Saturday, November 7, 2020

Emergency Fund


 Hello all  here's the story so far . You need an emergency fund. Here's why. My bathroom sink has been leaking small drops for about 3 weeks. It was driving me crazy. I finally decided to get a plumber into look at it. Why is the repair costing me $850 dollars. He's giving me  new faucets and pipes underneath the sink. But really that much? Lucky I have been saving my money because where is there to go to spend money ? With  Covid 19 always popping up doing damage to people. This money I am using  would have been for my 7 day cruise to Bermuda  which I canceled a while ago. Guess somethings are more important then others.

It's only the first week in November and I am already worried that I will not make my $60 quota for the month. Since the mystery shopping companies are flaking on me and selling stuff is crazy slow. I know I have 3 weeks but I still worry.

                                               So that's the story so far what do you think?



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