Monday, October 26, 2020

So Expensive

  Hello all well here's the story. I could be broke already. I just got the statement of   what my heart doctor charge my insurance company. Just to walk into the office it $2000. The test were $500. The other misc stuff that I think is crazy and I don't remember having was $285. Thank god for insurance they covered most of it. I have to pay  a $50 buck visit out of pocket. Which is not to bad. I had to see him twice because of a heart problem that has to be looked at. Oh by the way did I mention the heart pills that I have to take has a  $114 dollar co payment.  That's crazy!! Why is our medical services so expensive and forget the dentist they are no better.

I see way people don't go to the hospital unless they really have to. There is always  line outside of the  walk in medical assistance places. They might be cheaper, not sure never tried them.

I am really starting to see why my co-workers always preached never leave your job without your employer  paying for your medical insurance. I see why now!

                                            That's My Story What do you think?



Saturday, October 24, 2020


  Hello all Here's the weeks story. Stressful. Why is food shopping so stressful to me. I went to ShopRite yesterday and it was stressful.  People are on top of each other. They are pushing their shopping carts like they have all the time in the world.   Their stopping and holding conversations in the aisle with others. while people are trying to shop around them. Then when you say excuse me they pretend to not hear you after you have said it loud like 10 times. Is it me but I wish there was a way where you could get away with hitting people at times. When they just don't listen.

 I did  realize something Shoprite has nothing on my Walmart. Walmart is way cheaper and I have room to run, hop and skip without running in to anybody. Other then that I am  getting ready for the holiday season by  selling my  Barbie collection on line.   I need the money to buy a new car. Last I check my car was  25 years old and she is starting to show it in the way that she running. Time  to put old Betsey in to  car retirement 

                                          Nothing special that's my story What do you think?


Saturday, October 17, 2020

They Got Me Twice!!

  Hello all well here's the story for the week. They got me twice!! I went to my car yesterday which sits in my driveway. When I opened my door I noticed that my things from the glove compartment was on my seat. I knew right then and there that someone was in my car. They took the couple dollars I had but left the small coins. I knew I locked my car. I am sure of it. Anyways at least they did not break the glass or damage anything that might need major repairs if they broke it. That was the good thing, but the sad part was this was the second time in  about a year this has happened. At this point I can't even get mad anymore I figure if you had to break into somebody's car for the small stuff . Then you need it more then I do.

 Yes family I voted. I am so tired of the way our government is running I had to make my vote count this year. I had them mail me a mail--in ballot and I voted. I am proud and hopefully the right person  will  win this year.

                                                   That's My Story What do you think?  


Sunday, October 11, 2020


                                                                Hello All

Well here's the story for the week. Finally I  got a check from the hospital. Normally it's me paying them for a procedure. The check was $30. I'll take it. I will put it toward my $20  hustle challenge. This is where I find ways to make extra money outside of the things I already do. Also people are crazy. If your a New Yorker and your driving in New York be careful. People do not care about others even in your car they will run you over. I can not tell you how many near accidents I have had because people are crazy drivers.  Maybe they have all that build up aggressions and need to drive it out. Who knows.  But if I could only get out an beat these drivers with a baseball bat  and get away with it I would be so happy. ( kidding sort of)

I am starting to think of my bad habits and I eat out a lot. So I am trying to watch youtube videos on how to spent $10 on dollar tree groceries and make meals out of them for 7 days or more. This one women made this apple crumb cake  with can apples and  cake mix from the dollar tree store. I might do that only I would not use dollar tree items. I would use store brand Walmart products. My new love is Walmart cheap prices that I am loving.  Went to Walmart yesterday the prices were so cheap I almost cried. Felt like I was back in the  70's. 

                                                 So that's my story so far  what do you think?


Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Call the Police!

                                                            Hello All..

Call the police I have been robbed. Here's the story. I purchased a bird feeder from Walmart for $5 this is with food included. I set it up in the tree. after a week it was gone. I have been robbed. Either a squirrel took it or a group of birds. I am not ruling out the raccoons in this area you know they are bandits. I am calling the police. Now I have to replace that one with another one when I go back to Walmart.

October is already scaring me the medical bills from my partner came it. Can you say $70,000 no joke. Thank god he has Medicare. They footed the bulk of this bill. He  only had to pay $50 bucks. If you don't have health insurance life can get pretty scare fast for people like me who stay with something. 

I don't really talk politics on this blog all I can say is the debate between that man in the white house and Joe Biden was better then any reality show that I have seen lately. I enjoyed watching it and I don't watch debates normally.

                                      So that's my story what do you think?


Friday, October 2, 2020

Raining Money!

                                                                Hello All..

Well I had to share this with you. October 1th and it's raining money. What I mean is first  I saved $2.04 on my Con Edison bill. Which  helps because I pay about $200 a month for an empty house no less. Tell you that story later. I got a dividend check for $$20.74 which was unexpected. I also received notice that I will be getting some extra income in the coming months it's around $200. So yes It's raining money. I am so happy and thankful.

I am on the $20 dollar challenge where I challenge myself to  add to my $20 dollars by saving money and adding what I save to to a checking account. I have set up for that and my mystery shopping funds.  I am also doing surveys, playing lotto for a few bucks. I know the lotto thing is a crap  shoot.  The $20 that I start with can help me get the things that I might need to make more money. I will keep you post it on this one. It's October the holidays are coming and the need to save is great because in November for whatever reason I become a spendaholic.

                                                   So that's my story what do you think?