Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I was thinking about my goals for 2015 last night. I have come up with a few that really really needs to get done and some not so much .  First  since I have diabetes I have been  eating junk food like crazy. I need to stop with all the crazy eating and pay attention to my weight. Meaning I need to lose it. That is my main propriety for the new year. The second goal for me is to really stick to my 2 dollar challenge and make money to invest in my individual stock funds. Third goal is to try and get out more and socialize, since I am a homebody I need to get out more and meet new people. Fourth I also need to travel and see the world since I have the time to do it, But I need to do it on budget. These are my goals what do you think? And what are yours?? 
Have a Happy New Year!

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