Sunday, November 30, 2014

It's Time To Play....

Monday will be the start of my $2 dollar challenge. I am excited and disappointed all at the same time. Why because I have put my  stuff that I can do on Fivvers, Bonanza,looked for jobs on the side to do. I have no takers so far.  I realize that I am working lazy which  meaning that I  am starting this challenge the half ass way.  I am half ass doing it  but tomorrow it will be on and popping. I will keep you posted. Got any suggestions??? 

Friday, November 28, 2014

I Am Ready??

How fitting that Dec 1th Is a Monday. It's also when my $2 challenge begins. I am putting out everything that I can in order to start my challenge off right. Here are some of the things that I did. I put out 20 things on my Bonanza Page to sell. I registered for more mystery shops and surveys. I have played my luck number in the lottery for the week. I have looked around on the Internet for new ways to make $2. So far over this weekend  I will still be preparing myself  to start on Monday and I will keep you posted. Got any suggestions???

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Rain & Snow Really???

This Morning I woke up to rain and snow hitting my window. I love the first day of snow but the snow fell and the rain fell and the snow washed away thanks god. Did I mention that shoveling was not one of my favorite things to do. Anyway Since tomorrow is thanksgiving it should be quite in my household. Since it's just me and my partner we decided to just hang out tomorrow and cook a small dinner. I told my mother that we would see her after the holidays since I will be in........... Vegas for Christmas! I am searching now for cheap everything places to eat, to gamble, to see all for free or near free in Vegas. This is not my first time there I know the lay of the land but it will be my first time on a very serious and strict  budget($1500.00)  This puts a cramp in the way I gamble but oh well it's about getting away from New York more then gambling This time anyway.
                 Have a Happy Thanksgiving God bless, Be safe and Enjoy! Got any suggestions???

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I keep Getting These

I just got this in the mail last week. Yea you guessed it it's another Chase  Bonus of $250. With this bonus you have to set up a checking account with direct deposit and a saving account with $5,000. For the checking account set up you get $200 for the saving you get $50. My partner is thinking about doing the checking account one. He says that you put $100 in the checking account and for a direct deposit he could have one of his small stock checks that like $3 a quarter go into that account. He says that way you have made you $200 for the month. I said good idea but what about next month??? Didn't think of that one did you? So any thoughts or suggestions???

Ideas For My $ 2 Challenge

OK, as you know that I am trying to find ways to make $2 a day for my $2 challenge. I was thinking about getting back into selling Romance Party products. You know the adult novelty and lingerie stuff. Well I use to do it a couple of years ago I did the parties, conventions all of that . It was work and I made some money not a whole lot. But I was working full time then so any extra money I made was just that extra. This kinda job takes a lot of effort, friends and money  for promotions. It's not like it was when I was selling it back in the day . I could be part of a romance company for $99  or less and they did not have the extra $19.95 monthly business fee you have to pay in order to use their website with you name on it and for them to process your credit card transaction from you parties like they have today. None of this existed when I was doing Romance parties. And they are more expensive today then back in the day  the start up cost  is like $150-1000. Which is crazy, Anyway I have a company that is dirt cheap and all I have to spend is $99 plus shipping and I can get my products and sell independent from any so called Romance company where I work on commission. The problem with this idea is it's over my $20 buck limit, I don't know if people are still doing parties like they use to back in-the day and also the shipping for my cheap romance stuff is high like $50 bucks high. It's a thought. If I do sell I need money to advertise and promote and gas money to go to the parties and such. Oh forget it it's to expensive in the long run to do these parties. Got any suggestion???

But It's Thanksgiving!!!

I keep hearing all day that Snow is coming the New York way. I am a little surprised that we are getting snow so early this year. Last year we did not see it until Jan. I am ready to see the snow in some ways because I love looking at the first snow fall, But when it gets to be to much like they have in Albany 10-15 inches and counting. That's when I lose my desire to even like snow anymore, Because I have to shovel it and shoving a lot of snow is not cute or easy after you been doing it for 5 days straight! 
So what are you suggestions???

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Already??/

I am still trying to find more ways make my $2. I got 2 offers  to join a focus group. Well actually I filled out the questionnaire to see if they will call me ( I hope) One focus group is  paying $175. for 2 hours and one focus group is paying $95 for 1 hour.  That would be some good money if  they called me. 
Today is Sunday and I have put some more stuff out on my selling site Bonanza. Hopefully I can make some good sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
I will keep you posted on how  my challenge is going!
 Got any suggestions???

