it went. For 2017 I need my life to be on empty and less clutter. Know what I mean?

I been working my challenges and they are slow but I am still doing them. So far for January it's slow and I am trying to get things accomplished.  Like getting a new door, car fixed,etc. There has been some good new my e creator store is making sales.. But other then that nothing special.

So what do you think?


Friday, January 6, 2017

What A Week!

Hello Everyone Happy Friday. What a week this has been. First I didn't know that everything would be closed on Monday. Since New Years Day was Sunday everything around me was closed on Monday. So all the things that I needed to do was put off until Tuesday. I was sadden by the fact that my Stores Sears you know this is the story that I go to when I want a part-time job. Is closing a lot of stores and Macy's also. This week got some good stuff at CVS after holiday sale. They were selling their stuff for 75% off, So I got a few things to stock my online store with. I got good stuff to!.

Also just found out that my tenant in my rental home is leaving the end of the month. She stayed for 3 years which was a blessing to me. Now it's time to get back into my rental clean it up and re-rent it again. Hopefully I will have some good people like the last ones.. Mind you I am doing all this running and cleaning and getting myself organized while coming down with a cold. So yea I am glade it's Friday I need a few days just to rest. So what do you think?

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Over Like A Fat Rat!

Here's My Fat Rat Story. When I went on my Dec cruise. I received $100 in on board credit. Then something happen to my cabin and the cruise ship gave me an extra $300 on board credit. plus they did all my dirty laundry for free. Which if you know on a ship for them to do your laundry can get expensive. So all my travel clothes that were dirty were washed and pressed free. I got $400 on board credit which I used for all the holiday shopping on the ship when they had their $10 sale. I also used my credit to take a tour of one of the islands. So when I got home the only thing that I spend for 10 days on vacation was $500 and that's was for 2 people. I say I got over like a fat rat! Thanks NCL Gem! So what do you think?