Friday, September 25, 2015

The Time Has Come....

Good morning everyone. Here's my story for today. This week has been Crazy. . First I had to visit all my doctors and dentist before I leave on my trip this Saturday. Just to make sure that everything was ok with me. Thank god it is. Then the pipe in our bathroom broke. We had to get that fixed. We did it ourselves with the help of our plumbing supply store. That cost us about $50 bucks to fix. The clothing for all the formal/ non formal and who cares night on this ship cost us about $300 for two people. The drugs that we need to take and getting hair and nail done cost me about $75. This trip is getting expenses. Also did I mention that we had to pay the dentist for our visit $100? Can you see why I am stress out with all this money going out and nothing coming in.

Well to add to my  money stress I called the cruse ship and they told me this. The computer connection service WiFi on the ship cost 35 for 8 minutes; a 70 minute package cost $85. The cleaners on the ship cost $3.50  and up to $10. Drinks that contain liquor are $3-25 depending upon what you drink. The soda package for 7 days is $56 bucks for 2 people but it’s all you can drink but no liquor drinks are included. The laundry room is $2 for wash and $2 for dryer. Ironing is free. The specialty coffee shop cost money, Italian ice cream  shop cost money. And these are just some of the basic questions since I might need to iron while on the ship and I might need to do a load of laundry there to. Everyone says when you cruse the ship nickels and dimes you and they are so right. It's bad enough that this trip ain't cheap. But  this time I am doing this cruse  the cheapskate way.(got my supplies ready) I will show them that a cheapskate can still enjoy themselves without spending a lot of money! So what do you think?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wrong Occupation!

Image result for lawyers at work 

Good evening everyone. Here's my story for today. My partner is involved in trying to get back money that was stolen from him when  family property was sold with out his knowledge. He was part owner of  the property. After he meet with a lawyer. The lawyer  told my partner what had to be done to get his money for  his share of the  property. We said  go for it. Well we  got a call from the lawyers office today  saying  they needed a check for $2500. for all the work that needed to be done. After the bill was broken down to what we had to pay. I found that  lawyer services are  $300 a day. Can I tell you I should have went to law school so I could charge that much! We are still in the process of seeing if we could lower the price down a bit ,even though we are still going forward with this property issue. Hopefully after all is said and done we can walk away with the money that is rightfully owed plus extra for the  lawyers bill. So that's my story.
What do you think?  

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Story About A Jacket....

Hello Everyone, How are you? Here's my story regarding this jacket that I purchased at J.C Penny. I went to J.C. Penny to get some clothes for my cruise. I got this jacket  which cost me $18.with all the discounts that were deducted from  the original $40 price tag.When I got this  jacket home I realized  the zipper was broke. So I returned it. When I went back to J.C. Penny to exchange this jacket The cashier said I owe $1.85. My partner asked the cashier  why do I need to pay $1.85 just to exchange a jacket?  The cashier told him  because we purchased  the jacket at a discount now that we are returning the jacket the discount no longer applies. That's why we owe $1.85?  My partner said this is an exchange then he starts  yelling at the  cashier telling her that he's not paying $1.85 for an even exchange. He instructed her to give him the  jacket  that we came with back.  The cashier say that it was store policy and not hers personally  and  since he was so  upset. She would do the exchange without the $1.85 charge.  After the cashier did what she had to do I came out with J.C. Penny giving me  .98 cent credit on my charge card. You know  I will be using this .98 toward my investment coin challenge. So that's my story. What do you think? 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Job?

Hello Everyone. Well here's the story for today. It's the Holiday Season, well almost anyway. I get this notice in my e mail yesterday. Sears and Kmart are looking for holidays help. I went to their website and  applied to become a sales or cashier for Sears/Kmart. Yes I did say I applied the reason why is I could use the extra money a holiday job would bring it in. I need vacation money, invest money and everyday living expenses money. Plus it would get me out of the house for a few hours and me way from my refrigerator.

I know your asking what about the mystery shopping, the surveys and the selling on line your doing ? I can still do all that and have a p/t  job. At least with a job you know  you will be getting a check with this online stuff  that's  a hit and miss and not a guarantee check. So I have applied,  all I can do is wait and see what happens. In the mean time  I am look for other money making opportunities. Got any suggestions??
                                                                     So what do you think?

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Just Made It!

Good evening everyone. Here's the story for today. I just made it! I am still doing my coin investment challenge. I just made the $25 dollars in coins that I needed to invest for September. I have raided my car, old clothes, every room in my house,  looked in between my coach , my partner, the street, grocery store floor. You name it I have looked for coins there. This is the money I got when I raided my car. After looking every where  I was finally able to find enough coins to make $25 so that I could sent it off to Kellogg.

Which as you remember that is what I am investing in with my coins that I find. So now I am working on finding coins for October and every month after that. Which I will add is not as easy as I thought It would be.  If you  would like  to join me on this  coin challenge the more the merrier. It will be fun I promise.

