Monday, June 25, 2018

To Mad

 Hello All. Well here's the story for the week. My darn refrigerator  hand broke off and the  refrigerator is only about 5 years old if that. I was so mad over the weekend they make crap things now. I replaced a refrigerator that was 20 years old  with this piece of crap it was going but the handle never broke like this one. Now I have to find a guy to fix it. More money spend that should not have been because of cheaply made products. I hate that.

I had sent my mother some flowers and a fruit basket from 1800 flowers last week. She got both before her birthday. I had spoke to her later on and she told me that the flowers I send had fallen  apart in 2 days. I called 1800 and explained to them what happen. I had lost the receipt and was not sure about what flowers I had sent her.  They were nice about it and looked me up, apologized for the flowers. They  gave me a $20 credit toward my next order. Plus they are sending my mother some new flowers. Which was a nice thing to do . Since I had paid a pretty penny for the order.

My $1 a day challenge, yes I am still doing it. Told you I am going to Hawaii next year and I need spending $$. Well I barely made my $$ for June. But thank god I had a mystery shop that paid me $30 bucks plus I rolled some coins which came out to $37.50 which $25 of that is going to my coin  stock  challenge. So I have $12.50 toward my dollar challenge, Nice right! 

                                        Well that's my story so what do you think?  

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Happy Summer

Happy First Day Of Summer. Have A Great Day!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Like this Way this Surfer Dude is handling his money. You Go Bro!!!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Thought you might like this today

Have A Great Day

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Happy Saturday

Hello All thought you might need a good laugh today. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Happy Tuesday

 Hello All. Someday s I just feel like I need to back on a Cruise Ship looking at a Sunset over water or looking at homes up on a mountain. ( California Homes & Sunsets)  Today is just one of those kind of Days

                                              Have a Great Day & What Do You Think?

Sunday, June 10, 2018

10 Billionaires That Are Cheaper Than You

Just think about the things that you could do with half of the money they make. Vegas Baby I am coming! So what do you think?

Liars, Liars

Hello All, Well here's the story so far. This is my season the yard sale, garage sale season. This is where I go hunting for my holiday gifts that I give and for my other reasons. I have found a few liars in the bunch of yard sale holders and this is what I mean by liars.
When I read a yard sale post they will state that they will have 5-8 families on the block doing yard sales. When I get there they have only 1
In some advertisement for yard sale/garage sales they will say I have this and that to sell. I will drive 25 miles for that certain items and when I get there they don't even have the item they were advertising . When I ask about it they play dumb like they don't know what I am talking about. Liars
 Then you get to other yard sale holders and you see that they stated they have  the good stuff  that they are selling and it' really cheap junk.
Here's another one you get to a yard sale and they have some good stuff your want to buy. The yardsaler has  priced their stuff at retail prices not yard sale prices. Some people really do think they have gold at their yard sales. 
Why tell all these lies to make people drive so far to look at your junk?  Or overprice so junks so that people don't want to buy it.
If your doing a yard sale be truthful and don't waste people's time and money getting to your sale and you have nothing of value to offer or your overpriced. Gas and time both cost $$.
So what do you think?

Monday, June 4, 2018


Hello all well here's the story for the week. Yes that's me in the picture I had a yardsale yesterday. The weather was nice here but yesterday it was cold felt like 50 degrees. I  will admit Sunday was not a day to do yard sales. I made a big...…. $21 dollars for the whole day. Most of the stuff that did not sell will be donated to charity.
I see that yard sales even the ones I go to don't have a lot of people like they use to. I guess people don't have the money like they use to or they don't need the stuff that people are selling. Including me.
Today is the first Monday in June and I am now 4 days behind my $1 challenge. I have not made any money yet and right now I am not a happy camper. My yard sale money doesn't count that's was earmark for something else. So I have to try and find jobs or coupons to make me $30 dollars this month. Got any suggestions?

I need my money I did a mystery shop last month and got my check today in the wrong darn name. The mystery shopping company made the check out in my email name not my real name. I was pissed. Now I have to call the company so that they can reissue me my check in the correct name. If they think I am going to let them have my $15 they are mistaken.

                                     Well that's my story so far what do you think?