Thursday, December 18, 2014

2nd Sale

Another sale made. Yes. It was $13 that I can now add to my $2 challenge. So far I have made $39 for the month of December. So far so good. What I also did was open up a CafePress shop and add some of my logs on to Tee shirts, hat, mugs, towels etc. I open a Half Price account to sell my books. I also started a Bonanza Shop to sell my other stuff. I will think about more later. I had an idea that when I go to Vegas for the holidays  I would  put  $15 in a slot machine  from the $39 I made and see if I can turn that $15 in to $50 or better. I am hoping better.
Went to Macy's today to get some shoes for my partner.  It seem  like the sales staff in Macy's do not want to work anymore. If you ask them questions they either get an attitude or run from you like your on fire. Thank god we found a nice man that helped us pick out some shoes that my partner needed and he also give us a  25% discount which was about $20 off our purchase. Now that's the kinda service I like. The kind that helps me with  my purchases  by making suggestions  and taking the time to provide me with good customer service and  that saves me money to.
Got any suggestions???

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