Friday, November 21, 2014

My Inspiration and Fustration

OK, so I like to gamble and I spend or shall I say I use to spend a lot of money doing it. ($80-90 a month) I decided that I would purchase a plastic trash can bank  $1.29 from my 99 cent store. I would place my losing tickets on the bank. My goal is  for  one year  or maybe two tops I would put all my winning from the lottery or my local casino in to the bank and in the year 2015 or 2016 around this time ( DEC). I would cut open the bank and see how much I have won. Good idea right? I have also cut my gambling budget back to $20 a month instead of the$80 I was spending when I was working.
Disappointment right now I have a week to get things set up for my $2 dollars a day challenge. I have some old gigs on Fivvers and I am having problems seeing them.  So I f I can not see them then the people who I need to use my Gigs can't see them. So I contacted the customer service dept of fivvers and they are working on it. I need for my fivvers gigs to be up and running before Dec 1. that's when my $2 challenge starts. So yes I am disappointed in fivvers they use to be easy and good to use  now they seem to be just a hassle So what do you think???

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