Sunday, October 11, 2020


                                                                Hello All

Well here's the story for the week. Finally I  got a check from the hospital. Normally it's me paying them for a procedure. The check was $30. I'll take it. I will put it toward my $20  hustle challenge. This is where I find ways to make extra money outside of the things I already do. Also people are crazy. If your a New Yorker and your driving in New York be careful. People do not care about others even in your car they will run you over. I can not tell you how many near accidents I have had because people are crazy drivers.  Maybe they have all that build up aggressions and need to drive it out. Who knows.  But if I could only get out an beat these drivers with a baseball bat  and get away with it I would be so happy. ( kidding sort of)

I am starting to think of my bad habits and I eat out a lot. So I am trying to watch youtube videos on how to spent $10 on dollar tree groceries and make meals out of them for 7 days or more. This one women made this apple crumb cake  with can apples and  cake mix from the dollar tree store. I might do that only I would not use dollar tree items. I would use store brand Walmart products. My new love is Walmart cheap prices that I am loving.  Went to Walmart yesterday the prices were so cheap I almost cried. Felt like I was back in the  70's. 

                                                 So that's my story so far  what do you think?


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