Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Shopping Is Over!

 I am glad to say that my Holiday shopping is over. Every year I give the two people dear to me a simple gift of Holiday lottery scratch-offs. Since I will not be here for the holidays I purchase the scratch offs early this month.  Each person get's 10  scratch off  the cost to me $20 bucks plus the holiday cards total $26.  I wanted to beat the mad rush to the post office. So I got my gifts early and sent them early. As far as my partner is concerned his gift will be the vacation to Vegas with me. I will treat him to a nice dinner  with a coupon of course. I am going very Cheap this year because  I am not working and I have no extra income coming it. ( My partner pays for our living expense) There is nothing that anybody really needs for me to buy. If they needed it I would have purchased it while I was working. And I feel that the holidays is not about gifts giving  it's about giving and sharing. So  my holiday  this year  will be budget gambling, eating good and planning ways to do my $2 challenge for 2015. Got any suggestions???

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