Saturday, December 20, 2014

I Like My Wigs

Here is why I like my wigs. I went to my hairdresser the other day and I was in her shop for 3 hours. This included the wait time, the doing the hair time and the style time. That was way to long, On top of that it cost me $30 bucks plus a $2 tip. So all together  I waited 3 hours to pay $32 dollars. This is why I like wearing my wigs I can get one wig for $20 bucks ( I already have it) I don't have to wait 3 hours to put it on and I am saving money because I spent $32 yesterday my wig cost me $20 so that is a saving of $13 bucks. Also I can wear my wig for days and weeks even. I can clean it cheaply and reuse it all for that same $20 bucks. So let's say I use my wig for 4 weeks , If I went to the hair dress in those same 4 weeks I would have spent $60 bucks. see the saving difference. And to answer your questions I wash and dry my own hair at home which makes it even more cheaper then I could get it at the hair dresser. If  I am tired of my wig then I get a new one in a different style for under $20 bucks. For 2015 to save money and look stylish I am going the wig route. Got any suggestions???

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