Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I was thinking about my goals for 2015 last night. I have come up with a few that really really needs to get done and some not so much .  First  since I have diabetes I have been  eating junk food like crazy. I need to stop with all the crazy eating and pay attention to my weight. Meaning I need to lose it. That is my main propriety for the new year. The second goal for me is to really stick to my 2 dollar challenge and make money to invest in my individual stock funds. Third goal is to try and get out more and socialize, since I am a homebody I need to get out more and meet new people. Fourth I also need to travel and see the world since I have the time to do it, But I need to do it on budget. These are my goals what do you think? And what are yours?? 
Have a Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

I Like My Wigs

Here is why I like my wigs. I went to my hairdresser the other day and I was in her shop for 3 hours. This included the wait time, the doing the hair time and the style time. That was way to long, On top of that it cost me $30 bucks plus a $2 tip. So all together  I waited 3 hours to pay $32 dollars. This is why I like wearing my wigs I can get one wig for $20 bucks ( I already have it) I don't have to wait 3 hours to put it on and I am saving money because I spent $32 yesterday my wig cost me $20 so that is a saving of $13 bucks. Also I can wear my wig for days and weeks even. I can clean it cheaply and reuse it all for that same $20 bucks. So let's say I use my wig for 4 weeks , If I went to the hair dress in those same 4 weeks I would have spent $60 bucks. see the saving difference. And to answer your questions I wash and dry my own hair at home which makes it even more cheaper then I could get it at the hair dresser. If  I am tired of my wig then I get a new one in a different style for under $20 bucks. For 2015 to save money and look stylish I am going the wig route. Got any suggestions???

Thursday, December 18, 2014

2nd Sale

Another sale made. Yes. It was $13 that I can now add to my $2 challenge. So far I have made $39 for the month of December. So far so good. What I also did was open up a CafePress shop and add some of my logs on to Tee shirts, hat, mugs, towels etc. I open a Half Price account to sell my books. I also started a Bonanza Shop to sell my other stuff. I will think about more later. I had an idea that when I go to Vegas for the holidays  I would  put  $15 in a slot machine  from the $39 I made and see if I can turn that $15 in to $50 or better. I am hoping better.
Went to Macy's today to get some shoes for my partner.  It seem  like the sales staff in Macy's do not want to work anymore. If you ask them questions they either get an attitude or run from you like your on fire. Thank god we found a nice man that helped us pick out some shoes that my partner needed and he also give us a  25% discount which was about $20 off our purchase. Now that's the kinda service I like. The kind that helps me with  my purchases  by making suggestions  and taking the time to provide me with good customer service and  that saves me money to.
Got any suggestions???

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I Am Proud

I just found out that my partner made a nice sum on his Bonanza Site for the holidays. He sell collectable toys and at first the site was slow when it came to sales. But he was determined this year to put out a lot of stuff to sell and he did it. Made me proud and determined to be like him for 2015. In the fact that I want to work hard and put out a lot of my barbie doll stuff that I no longer want. I need the money and the space that selling stuff will provide me with. I also got to thinking that besides selling stuff in 2015. I might write a short e book on cheapskate living to sell on smashwords. I might also take $10 bucks and gamble with it at my local casino to see if I could win some $$ that way. I have a few ideas for 2015 on the making money  I will keep you posted on how well do with each of them. Until then  Oh I almost forgot  to answer your question my partner made over $1500. for the month of December. Got any suggestions???

Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy Holiday!

                        Wishing you and your family a blessed, Safe and Happy Holiday from  

                                                       Spirited,Frugal & Free 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

$2 Dollar Challenge

I was happy to find out last night that I sold something on my online shop. It was a picture frame and I got $24. for it. Yea! That money will be added to my $2 Challenge for this week. I will still be adding new stuff to my store and trying to find ways to make money. But I must admit things are slow because of the holiday season. But I am trying. Got any suggestions???

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Shopping Is Over!

 I am glad to say that my Holiday shopping is over. Every year I give the two people dear to me a simple gift of Holiday lottery scratch-offs. Since I will not be here for the holidays I purchase the scratch offs early this month.  Each person get's 10  scratch off  the cost to me $20 bucks plus the holiday cards total $26.  I wanted to beat the mad rush to the post office. So I got my gifts early and sent them early. As far as my partner is concerned his gift will be the vacation to Vegas with me. I will treat him to a nice dinner  with a coupon of course. I am going very Cheap this year because  I am not working and I have no extra income coming it. ( My partner pays for our living expense) There is nothing that anybody really needs for me to buy. If they needed it I would have purchased it while I was working. And I feel that the holidays is not about gifts giving  it's about giving and sharing. So  my holiday  this year  will be budget gambling, eating good and planning ways to do my $2 challenge for 2015. Got any suggestions???

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thinking About It?