Friday, November 21, 2014

My Inspiration and Fustration

OK, so I like to gamble and I spend or shall I say I use to spend a lot of money doing it. ($80-90 a month) I decided that I would purchase a plastic trash can bank  $1.29 from my 99 cent store. I would place my losing tickets on the bank. My goal is  for  one year  or maybe two tops I would put all my winning from the lottery or my local casino in to the bank and in the year 2015 or 2016 around this time ( DEC). I would cut open the bank and see how much I have won. Good idea right? I have also cut my gambling budget back to $20 a month instead of the$80 I was spending when I was working.
Disappointment right now I have a week to get things set up for my $2 dollars a day challenge. I have some old gigs on Fivvers and I am having problems seeing them.  So I f I can not see them then the people who I need to use my Gigs can't see them. So I contacted the customer service dept of fivvers and they are working on it. I need for my fivvers gigs to be up and running before Dec 1. that's when my $2 challenge starts. So yes I am disappointed in fivvers they use to be easy and good to use  now they seem to be just a hassle So what do you think???

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

$2.00 Challenge

I have a $2 dollar challenge with myself. It will start on Dec 1th 2014 and end Dec1 2015. I wanted to see really show myself that I can make $2 dollars a day to put toward my investment of stock. If I make $2 a day that adds up to $ 60 dollars a month . Which would be more then what I need to add to my stock which only requires me to put in $50 a month, thus leaving me an extra $10 for myself. How hard could it be to make $2 a day? I will keep you posted!   Got any suggestions???

Side Note I am starting with 0.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Wasteful Weekend

This was a very wasteful weekend. First I tried making a cake to save myself some money. Because I tend to buy a lot of enterman's cakes which cost me about $5.99-6.99. These cakes use to be good not anymore, so I made a cake needless to say the cake was a flop and I had to make another one. So I wasted money making two cakes and using up extra ingredients like milk and eggs to do it.
Also since I have been home I find myself spending more money grocery shopping. Mind you I just went food shopping last week at my  PJ's warehouse store. Now today I had to go back to the supermarket to purchase things that I need for thanksgiving. Making my grand total for today $80 bucks and that's with stuff on sale. You asking why did I not buy the stuff I needed at PJ's last week- answer it was to expensive and they did not have what I needed. And to really look at warehouse prices somethings it's cheaper to get stuff at your regular supermarket then at your warehouse one. So all together for this weekend I spent about $100 in being wasteful. I hate that!  Got any suggestions???

Thursday, November 13, 2014

This Is What I Am Saying

I was just talking about food the other day and how expensive it is. Well guess what just came in today . That's right my visa bill.  When I get my bill I usually go over it to make sure I was not charged for stuff that I did not buy. Well I started counting up how much money we spend eating out and grocery shopping. The grand total for the month was $800. I was shocked and mad all at the same time. I could not believe that two people in one month ate that much food up. I was so mad that I blamed it on my partner and I called him to damn greedy for eating up that much money in food. I told him Dec we are not eating nothing but bread, oat meal and cheap meat and the meat will be a luxury. He said I must be "joking" I was not. We have to find a way to cut our food bill in more then just half " hell cut in down to $200 for the month and that's me being generous. Any Suggestions??/

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Expensive Food

 Went to my Local BJ Warehouse today. Only because I was given a $100 gift certificate to spend. I cut out coupons, made a shopping list of only the things I needed to get. After all was said and done. I  spent  $258.40.  Did I mention I only got 2 packages of meat and the rest were paper goods, health products, breads, cereals and stuff  that was needed. I was disappointed that  with my  $50 worth of coupons any a $100 gift certificate I still ended up spending over $200. More then I had budgeted for. But again I am grateful for the money and the coupons to use. But I have come to realize that even with coupons if you live in a place like New York stuff is still expensive especially food!
Got any suggestions???

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Cheap Cheetah Show

A Beautiful Day To Think......

It's a beautiful day and it got me to thinking about creating a e book to sell on line. Since I love to talk about finance and I already have some e books under my belt( not selling but) I might just start a new e book one on finance and one on networking for small business. I am trying to do like I keep reading about on line and that's to make $$. Any suggestions???

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Spend & Save

I spend and saved at the same time.  First the spending part with the mega million being 210 million and the regular lottery being $10 million . I took a chance and spent $10 for tickets and some scratch offs. Hey I won $1 last time from my scratch off ( don't laugh, It's a dollar!). OK, so I spent $10 on lottery stuff. 
I saved money on Halloween stuff. I went to my drug store yesterday and they were offering Halloween candy for 75-90% off. I got 3 bags of chocolate to freeze for $2.10. The normal price for a bag was $5.99. That would have been $18.00 for 3 bags of chocolate the good stuff if I did not get the discount! So I saved and spend $$ today.
What are your suggestions?

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Caught Again!

I am always caught off guard when it comes to people and their reactions to certain things. I was visiting my favorite place Monday ( my local Casino) with my partner who is always reluctant to go. He likes to gamble but he hates to lose $$ doing it. Well anyway I ran out of money and I asked him for some and this is the look that he gave me. Like I was joking when I asked him for money to gamble. Needless to say we had a big fight over it  Me gambling excessive that is I hate to admit he was right with no money coming in on my part I need to keep my butt out of the casino. Well I have learned my lesson and after my Vegas trip for Christmas which I will hopefully do cheap when it comes to gambling I should and will be giving it all up  2015. So  Any thought???