Also I am doing a Win/ Lose Challenge which is my lottery tickets that I buy if I win something the money goes into a win jar.( plastic piggy bank 99 cent store kind) But if I lose money like not win on a ticket I purchase I have to put the money I spent on purchasing that ticket in to the lose jar.(recycled 99 cent plastic garbage can bank  that I am reusing from last year) I have a bet with my partner for one year that my  win jar will be more then the lose jar. He just laughs at me when I say that.

I still have not given up on making money. I have listed more stuff in my bonanza store and books on half Hopefully people will start buying during the holiday season. As far as the mystery shopping goes that’s a bust for now.  Maybe I will get back to it later. I have some medical issues that I am dealing with right now. So mystery shopping is but on the back burner. Surveys that I am doing for extra money is coming along  very very slowly. To be honest I don't do them as much they really don't interest me. I just can't seem to spend an hour or two  of my time for 50-75 cents. Am I wrong? Well that's my story and challenges.                                                          
                                                                            What do you think? 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

That's Why I Am Fat!

Good evening everyone. Here's the story. I am fat and I know why. Because my grocery bills for the month of August stated that I have eaten $560 worth of food in 4 week!!!. OK, it's me and another person but it's way to much  money  to spend on food even if it is 2 people. I have tried to lower my grocery and eating out bill. But living in New York is expensive. You can't even walk in to a supermarket in my area without spending $50 and that's just the admissions  to get in.  It's almost like your paying to be in a  food club or something.( Like Sam's Club, BJ without the bulk buying concept) Don't say try coupons been there did that did not work for me. Not to many coupons that I see for the things that I buy. Which is a lot of bad food if you want me to be honest. I am a sweetaholic. I like cakes, cookies anything with sugar.  I also like fast food and good  places to eat when I am to lazy to cook. Which adds to my food bill being so high.

I wish I could move I have been to Jersey, Las Vegas, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Seattle and a few other places. Now your talking cheap food. I saw buy two pieces of meat and get one free kinda things in an out of state supermarket. I have seen some family size generic cereal for $1. I love shopping out of state. At time I wish I could go  food shopping and bring the food back to New York with me. Food prices in other  place but new York is way cheaper then here. That's it I am moving because I still need to eat but I need to eat cheap!   So what do you think? 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Smart Casual?

Good Morning Everyone. Here's the story for today. I was looking over the dress code for my cruise this month. They have 2 formal nights and 3 smart casual nights. Smart Casual dress what the heck is that? I had to look it up  to see what it was ( see the picture) I don't dress like either picture I am more of a causal slob dresser. I am a jeans, sweat pants tee shirts and sweatshirts kind of women and I wear sneakers all the time. I am not feeling this dress up for dinner thing for this cruse. But I guess I have no choice shoes and casual/formal dress here I come if only for one week.
Now on to other news my knee that I was telling you about l that had me cancel my trip because I  was in so much pain. Well the doctor says that I have..... Arthur as in arthritis in the knee. I am too young for that.  The doctor suggested really told me in so many words to  get off my fat butt and walk more while eating  less food. I tell you getting old and fat  while being unemployed is no fun any more.
In other news beware of Capital One Bank. They are Crooks!!! I have a cd in that bank and it was coming due this month. The due date was when I would be on my trip. So I went in early to close this account. The capital one bank manager  told me that if I close my cd account now.  I would forfeit the interest for one year which was like $3 and they would stick me with a close account penalty of $45. Really?  I only have $2000 in the account.  So in actuality it's costing me money to take out my money. No thanks I will keep the account in the cd until it comes due again and then when I take my money out with your interest you can kiss my A**.  So that's my story. What do you think?  

Monday, September 7, 2015

A Busted Vacation....

Good evening everyone. How are you today and Happy Labor Day! Here's my story today. I know right now I suppose to be in Atlantic City eating my dinner at a nice table which over looks the water. But instead I am at home nursing a bum knee. How did that happen, I am still not sure. All I know is that Sunday morning when I was ready to go on my trip my knee started to act up and I was in to much pain to go anywhere. So I had to cancel my trip which I was not happy about. Of all the weekends not to go anywhere with the weather being so nice it had to be this one. On top of that I now have to make an appointment with my doctor to see what happen to my knee. Is this what it will be like when you start getting older your body starts to fall apart on you at the wrong time?   So what do you think?

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Loving My Coffee

Hello Everyone, This video is to all my coffee lovers out there like myself. I love coffee and coffee kits  Here is a coffee kit that I found  at a yard sale. It's a coffee to Go Kit kit . You can take this anywhere you want to as long as you have a outlet to plug it in to. I thought this was cute so I had to buy it. It was cheap of course. It cost me $3. This kit  was brand new the lady who sold it to me told me she never used it. So that is my story for this Saturday I am off to Atlantic City tomorrow to visit  my mother the beach and of course  to gamble on the cheap. I will bring you back stories and pictures. Have a great weekend!  So what do you think?                                                                                                                                                                     

Friday, September 4, 2015

Happy Happy

Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy and Safe Weekend!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I Am Such A Loser.....Today..............

                                                Hello Everyone. Well I am such a Loser Today. Here's what I am talking about in my video. I could have done so much more with that $20  instead of this.... So what do you think?