Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ideas For My $ 2 Challenge

OK, as you know that I am trying to find ways to make $2 a day for my $2 challenge. I was thinking about getting back into selling Romance Party products. You know the adult novelty and lingerie stuff. Well I use to do it a couple of years ago I did the parties, conventions all of that . It was work and I made some money not a whole lot. But I was working full time then so any extra money I made was just that extra. This kinda job takes a lot of effort, friends and money  for promotions. It's not like it was when I was selling it back in the day . I could be part of a romance company for $99  or less and they did not have the extra $19.95 monthly business fee you have to pay in order to use their website with you name on it and for them to process your credit card transaction from you parties like they have today. None of this existed when I was doing Romance parties. And they are more expensive today then back in the day  the start up cost  is like $150-1000. Which is crazy, Anyway I have a company that is dirt cheap and all I have to spend is $99 plus shipping and I can get my products and sell independent from any so called Romance company where I work on commission. The problem with this idea is it's over my $20 buck limit, I don't know if people are still doing parties like they use to back in-the day and also the shipping for my cheap romance stuff is high like $50 bucks high. It's a thought. If I do sell I need money to advertise and promote and gas money to go to the parties and such. Oh forget it it's to expensive in the long run to do these parties. Got any suggestion???

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