Sunday, November 9, 2014

Spend & Save

I spend and saved at the same time.  First the spending part with the mega million being 210 million and the regular lottery being $10 million . I took a chance and spent $10 for tickets and some scratch offs. Hey I won $1 last time from my scratch off ( don't laugh, It's a dollar!). OK, so I spent $10 on lottery stuff. 
I saved money on Halloween stuff. I went to my drug store yesterday and they were offering Halloween candy for 75-90% off. I got 3 bags of chocolate to freeze for $2.10. The normal price for a bag was $5.99. That would have been $18.00 for 3 bags of chocolate the good stuff if I did not get the discount! So I saved and spend $$ today.
What are your suggestions?

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