Thursday, October 30, 2014

I Got A Check!

I got a lottery check for $3 dollars. Yea! It was unexpected and I will be putting this money toward my saving account. You know the one where I am putting money that I win from lottery and scratch off tickets in my gambling jar for one year.
I also purchased $5 dollars worth of lotto tickets since the drawing is 280 million. I have to spend  a least some money on a chance to win it. 
I  stopped looking for a holiday job reason because I will be away this holiday and between the doctors and dentist appointment  I have no time to work. But I will be looking for a job to make money after the first of the year.
What I am really working on is trying to make money from what I love and that's showing people how to make money from my Cheap Cheetah Money Show site.
Oh well that's my story for the week. 
Happy Halloween be safe and be happy
So what do you think???

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

House Money....

It's almost been 3 months since I left my job. I have been looking for ways to make $$ as you know but no luck. My partner keeps telling me that I get an income from the house we are renting. I keep telling him that that's not my money it's the house money. It belongs to the house which means that the rent checks are not to be used for nothing but the house. And maybe to purchase another house but it is not to be used for me to live on. He looks at me like I am crazy when I say that. I told him when the tenants move out where is the money coming from   to pay for  repairs, taxes, insurance, heating etc for the house. Not out of my pocket I don't have the money. So that's why the house has it's own bank account for it's expenses. I will keep looking for ways to make $$ but using the house account is out? So what do you think???

Saturday, October 25, 2014

I Am Tired

I am tired of trying to deal with Real Estate Agents. They are lazy. Not all of them but the ones that I have dealt with are. For instance I am trying to purchase a home in Philadelphia a home path home. I saw one I liked contacted the agent and what happens? We play phone tag and then she doesn't send me the things that I need to get started with the house I want to see. She ( the real estate agent offers to go look at the place for me since I live in NY and she lives in Philly. I said thanks I would appreciate it and then nothing. I keep calling her and  when we talk or e mail  she turns dizzy on me like she keeps forgetting what I am looking for when it comes to property and my budget. I am tired, she is not the only one that I have  had  like this. I  must have went through 25 agents in the course of 2 years. They can not be all non workers or can they be? This makes me want to get in to real estate to be an agent just to show people how people really work especially if they work on commission. 
So what do you think??? 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cheap Eats

I would have never thought that ethic grocery stories would be cheaper then my own grocery store. But again I was wrong. My partner swears by this store only because the seafood, fruits, vegetables are cheap and fresh. Even though some of the stuff  in our ethnic store you walk in there and say what is this. Some of these stores like  the H store  in our neighborhood do offer you signs in English and Korean. Most of the stuff in out H store you kinda know what  something are and something you don't. That's why you only buy what you know in stores like these. But I can tell you whatever you buy it will be cheap. For instance a bag of potatoes are 99c, big jumbo shrimps are $5.99 a pound . You get the idea cheap eats.
If you ever run upon a H store or any kind of ethnic store, go inside and you will see how cheap you can eat. so what do you think??/

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Just A Thought!

Yard sales are not like they use to be say 2 years ago. First I love going to yard sales you never know what your going to get. Second the price at some yard sales are always right--- cheap. 
But I have been noticing in the last year or so that not many people are going to yard sales like they use to. I wonder why and If they do go to them they are looking for deep discounts on stuff that's already cheap.

The reason I am saying this is because I had a yard sale yesterday and I was giving my stuff away. Most of the things I was selling was $2 or less. We advertised the sale for 2 days making posters and placing them in our neighborhood and 5 miles outside the neighbor and all in between. We posted the sale on the internet all over it. We knew with all the advertisement that we would d have a lot of people looking for bargains . We didn't we had about 30 people and made  $45 bucks. I am grateful for that I was just more surprised with the amount of people that showed up. One person who showed said that he saw our advertisements all over and he was surprised that not to many people where here when he showed up.   I guess garage sales are a think of the past. Well I hope not because I love my cheap garage sales. So what do you think???  