I was thinking about rejoining Weight Watchers again for 2015. Going to the weekly meeting and paying I think $13 a week. But I did the math and that's over $52 a month, $624.00 for the year. Or If I wanted to go cheaper I could do the online version for $5 a week making it $25 a month and $300 for the year. I am writing this and I am saying to myself  if I give you that kinda money to lose weight what can I put toward my  my investment  so that it can make money?
The amount of money to do Weight Watchers in person is the amount that I would  need monthly to invest in my individual stocks for retirement. I know what your saying if you need to lose weight for your heath you can not put a price on doing it. You might also be saying do the online version it cheaper. Me personally I need to be in a room with other people for anything to work for me. I need that interactions and encouragement for motivation. I will give it some thought this weight watchers thing and then I know me I know what I am going to do I am going to find a way to do it for free or cheap! Got any suggestions??? 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Me Today....

There is no excuse for me today. It was raining hard and very cold. The mind was not willing to work and the body followed the mind right into a good old fashion nap. I notice since I am no longer working that my days became my night and my nights days. I think nothing of staying up to 3 am reading and working, But when the sun comes up I get tired and I go right to sleep. I know I am starting to became a vampire. Well with an all blood diet it will make it easier for me to lose weight in 2015. Do you know how many calories are in a pint of blood. Oh who am I kidding I will probably be needing 2 pints I am greedy like that!
Have any suggestions???

Monday, December 8, 2014

I Did It!!!

I did it, I committed myself to my $2 a day challenge. How? I sent $50 to my ExxonMobil stock account  so the company can purchase more shares for me. Ask me If I have the $50 to give them in my checking account..... Well yes I do have the money but that was my money to live on so now I have to replace the $50 I sent them. Nothing like have an incentive to get you off your butt to make money especially if it's money you now need to live on.

It's Cold Outside

A couple of reason that I have not made any money for my $2 challenge. It's about 30 degrees here in New York. It's cold outside I hate to go out into the cold. I know that's just an excuse because if I was working I would be out there because my check depended on it. Ok you got me! The other reason is that I have two week before my vacation ( Vegas For Christmas) and my mind is on getting ready for that. I promised myself come Jan 1th things and times will be a changing. I realize that since I am a diabetic I have been for one year now I am not doing what I am suppose to do eat right and exercise.  I am a sweetaholic (  I like cakes and cookies)  I have  to stop or risk the complications that comes with being a diabetic. Beside that since I have left my job I stop taking life seriously I have gotten lazy and that must stop. So  after my vacation I will hit the ground running for my challenge and for my health.
                                                            Got any suggestions???

Friday, December 5, 2014

I Confess.....


Alright, I gotta confess I 've been laying around  for the past 2 days and not really  working. Why because it's cold outside and I hate the cold. Second the mystery jobs I see are not worth the time  to get out of my warm bed and into my cold car to go to any of them since now they are paying $5 per shop.
Also I am trying to get my act together because in 2 weeks I will be in Vegas for Christmas. This trip was planned when I was still working. I still feel  that I need to get away for a minute to regroup before 2015 comes in. so I am  going on my trip. But  with no job and no paychecks coming in my  gambling budget will be less then  when  I was working. Good-by gambling budget of $3000 .hello  gambling budget of $1200 for the week. I am looking for anything and everything coupon related for my trip so that I can save money that way and still have a good time.
Anyway back to me being lazy. I know that I have my $2 challenge that I am working on and I am still looking for work, and eating bad stuff and reading my book for pleasure and watching game shows  Hey I never said I was perfect just human. Well that's my story for today . Got any suggestions??? 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I Always Wanted One

Did I tell you this story already, If not here it goes. I always wanted one of these. It's The Keurig single coffee maker. I wanted one so bad. I ask my mother for the Holiday to get me one. I looked in the stores for a cheap one The lowest price I could find was $119. To expensive for me. Then one day I was at a garage sale and I found it for $5 buck! I was in heaven I got what I wanted and it was cheap. The lady  who sold it to me was nice  and even threw in the  silver cup that you see. I was happy I went home and it so happens that I had some K cups to use with my new coffee maker.  What happen next............ The coffee that comes out of my new coffee maker is ok nothing special I was disappointed at my want. So now my $5 coffee maker is stilling next to my Mr Coffee Maker which I love and it makes a better pot of coffee then my $5 Keurig coffee maker. I am telling you all this why... Because be careful of spending a lot of money on a want it might not turn out to be what you think it should be and you might end up like me disappointed and out of 5 buck!!!!  Got any suggestions?????

It's Wednesday The Game Has Started!


It's Wednesday and the $2 game has already started. So far I have made $4 from a lottery scratch off. I am still looking and trying to figure out what I can sell besides a body part ( kidding) to make $$. But hey If they are paying  big bucks for body parts  it is something to think about?( still kidding, my body has to many miles  and problems for anybody to offer even 50 cents for it LOL)  I just have to come up with $10 more dollars for the week. Got any suggestions????