Monday, December 8, 2014

It's Cold Outside

A couple of reason that I have not made any money for my $2 challenge. It's about 30 degrees here in New York. It's cold outside I hate to go out into the cold. I know that's just an excuse because if I was working I would be out there because my check depended on it. Ok you got me! The other reason is that I have two week before my vacation ( Vegas For Christmas) and my mind is on getting ready for that. I promised myself come Jan 1th things and times will be a changing. I realize that since I am a diabetic I have been for one year now I am not doing what I am suppose to do eat right and exercise.  I am a sweetaholic (  I like cakes and cookies)  I have  to stop or risk the complications that comes with being a diabetic. Beside that since I have left my job I stop taking life seriously I have gotten lazy and that must stop. So  after my vacation I will hit the ground running for my challenge and for my health.
                                                            Got any suggestions???

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