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Happy Dance

Remember when I told you about my missing Christmas Club check. Well today I got it.It was suppose to be direct deposited but the bank messed up. The good news is that I got it and I was also saving some extra money on the side of that. When I counted how much I had saved it was over $1000. Now I have $3,000 and some change to go to Vegas for christmas. My partner said that I do not need that much to go to Vegas with . So we decided that I would take half and save the other half for another trip. Think I could only take about $1500 for one week in Vegas? Sounds like another challenge for me to set? What do you think any suggestions?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Where Is My Check!

 Here's my story.  I have saved for months extra money that went into my christmas club. This money was earmarked for my Vegas Vacation in December. I know around this time the holiday checks from the bank comes out. My check was suppose to be direct deposited into my checking account so that when I am ready to leave I will have my christmas club money in here for my Vegas vacation. I went to the bank today to deposit  some money in my checking account and what did I find was that my Christmas club check had not been deposited into my checking account. I asked the teller when the checks went out she told me Oct 10th. Here it is Oct 15 and no christmas club check. I ask the teller where is my christmas club check. She told me to wait until Monday which is Oct 20th if I do not get a check in the mail to come back. She did not have to tell me that I will be back to that bank on Monday Morning and they will have to find my christmas check or give me money from their own bank account. We are talking over $2000. which I saved just to used for Vegas in DEC. I will let you know what happens but you know I am to hot with that bank this is the second time they missed up with my Holiday check and I had to go search for it.  After this I am done with them and Christmas Clubs. They suck when it comes to that department! so what do you think??? 

Look What I Got !

I just got this chase coupon in the mail. It says that they will give me $200 if I open up a  Chase Total Checking Account and have a direct deposit go into the account. I get $200. I was thinking about  doing this. I was given a coupon before for $175 which I used.  I see this as free money to me all I have to do is get $100 to open the account and find a way to get some money to go direct deposit. which should not be hard because a stock that I have which gives me a small dividend check of $3 that should do it as far as the direct deposit goes. I will just have the stock company send the $3 check to the checking account direct. So what do you think?


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I Must Be A Fool

I must be a fool or just look like one. The reason I say that is  I got a call from my financial adviser at the bank regarding my bond account that I have. I made an appointment with him to discuss this account. But when we had the meeting the adviosr tried to sell me other accounts and investment products stating  that I would get more benefits from the bank if I had x amount of money in the bank. I just looked at him . I told him I thought I was here to talk about my bonds. He stated that to but I could  more benefit from having more money in my account or in my investment. When I started to tell him what I thought about his calling me in under false pretense. He got quite and proceeded to tell me  what I came for him to tell me. What is going on with my bonds.
My advisor thought that I did not know anything about investing and the market. I read about the market all the time and I watch my investment an bank accounts very closely. I have  I  need every penny to count. Since the paycheck stop rolling in. 
 When I questioned my adviser about  what  new benefits I would be getting  that I am not already getting. Most of the benefits he talked about I already get. I told him for $250,000 in  a bank account or invest  that's what you offer to people. He stated yes. I told him thanks but no thanks and left.
People think They can sell me anything and that I look like a fool. I might dress and act like the fool but trust me I am nobody's fool!  Espically  when it comes to  MONEY!!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Holiday Job......

I applied to Sears  since they were looking for Holiday help.It so happens that I have a Sears close to me so getting in my car and running down to Sears to work for a couple of hours would not be a problem. The only problem would be if they do not call me. When you apply to Sears they ask you to take a test on line. Yesterday I was foolish enough to take that test when I was tired. So I am hopping that I passed it. If  I don't pass then It was never ment to be. did I mention this is the second time I have applied to that Sears, The first time I got the interview but I could not work for them because they needed someone in the day time and I was still working a full-time job then. But now it's a different story.
My partner asked me why am I apply for holiday jobs when we are going on vacation for the Holidays. I told him I could work around my vacation if I get hired. He said" yea right". then he walked away from me. Well I can work around my vacation. I am flexible like that I just need to get hired someplace? Got any suggestions???  

Eating Out......

