Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I Am Proud

I just found out that my partner made a nice sum on his Bonanza Site for the holidays. He sell collectable toys and at first the site was slow when it came to sales. But he was determined this year to put out a lot of stuff to sell and he did it. Made me proud and determined to be like him for 2015. In the fact that I want to work hard and put out a lot of my barbie doll stuff that I no longer want. I need the money and the space that selling stuff will provide me with. I also got to thinking that besides selling stuff in 2015. I might write a short e book on cheapskate living to sell on smashwords. I might also take $10 bucks and gamble with it at my local casino to see if I could win some $$ that way. I have a few ideas for 2015 on the making money  I will keep you posted on how well do with each of them. Until then  Oh I almost forgot  to answer your question my partner made over $1500. for the month of December. Got any suggestions???

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