Monday, October 26, 2020

So Expensive

  Hello all well here's the story. I could be broke already. I just got the statement of   what my heart doctor charge my insurance company. Just to walk into the office it $2000. The test were $500. The other misc stuff that I think is crazy and I don't remember having was $285. Thank god for insurance they covered most of it. I have to pay  a $50 buck visit out of pocket. Which is not to bad. I had to see him twice because of a heart problem that has to be looked at. Oh by the way did I mention the heart pills that I have to take has a  $114 dollar co payment.  That's crazy!! Why is our medical services so expensive and forget the dentist they are no better.

I see way people don't go to the hospital unless they really have to. There is always  line outside of the  walk in medical assistance places. They might be cheaper, not sure never tried them.

I am really starting to see why my co-workers always preached never leave your job without your employer  paying for your medical insurance. I see why now!

                                            That's My Story What do you think?



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