After stuffing the last white castle burger in my mouth. I realized that I am spending way to much on eating out. I must have spent over $50 bucks last month on junk food. Why am I doing this you ask, because I like fast food it's fast and easy. You just go to the drive-thru tell them what you want, pay for it, take it home and eat it. I know that  fast food is not only expensive it's not good for you. This month I am trying to go Cold Turkey on Fast food. I realized that I needed that 50 bucks I am spending  to put toward my retirement account. Since I am the only one that will be funding my account  since I left my job. So now it's by by fast food hello retirement!  Got any suggestion??

Thursday, October 9, 2014


In my e mail this morning I got a notice from Sears/Kmart that they are starting to hire for the holidays. I thought about it for a moment and then I applied to Sears that's in my area for a P/T Customer service job. What the heck if they call me great. That's $10 an hour for 20 hours that's $200 bucks a week. After taxes I might see $175 after figuring my gas money and lunch ( I will bring my own lunch thank you) I figure for a holiday job my take home pay should be around $150 after expenses. I would not have to buy clothing or shoes I have that from my old job. so that saves me money. Hey I am trying a lot of different avenues to make some money. Any Suggestions???  

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I think.....

I was reading a blog the other day and this blogger had left her job to peruse traveling. Then she started telling her  readers that in order to be a  world traveler with little to no money to do it. What she started doing was writing articles as a freelancers and purchasing real estates for the rental income. Her theory was to yes be frugal but also most importantly is to have money coming in from different income streams and that my friends is what I am working on now a multi-income stream avenue's. Any suggestions???

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dollar Homes To Make Money!

                                               Click to watch Video about Detroit $1 Homes

OK here is my money making idea. I was thinking of buying say 2 homes in Detroit for $1. These homes for the purchase price would cost me $2 plus taxes and closing fee I might have to spend say $1000. for two homes at most (Maybe) I would fix these homes up at a low  cost of say $5,000 for the two and since I have to live in one of the homes for a  6 month period  ( as required by the city of Detroit) you know that I would fix up the home I have to live in a up a  little bit better then the home that I would rent. But I would still try to stay under budget of $5000. Will you stop laughing already.

 So your asking how much would I get in rent depends on the neighborhood, if it's a nice one $900 a month  a not so nice one $400 at best.  What would my renters be like well we all know if your neighborhood is not nice then getting a tenant to live in a not so nice neighborhood is a crap shoot,  I like to gamble so I will take my chances on me getting a good tenant who will pay their rent on time( Please lord, Have you stopped laughing yet))   Most of these $1 homes are in the worst neighborhood but I feel for a $1 and a lot of hassle and some major hustling it might be worth it. Where in the U.S can you buy a $1 home?? This is one way to make money....So what are your thought???

Saturday, October 4, 2014

I Love Rain

It's Saturday and it's raining. Which I love the rain but I had plans today. I was going to an event to give out my business cards to people that was attending this event. Why do you ask did I not go anyway. Because the person that I was going with backed out and the weather here is causing me to have second thoughts about going. Because  of this I  now  lost $22 in admission fees to this event. I paid for the event in advance and got a discount on 2 tickets. Now I have to make it up somehow for the lost of this money. Got any ideas??? Not to worry I will think up something. Have a great day! 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thank God......

Thank God for my partner who takes care of the household expenses and has me covered under his medical plan. Reason I say this is that I am a diabetic and I need to take certain bills everyday. I went to get my pills to day and the drug store clerk said that if I were not on a drug plan my pills would be $780 for 30 pills. There is no way I could afford that on my income which is none. Thank god I only had to pay $15 because I am on a drug plan. If not who know how I could afford my medication. It sucks being made to take medication that's to expensive and most people can not afford... Again did I say thank god for my partners drug plan......

Fifty Bucks......

I wasted $50 bucks on junk food and lottery tickets today. And this is from a women who's trying to save a dollar because there is no dollars coming in.( paycheck wise)  Why did I spend it here's a reason because my mind has not fully expected that I No Longer Have A Paycheck! I think for me that's the hardest to retain your brain to know that money can not fly freely out of your hands like it did before, you must hold on tighter to your dollars now so that the bills and your travel trips can be paid for. I am still in the getting my Brain to think less spend and more frugal! Wish me luck!