Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thinking About It?

I was thinking about rejoining Weight Watchers again for 2015. Going to the weekly meeting and paying I think $13 a week. But I did the math and that's over $52 a month, $624.00 for the year. Or If I wanted to go cheaper I could do the online version for $5 a week making it $25 a month and $300 for the year. I am writing this and I am saying to myself  if I give you that kinda money to lose weight what can I put toward my  my investment  so that it can make money?
The amount of money to do Weight Watchers in person is the amount that I would  need monthly to invest in my individual stocks for retirement. I know what your saying if you need to lose weight for your heath you can not put a price on doing it. You might also be saying do the online version it cheaper. Me personally I need to be in a room with other people for anything to work for me. I need that interactions and encouragement for motivation. I will give it some thought this weight watchers thing and then I know me I know what I am going to do I am going to find a way to do it for free or cheap! Got any suggestions??? 

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