Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Is It Over

  Hello all well here's the story for the week so far. Is it over?? The elections I am so tired of all of this but yet I am proud to. Because there was so many people  coming out to vote. It made me  proud that this election was so important to  people that they  stood in line for hours to vote. I voted  I did it early by mail in ballot. 

 In other news. I think  I might get cheated out of $18 dollars. Here's why. I did a mystery shop for $18 when I  went to the place to do the shop it was closed until Dec 3. I reported that back to the mystery shop company.  They told me I should have checked before I went to the  shop. No you should never have put the shop on the board for people to do if you knew it was closed. How about that!!. So they might not pay me for the shop. I had another shop that I was going to do for them but the  wait time was about 1 hour. I walked out and cancelled the shop not worth it waiting for an hour for $18 was I wrong? 

 I got a notice from Con Ed that I have to have someone come in to my rental home   to check their gas meters. They leave me a card to call . After calling for 2 weeks I finally got  an appointment. For Sunday between 8-11. Mind you this is a 15 minute check and I have to spend my Sunday waiting on Con Edison. Which  they can be slow as molasses at times. Thank god it's only a once a year check.

                                                     Well that's my story what do you think?


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